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But how the devil do you think this could harm me? 
                                              --  Last words of Denis Diderot, 1784

~ Dec11|2015 ~

A Few Short-Shots


A few quick news-stories and observations made over the last week or so.  

Putin's mesmerizing messing with USG is answered with . . . PR

Dec08|15 -- Vladimir Putin is mesmerizing the world with Russia's military ka-pow!  First there were 24 absolutely frightening 3M-54 Kalibur cruise missiles launched from ships in the Caspian, flying 1500km at Mach 2+, and taking out their Da'esh targets in Syria.  Today, Russia is reporting hitting Da'esh with the cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Med.  

Is this the first sub-launched cruise missile attack on land forces ever??  I cannot think of another example.  Bill Clinton famously went through a spasm of futile missile attacks on mostly civilian targets in Sudan and Afghanistan, but those missiles were fired from surface craft and both operations were total failures.  I mean, Putin has the Americans looking like incompetent dicks.        

And so the Pentagon has to blowback some of Putin's bluster.  Here how:  not with displays of superior, or even equivalent, prowess, but with PR.  CNN's online front page today goes bonkers with stories of USG military puffery.  Yes, while Putin continues the dirty work of decapitating the Da'esh decapitators in Syria, the USG goes into full PR mode. The following is from CNN's online front page today.

"HuffPo: You're 24/7 source for amateur news reporting." (tm) 

Dec07|2015 --  HuffPo is where high school kids go to be listed as "reporters."  At least that's the way it appears from these "reporters" non-professional lack of command of English.  Today's example is Kim Bellware  "reporting" on the release of another vid that shows Chicago cops gunning down an unarmed black kid, Ronald Johnson.  Here's Bellware's description of how this very sensitive incident went down: 

I can read this statement in two completely contradictory ways.  First, Johnson took his shot while fleeing the cops; or, Johnson was shot by the cops while fleeing.  The distinction is not insignificant. Looking at the video, you can't really tell which it was, and, unfortunately, reading Bellware's description doesn't help.  

"HuffPo, you're 24/7 source for amateur news reporting." (tm).    

Here come Loretta!  You Chi-cops better get straight.  

Dec07|2015 --   In case you haven't been following the police war on blacks, a kid named Laquan McDonald was point-blank murdered by a pig named Jason Van Dyke in Oct|2014. The video was released upon court order on Nov25|15.  It shows without any doubt how the cop absolutely executed the kid, who was not being an immediate threat to anyone.  Van Dyke unloaded his entire magazine -- 16 rounds of which found their target -- and was re-loading when one of the other cops suggested maybe he could stop now.     

I don't know who Laquan McDonald's dead-beat millionaire mother is (was).  She has been given different names in different articles.  FOX says her name is Dorothy Holmes.  The Chicago Sun-Times and NBC says her name was Tina Hunter.  How many dead-beat millionaire moms can one kid have?  The Guardian didn't give her any name.  And nobody seems to have the slightest idea who the dead-beat sperm donor was. 

Whoever the mother is (was), she is the most recent and most unworthy winner of the nation-wide police lottery "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"  For we have recently found out that foul-mouthed Rahm Emanuel paid out $5M in Chicagoans' tax money to the slacker-mom.  It looks to me like hush-money.

And the reason I say it is that the most striking thing about this settlement -- next to its size -- was that the payment was made before any lawsuit was filed, and more to the point, before the public, or anyone other than the cops and mayor, even saw the horrendous video.  It was obviously hush money to keep Holmes/Hunter (whoever the hell she is) and her lawyers from raising hell about the incident and demanding release of the video until after Emanuel could get re-elected.  And it worked.  That's politics in Chicago. 

You know, normally I'd say fair 'nuf.  Get the settlement out of the way right up front and avoid the courthouse yada yada.  But in this case I am sickened by Holmes/Hunter (whoever the hell she is) getting $5M for the death of her son.  And the reason I say it is that Holmes/Hunter (whoever the hell she is) was not exactly you're Mother of the Year to this kid.  Laquan had been taken away from Holmes/Hunter (whoever the hell she is) by child services for abuse issues more than once.  When he was killed, he was a ward of the state.  

Yes, Laquan was in a bad spot that night because he had had a shit-upbringing, and he had had a shit-upbringing because of the woman who was his mother, and now she gets the $5M Kewpie doll for, essentially, being a shit-mother.  One wonders if she even knew the boy's name.  He was raised by his great-grand mother, who died last year. 

And yet the loser-mom banked $5M as a result of the kid being filled with bullet holes.   Why did the money go to her?  Because she and her lawyers were the ones who could have caused Emanuel a lot of problems by going public and demanding the video be released prior to the election.  The kid's grand-uncle, who was helping to get the kid straight said he knew nothing about the settlement or the negotiations.  Had the kid been murdered by the Chi-cops after the election, the mother and her lawyer would be fighting their way through litigation right now and a jury would decide who got the money.  Where's Mike Royko when we need him? 

Today US AG Loretta Lynch announced that the feds are going to investigate the Chicago PD.   Good on Loretta.  Now she needs to indict Hillary and her place in history as America's most honest AG will be assured.   

