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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


Denis O'Brien's Nationally Non-syndicated and Largely Ignored . . .

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Posts for September, 2015

Why the Jewish Problem has become
the GoI Problem


Mordechai Vanunu's photo of GoI's plutonium production facility at Dimona.  Source

In his 1896 masterpiece Der Judenstaat, Theodor Herzl, the Father of Modern Zionism, referred repeatedly to the "Jewish Problem" and urged the establishment of Israel as the way to solve that problem. Of course, 40 years later Hitler got hold of the term and devised a different "solution." 

After WWII the term "Jewish Problem" became politically incorrect, and to use the term was to invite the ubiquitous allegation of being an anti-semite. But the problem never went away, it just morph'd in character and geological location.  It also expanded in its scope.  It needs a new name, and I'm suggesting "GoI Problem." 



This pock-marked, ruddy-faced prick said what 
about Carly Fiorina's looks?


"I'll be a Republican when it suits me."

It's been a quite week for The Thump.  But today the MSM is lighting up with his latest shit-fer-brains comment.  Here's the break-down via BLA.



Please CrowdFund Keiligh Baker at the Daily Fail enough cash for a calculator and a replacement brain


As with most Daily Fail screw ups, this one reinforces the conclusion that no one's IQ in the entire Daily Mail organization exceeds one digit. 

Keiligh Baker is telling us that bad guy Kenneth Noye pulled 14 years in the pen for a 1983 gold robbery but still got out in time to murder Stephen Cameron in 1996.  The math here ain't that difficult, Keiligh -- it's 4th grade stuff.



Burning Man founder Larry Harvey 
finally responds to LogoPhere's concerns


C'mon in, if ur white, the water's fine.

Last year, with a characteristic lack of political correctness, I pointed out how incredibly white the Burning Man bash-up is, and I suggested that with a budget of tens of millions of dollars and now catering to the 1%'ers big-time, BM has begun ". . . to smell more like rich white people's bm than the expression of personal freedom it started out as."  Now the founder of BM, Larry Harvey, has gotten back to us on these criticisms via an interview with The Guardian.  Here's my bullet list analysis of Harvey's excuses and other BM BS.



Who is responsible for this cluster-fuck?
No, not Assad.


Looking honestly at the 10-year timeline in the Middle East of which the present refugee crisis represents the latest datum point, one is compelled to ask hard questions. Questions like: Who is responsible for this cluster-fuck?

We have to note the inescapable fact that there was no great humanitarian crisis like this in the Middle East before America attacked Iraq. Before neo-neocons like Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, and Robert Gates concocted the bloody "Arab Spring" and the CIA implemented it. Before Gadaffi was eliminated and 40,000 were killed in Libya. Before rebels and then Salafist/Wahhbi insurgents began rampaging through Syria with the help of Israeli intelligence, Saudi funding, and USG material support – including photo-op visits by John McCain with rebel/insurgent terrorists.



Neocons got you down? Me, too. 
Here's two worthwhile pieces by Daniel McAdams that won't cheer you up.

Stephen Hadley

There are two recent pieces by Daniel McAdams on Ron Paul’s website you might be particularly interested in if you detest the necons and their endless wars for Israel meme as much as I do. 

Here's my bullet-list analysis of these posts.






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