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                                              --  Last words of Denis Diderot, 1784

~ Dec14|2015 ~

  Short-Shots and Follow-ups

A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us abreast.  


 Rami Abdulrahman, aka Curve Ball II, and The Independent's BS Machine 

 The Independent, a British rag owned by a pair of Russian oligarchs, has some of the best writers in the MSM, and I'm thinking of the likes of Robert Fisk and Patrick Cockburn.  And then there are the lesser writers, who form the majority.  Not the lesser known writers, the lesser writers.  The dolts.  The deadbeats.  The ones who don't have the wherewithal to collect their own information so they rely on online BS-purveyors like Rami Abdulrahman (a pseudonym) who runs a very flash website called "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights," which is neither Syrian nor does it promote human rights. It's a British company that promotes anti-Assad terrorism in Syria.  

Abdulrahman is said to run SOHR out of his home as a strictly volunteer organization.  But like the Brown Moses dude, Eliot Higgins, clearly these spooky guys have sources of funding beyond what they claim. I mean, this is not one of those billionaire oil oligarchs from Russia who end up in London.  Abdulrahman fled Syria and knows what the inside of a Syrian prison cell looks like. For years he has been trying to jack up a US-led war in Syria to bring down Bashar al-Assad.  Nobody knows where this guy gets his "information," and he won't say.  RT has reported that Abdulrahman has recently traveled to Kazakhstan to meet with Syrian opposition terrorists, but he has not actually been inside Syria for 15 years. One might reasonably wonder whether just as Abdulrahman supports the Syrian terrorists, he, in turn, is supported by those who desperately want to bring down Assad, like, say, the CIA, MI6, or Mossad.   If Abdulrahman is a CIA asset, his spy-handle is likely "Curve Ball II."  

Recall that Curve Ball II was the source of an anonymous  CNN story ( "Rights group: 8 babies die after power cut to Syrian hospital" Aug07|2011)  claiming that Assad's people had cut power to hospitals, resulting in the deaths of babies in incubators. Within 24 hours the story was proven to be a complete fabrication.  (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, Aug08|11~"How CNN helped spread a hoax about Syrain babies dying in incupators".) And yet the world's major media, including the NYT and WaPo, continue to this day to report and rely on unsubstantiated BS from Curve Ball II.  And this brings us back to the Indy.

The lesser reporters at the Independent have been publishing hit-pieces on Assad and his government ever since the Syrian civil war began.  They throw a bunch of nonsense up on the Internet and use the Curve Ball II or some Syrian terrorist group as their source.  Then, often as not, within a day or so the propaganda article vanishes -- sometimes they re-direct the original links to a new article.  Let me give you a couple of examples of the Indy's hit-and-run tactics. 

On Dec07|2015 the Independent published an anti-Assad hit-piece by Justin Carissimo (New York) -- headline: 

As of today, Dec14|2015, that link is still good.  Check it out.  Carissimo does not cite a single original source.  He cites Abdulrahman and the Guardian -- mostly he cites the Guardian citing Abdulrahman.  IOW he did nothing more than what I do: sit on his ass and surf the web.  But I don't claim, and don't get paid, to be a reporter. 

But look closely at Carissimo's article.  Here are the two paragraphs that discuss the Syrian body count that is featured in the headline: 

OK, so the headline body count is "26."  The first paragraph says the same.  The second paragraph breaks down that number: 7 kids, 4 women, 17 missing.  How's your addition?  Probably better than Curve Ball II's and Carissimo's.  Hold onto that total of 28 victims, we'll come back to it. 

I would argue, and I'll bet you would agree, that if all you have is the bodies of 7 children and 4 women, then you have no grounds for claiming a body count larger than 11.  If 17 people are missing, then you don't know whether or not they are dead.  IOW, there is absolutely no basis in Carissimo's article for the advertised body count of "26 civilians."  This article is immediately recognizable as pure bullshit (PBS).  Not only is Carissimo feeding the public phony mortality numbers, he provides  absolutely no evidence to support his allegation that these people -- however many -- were killed by one or more "US-led airstrikes."  None. 

It gets worse.  Yesterday, Samuel Osborne of the Independent repeated this PBS propaganda stunt with a headline cloned from Carissimo:


This piece, like the  Carissimo piece four days previously, is pure bullshit.  First, note the coincidence that the body count Osborne advertises is exactly the same number as the total of victims alleged by Carissimo's text.  Osborne also relies entirely on Curve Ball II for his number; apparently, Curve Ball has a thing about the number 28.  Either that or the pro-Assad jet jocks prefer to kill innocent civilians in bundles of 28.  