Maybe Loretta will include in her investigation of the Chi-cops a tour of the store-front torture chamber that Chi-cops Steven Mandell and Gary Engel set up to torture victims they were shaking down, like businessman Steve CampbellFBI notice of conviction.  Or maybe she'll even get a tour of the notorious CPD black-site and torture facility at Homan Square [ 41 52.109' N 87 42.564' W ] recently disclosed by The Guardian.  Yes, sir . . . there is no end of things for the feds to look at in Chicago.  Except Rham. 

You see, according to Obama, Chicago is his town, and Rahm Emanuel is his man, and Loretta is his AG, so Rham should come out of this just fine.  That's politics in Chicago. 

There is one more point I'd like to make in this McDonald story that has not been made but has to be made.  So often we see these grizzly vids where a half-dozen or more cops line up in a firing line facing a mentally ill person holding a knife some distance from the cops.  (See Andy Campbell piece below.)  Then when one cop squeezes off a round, they all open up even though none of them is threatened or endangered.  This is called "sympathetic fire."  It's a military tactic used for self-preservation where an entire squad opens up on target when one member does.  It's used in ambushes, for instance. 

But my point here is that -- much to their great credit -- the other cops present when Van Dyke gunned down McDonald did not open fire.  There was no sympathetic fire and after he emptied his magazine and his gun went "click," the only smoking gun was Van Dyke's.  

When he realized he was the only one who emptied his magazine into the boy on the ground, trigger-happy Van Dyke must have said to himself: "Uh-oh."  From the cops' point of view, sympathetic fire is what keeps you from going to prison.  Normally it's a Three Musketeers sort of thing -- all for one and one for all.  Wonder of Loretta will look at that, too. 

Andy Campbell of HuffPo got this right . . . mostly. 

Dec05|2015 -- London cops had a face-off with some violent Muslim loser with a knife ranting about "Mother Syria" and wanting to draw blood from white people -- which he did.  He stabbed 3 people in a subway station.  The bobbies dealt with him.  They tazed him, cuffed him, and dragged him away.  "[F]irearms officers were not needed."  Guardian 

Andy Campbell made a perfect juxtaposition: on Dec02|2015 San Francisco cops faced-off with Mario Keith Woods, who, according to cops, had a knife.  The pigs lined up in firing-squad formation and executed him, which is why I call them "pigs".  I mean they totally unloaded on this poor bastard -- there must be 20 shots fired at point blank range.  One shot to the leg would have been more than sufficient.

Mario Keith Woods being executed by SF firing squad

Campbell's piece implicitly asks: How is it the bobbies can take down a guy with a knife and not even call in the special "firearms officers" but the US the cops -- everyone of them armed -- are such fucking cowards that they have to line up and execute these sick people?  

Then again, Campbell could have just as well cited the Oct|2014 case in which a firing squad made up of fat-ass pigs in Saginaw, Michigan executed a homeless man named Milton Hall who was holding a knife.  Videos.   

Firing squad executing Milton Hall, Oct27|2014, Saginaw, Mich

At the end of his piece Andy says: "U.K. police have only killed one person this year as of Sept. 1, according to Metro. In the U.S., cops have killed 776 in that time."  He's making a good point, but it's not a fair comparison because it doesn't account for a 5x larger population in the States.  Adjusted for population the comparison would be 1 person killed by UK cops to 155 killed by US cops to date this year.  

That's pretty sick, which is, I believe, Andy's point.  

 Kern County, CA cops suck like no other cops in the country, 
quantitatively and qualitatively speaking

  Dec01|2015 -- For weeks the UK's Guardian has been unloading on how Americans are letting their cops turn their streets into killing fields.  The Guardian is now focusing on a suck-hole county in California called "Kern County" that is run by two suck-hole cops, Bakersfield police chief Greg Williamson and Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood.  So far Guardian guys Jon Swaine and Oliver Laughland have published 2 parts of a five part series.  Part I and Part II .  They are well worth reading.  [Update: all 5 parts are now available at the preceding links.]

Suck-hole Kern County Sheriff 
Donny Youngblood

Here's some stats from the Guardian;

  • Kern County leads the nation as the deadliest county in terms of cops killing civilians.

  • It posts 1.5 deaths/100k of population per year. 

  • Of the 14 most deadly killer-cop counties in the country, California has 50%.

  • In the last decade the Bakersfield City cops and Kern County cops have killed 54 people.

  • The records have gone missing on 4 of these cases, which could only happen through gross negligence or dishonesty.

Kern County became a significant story in the annals of dishonest law enforcement in the 1980's when Youngblood made his name along with a suck-hole DA named Ed Jagels in a witch hunt in which dozens of innocent people were sent to prison, some for hundreds of years, on trumped up and falsified charges of sexually abusing their own children.  All of the convictions were eventually overturned and the people released, except for 2 of the innocent people who died in prison.  

Suck-hole Kern County DA
Ed Jagels

If you want to know why I keep using the non-legal, opinionated term "suck-hole" with respect to Kern County and the pricks who run it, watch Sean Penn's 2008 documentary on this story --   "Witch Hunt," available on YouTube.   It is noteworthy that in the film Youngblood notes with approval that Kern County's approach to law enforcement is ". . . cowboy law enforcement. . . and we kind of like that."  At the end of the film he is forced to admit how his cowboy law enforcement got it wrong for the dozens of innocent men and women he sent to prison, some for up to 20 years.  The guy seems to me to be a sort of a de facto definition of "suck-hole," and so is his whole county given how they kept re-electing these twerps after they destroyed the lives of all of those innocent people and their children.  And so it goes . . . 



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