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  Posts for June, 2015

Pestilential cops, prosecutors, & judges in the news

The USSCt is making it a bit harder for cops to brutalize folks and get away with it; a couple of elected judges are facing disciplinary hearings for being dumb basses; a queer prosecutor in Delaware draws an almost-get-out-of-jail card after raping a 16 yo boy; and the Las Vegas family court is a total cess pool, complete with pricks, goof-balls, fat asses, and shit-4-brains cops.  Hey, it's America, man, enjoy. 

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Special pre-Independence (from England) Day edition of:
Teaching the English English


More examples of why the  Daily Failis  to journalism  what Malaysian Airlines is to air travel. 

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From the Details, Details Dept.

EmptyWheel is now telling  us that it's the white guys who are really America's terrorist problem.  An excuse for the FBI's warrantless tapping of Americans' phones?   


Jim White at EmptyWheel seems to me to be a few bulbs short of a complete 4-pak, like a lot of liberals these days, including Barack Obama.  In White's case that is really ironic because EW  is normally written by voracious blogger Marcie Wheeler, who comes across as very sharp.  But Wheeler is on vacation and so the EW second stringers have taken the opportunity to dim the lights at EW considerably, so to speak.  

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LogoPhere's Short Shots

 --- 1 ---

Summer solstice, or there goes the sun. 


A couple of thoughts on this Northern Summer Solstice, 2015, as the sun starts its journey back south. 

--- 2 ---

How does Huffington Post avoid a trademark lawsuit?

HuffPo's Dikipedia

We all know that HuffPo is poorly written, poorly edited, gratuitously purulent, and directed mostly at women with sexual/gender-identity problems and too much time on their hands. It is, in a word, America's version of the UK Daily Mail -- and almost as successful. But I do like the way HuffPo's "Dikipedia" articles really take the mickey out of some real, well . . . dicks. 

--- 3 ---

So . . . that's what the sanctions against Russia are all about

Jason Seiler

Given the dirty dealings that led to the bloody Ukranian Euromaidan protests that brought about the overthrow of Russian-puppet Viktor Yanukovich last year, there is little doubt now that the violence was promoted by the CIA.  I mean, just look at the way CIA head John Brennan suddenly appeared in Kyiv like a rabbit out of a hat, even while bullets were still flying.

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Glenn Greenwald has no balls.
(And don't call David Miranda his "boyfriend.") 

When ole’ Glenn Greenwald gets lathered up, he really lets fly, don’t he? In response to a paywalled Jun14.15 Sunday Times article, "British Spies Betrayed to Russians and Chinese," about Edward Snowden, GG does a wee-wee all over the paper. . .and himself.

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Pestilential cops, prosecutors, & judges in the news

Read Sergio De La Pava's Guardian article "The Enemy is the State."  I mean, just stop right here and read the damn thing.  It's for your own good.  

And then study the Guardian's interactive database on killer cops in the US. 

And then give some thought as to what the hell is going on with these violent US cops before stepping through these recent stories.

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Late entry to yesterday's peace on teaching the English English

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From the Guys and Dolls Dept.

Professional women: Just as demented as the guys


I am about as much a feminist as I am feminine and bein’ how’s I’m an ex-Marine combat vet, I don’t consider m’self to be Bruce Jenner exactly. Caitlyn. Whatever. But one doesn't have to be a feminist or feminine to be fair-minded and over the decades I have been hopeful about the way women have taken – not been given – larger and larger responsibilities in running the world. Today women are highly visible in all professions and predominate in a number of them.  Although the opportunities that women have today were available, technically and legally, to the girls I graduated from high school with half a century ago, a lot of ill-founded, malignant, sexist presumptions have been eliminated and those opportunities are a lot easier to take advantage of for today’s high school grads. There were, for instance, no female astronauts back then, and none on the horizon, literally or figuratively.

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From the Displaced Darwinism Dept.

Thoughts on: 1) why neither the right wingnuts nor the left wingnuts can distinguish between climate and weather and 2) the Darwinian aspects of Ramadan 


NASA may not be The Weather Channel, but they still know what's up.  Here's the way NASA explains the difference between weather and climate:

The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively long periods of time.

And the reason I say it is that every time there's a hiccup in the weather somewhere on the planet and a new record is set, the climate changers or the anti-climate changers get their knickers in a twist about how the new record proves their point that the climate is changing, or not.  The idiocy here is equating weather with climate. 

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LogoPhere's Short Shots

 --- 1 ---

The absolutely funniest line by a professional jock. Ever. 


Move over Lee Trevino, Tiger is now scooping up the great one-liners like he used to scoop up the major trophies.  

 --- 2 ---

Jon Stewart knows the massacre drill

HuffPost headline May12.15

Well, durn, this is embarrassing. We’ve got another mass murder in the land of the free and the home of the mass homicide. Yes, nine more innocent bodies filled with bullets from guns supplied by ‘Murica’s gun manufacturers/importers, guns promoted by ‘Murica’s very own NRA, guns protected by some warped, deadly reading of ‘Murica’s 2nd Amendment.  Add another body count to the rolling mass murder known as "police brutality" and it makes ya’ glad to be a ‘Murican, don’t it?     

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The obvious juxtaposition the MSM are failing to see.


There's something that ain’t being talked about during all of the media crapola over black-faced and kinky-haried I’m-black-too, Rachel Dolezal, who heads the Spokane NAACP.  And that something is Bruce Jenner.

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Why Loretta Lynch's bust should scare the hell out of you


A lot of media folks are beginning to suggest that one-time speaker of the House, Republican icon Dennis Hastert, was a pervert school teacher and wrestling coach. A pig’s ass, IOW. Obama’s Dept. of Justice is suggesting the same thing by way of a 2-count  indictment, although it’s not the counts of the indictment that suggest the pig’s ass problem – that’s in the back-story laid out in the indictment.

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