Unfortunately, you cannot verify my criticisms of Osborne's article because the article has been vaporized -- less than 24 hours after the original Osborne article appeared the link was changed to target a different article with a re-cloned headline but a different Indy reporter, Laura Pitel.  

The headline has been dramatically altered to include 2 kids amongst the 28 dead civilians, and the school is now located in Damascus, the text tells us  Douma. I have no earthly idea why the Indy editors stuck with the 28 number for the headline, for Pitel actually claims that the body count was either 35 or "as many as 60."  One has the feeling that these reporters and editors are just throwing around numbers here. 

I have to give Pitel some credit: Although she does cite Abdulrahman as one of her sources, she doesn't rely entirely on him.  She cites SANA, the Syrian news agency, and a couple of terrorist so-called coordinating committees. But she fails to tell her readers that this area, Douma, is held by Jaysh al-Islam, a gang of bloody safalist pricks every bit as extreme as Da'esh and very likely to be the people responsible for the Ghouta Massacre in August|2013  The people we see in the still shot and video in Pitel's article are very likely to be Jaysh al-Islam terrorists, if the graphics are from Douma.  If they aren't, they are irrelevant to the story.  My point being that it is through this article, and many like it, that the Indy supports terrorism in Syria.  

Pitel also cites by "name" a terrorist photographer: Firas Abdullah. And somehow she got through to this guy as he was picking bits of cement and rubble out of his beard.  I noted this interesting  quote from  Abdullah describing the hardships of the terrorists and their families in Douma:  

"Families were forced to cut down trees as fuel for cooking and heating, he said, while food was so expensive that he recently saw a 1kg bag of rice on sale for $50 (£33)."  

So, what we've got is the photographer for a violent Syrian/Saudi salafist terrorist organization talking to a British reporter and quoting the going price for rice in Douma in . . . dollars.  WTF?  Dollars?  After the Ghouta Massacre, the only people left in Douma must be terrorists.  If they are buying staples with US money, that has to tell you something, but I'm not sure what.  Pitel makes no mention of this oddity.   

But that's not all that's fishy about Pitel's article.  She uses the same graphics as Osborne did, and those are interesting.  It stands to reason that for a PBS article hawking the death of children you'd want some photos or vid footage of dead, or at least injured, kids, ignoring for the moment the obvious question of why the terrorists would have their kids in a crumbling stronghold that is attacked regularly by government forces.  This need for graphics showing dead/dying kids is met by a photograph and a video in Pitel's article.  

The photograph is by Sameer al-Doumy, which sounds suspicious right off the bat.  Al-Doumy from Douma?? Is that like al-Baghdadi from Baghdad?  More to the point, al-Doumy's photo looks more than a little funny to me.  Here's is the focal point of it:

Now, Laura Pitel, Sameer al-Doumy, and Amol Rajan, the editor of the Indy, all want you to think you are seeing a panicked man running through bomb-rubble with an infant in his arms.  And if you are a sucker, that's what you think you are seeing.  But what you are actually seeing is a man with a pristine, pink blanket balled up in his arms.  Is there a baby in that blanket?  Probably not, IMO, but who knows?  The only thing for certain is that we can't see any baby.  But what we can see is that there is no blood and the blanket looks like it has just came off of a shelf at WalMart while everything else in the photo is covered in dust.

The other graphic in Pistel's article, the vid, does show an infant being carried by a man through the dust, and rubble, and chaos.  The man has blood on his face -- looks like he may have a scalp wound, a cut on his right neck, and a bloody nose. The video is available on YouTube; it was uploaded on Dec13|2015.

This is the only photo or video of this "attack" I have seen in which blood is visible.  The man is covered in dust; the child is perfectly clean.  There is not the slightest indication that the child is injured.  There is no blood, no blood-stains.  The child is not dead and not even unconscious.  You can tell that because he/she is holding his/her head upright without any support.  And as has been observed virtually universally in these post-bomb photos and vids of Douma, there are no women in this vid.  Not just no injured or dead women, no women period.  Where's the baby's mum?

What is really weird is that as I stepped through this vid frame-by-frame watching this guy, it suddenly occurred to me that he is wearing a fake nose.  Below is a close up.  I don't think that's a pair of glasses on his face; at least I can't see any lenses in the varying angles shown in the vid.  It really looks like a phony schnozz.


By this afternoon, Dec14, just a day after it was originally published under Osborne's by-line, this Indy article had been scrubbed from the Independent online front page.  The link is still live. The number of shares has increased from 394 to 569, but the comment-counter has not increased by a single digit in at least 24 hours.    

