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Why today's UNSC resolution is not the turning-point for Syria

Today the UN Security Council unanimously agreed on Resolution 2254(2105) that should put everyone in Syria (except Da'esh and the other salafist terrorists) on a path to peace by: 1) ending the internecine Syrian violence, and 2) stitching Syria back together politically, including a process that allows the Syrians to determine for themselves who will lead their country.  This is an ambitious initiative and if it works, the Syrian civil war will come to an end and the days of Da'esh in Syria will be numbered. UN Resolution 2254(2015) can be found here.  It's short.

The USG will attempt to spin this day and this UNSC vote as the turning point for Syria.  That will be a gross exaggeration if not pure horse-spit, and I do not say that with an intention of denigrating the good efforts of the USG to come together with the other parties and to make some very hard concessions.  But had it not been for Obama and the neocons demanding regime change in Syria for the past 4+ years -- and possibly instigating the violence back in the spring of 2011 -- this cluster-f*ck never would have happened.  

Back in 2011 Obama began making demands that Assad had to go.  It was Obama's position that the determination of whether Assad would lead Syria was a decision to be made not by the Syrian people but by Obama and the USG.  As Kelly McParland of the National Post pointed out two days ago, Obama could have abandoned this outrageous position years ago and avoided the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians and the suffering of millions more.  Instead, Obama dug in on the regime-change meme and started arming, financing, and training the insurgents and the rebels, and, in the process, the terrorists. 

No, today's UNSC resolution is not the turning point and the USG does not deserve the credit.  We need to be absolutely clear on when the real turning point was and who deserves the credit because this is an important historical date and an important historical event: 

The turning point in this tragic cluster-f*ck came on Sep30|2015 when Russia's Federation Council unanimously granted Putin the power to support the government of Syria with Russian armed forces.      




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