Finally, not to pick nits, but will someone please send the Independent's editor, Amol Rajan, a note:  It's "ISIS;" not "Isis."    Get educated, dude. 

Indy headline Dec14|15

Isis was an Egyptian and Roman goddess.  She was the daughter of Geb and Nut (seriously) and she married her brother, Osiris (seriously).  It was a very close god-family.  Very close. 

The BBC actually sets some limits on GoY propaganda

Earlier this month I complained, yet again, about appalling media bias against all things Muslim.  As if to confirm my grounds for annoyance, on Dec11 Amena Saleem at The Electronic Intifada tells us how for the second time this year Britian's white, male-dominated Today show -- broadcast by publicly funded TV/radio organization, the BBC -- has been chastised by by its own editorial oversight unit for bias in behalf of the Government of Ysrael (GoY) and against the Palestinians.  In the latest attempt at spinning the GoY killing-spree, the Today clowns were talking about the body count for the recent streak of violence and making it sound like all of the victims are iJews, when, in fact, the vast majority are Palestinians.  

This is interesting because it suggests that somehow toxic iJews are able to elicit biased reporting from the BBC editorial staff and reporters who actually write and spew the pro-GoY crap, and yet they are not able to muzzle the BBC ombudsman or editorial complaints unit who field the complaints from the public.  In the US, of course, the pro-GoY media-bias is guaranteed because so much of the corporate media is owned/controlled by the News-Jews and the USG, largely controlled by the GoY lobby, does nothing to discourage the massive pro-GoY propaganda that has poisoned the minds of just about the entire country.  After all, lying to the public is as much a First Amendment right as telling the truth.  

And so it goes.

The 5-yo Ahmed torched by psychopath iJews "still not doing well."

18-month old price tag victim, Ali Dawabsheh

On Nov22 I noted the price-tag murders of the Dawabsheh family in the West Bank village of Duma near Nablus on Jul31|15.  The entire family was torched by psychopathic iJews, who are collectively and euphemistically referred to as "settlers" by the News-Jews.  The young mother and father and their 18-month old baby died.  A 5-yo boy survived. Here's the follow-up. 

Basically, GoY did nothing to find the iJew psychopath-perps.  The GoY Defense Minister went so far as to say the crime might never be solved.  The Palestinians filed suit with the GoY Supreme Court and the UN started bitching.  It was turning into another in a long list PR disasters for Netanyahu and GoY.   

Then suddenly Shit Bet (Hebrew: Shabak), the GoY version of the FBI, busted four suspects and an accomplice.  Amazing how fast the wheels of justice turn when the whole world starts watching.  

The suspects are being held incommunicado -- that can't even talk to lawyers.  That's the GoY version of "democracy," which knows no due process.  The court has imposed a gag order and the identities of the suspects cannot be revealed, which is diametrically opposed to the manner in which they handle cases of Palestinians accused of terrorism.  In the case of Palestinian suspects, the GoY courts allow the homes of the suspects' family to be destroyed long before there is any trial or finding of guilt.  The GoY courts have held that no advance warning or notice is required to destroy these homes.  The bulldozers just show up, and that's it.  The UN has a problem with this, even if Obama and the shekels-driven Congress don't.

On Dec11 Richard Silverstein identified the accomplice in the Dawabsheh murders as Netanel Porkovich, as in Pork-o-vich.  He has been released from detention.  Apparently, it was his car that carried the murderers to the Dawabsheh's home.   Silverstein identifies one of the suspects as Elisha Odess.  Odess' father, a rabbi, has also been detained.  Silverstein identifies another suspect as an American-Israeli, Israel Keller.

As for the 5-yo, Ahmed, the burned boy . . . he's still alive.  Here is how his grandfather put it: 

“Mohammed is recovering but he is still not doing well. Every day the [doctors] put him in an induced coma for four hours to wash the burned skin and redress him. The pain is excruciating. He still asks why his mom and dad don’t come to visit him. He doesn’t know they’ve passed away. We haven’t said anything to him about that.”

There is a law in Ysrael that provides for compensation for the victims of terrorism.  If the Dawabsheh family had been iJew settlers killed by Palestinians, the surviving boy and relatives would have received generous compensation.  But GoY has, not unexpectedly, ruled that no compensation is to be paid in this case.  Such anti-Palestinian discrimination is a hallmark of what fawning US congresspeople call "the only democracy in the Middle East."  Anyone who keeps up with what is going on there calls it "apartheid."

And so it goes.

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