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Feb03|2016: If Victoria Sharp is lying, she should stop.

Jan27|2016: Deconstructing Obama's false Syrian sarin syllogism

~ Feb02, 2016 ~

From the Right-Wingnuts Bite the Dust Dept.

A close-up timeline of the Robt. LaVoy Finicum ambush
Denis O'Brien, PhD 

On  Jan26|2016 the FBI and Oregon State Troopers ambushed a white pick-up truck carrying the wacko leaders of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom who invaded the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan02|2016.  A fat, left-handed cop in dark uniform short sleeves stole up behind Robt. LaVoy Finicum and shot him dead. Finicum, according to the FBI, was armed with a 9mm pistol, and it looks like he was reaching for it. Finicum had said previously that, in effect, he would never be taken alive. He wasn’t. 

The only way to avoid being taken alive in such a situation is 1) be lucky enough to out-run the cops; 2) kill all the cops trying to arrest you; 3) kill yourself. Surely, any reasonably objective jury would quickly conclude that any of the cops at the ambush had a right to presume that Finicum was taking option #2.  At any rate, he’s dead rather than being in a "concrete box," which is the way he wanted it. RIP. Let’s move on.  No tears here for Finicum, we just want to be sure we know what happened because some people are calling this an execution.

On Jan28|2016 the FBI released a video of the chase and the shoot out. The video was taken from a helicopter. The vid runs almost 27 minutes, and begins with a chase 2 miles away from where the ambush took place. Here I provide a minute-by-minute summary of the video, with geographic coordinates so you can follow the action on GoogleEarth.  As of Feb02, 11:30am PST, the video has been viewed over 3 million times.

Dealing with the right-wingnut bullspitters

Before stepping through the vid, I think it is worthwhile to examine some of the misinformation and blatant bullshit that has been disseminated about this incident.  

  • YT is filling up with numbnuts like "ron johnson" who looked at the cop clock in the upper L corner of the FBI video and saw a conspiracy.  In a YT  "johnson" rants about how the date on the FBI video is Jan27 but the ambush was actually Jan26.  He then goes off on how the "counter" on the FBI vid starts at "25" meaning they chopped off everything from 0-25.    

    Apparently "johnson" is not sufficiently literate to have read the FBI notes to its vid -- the time is given in Zulu, which is standard for aircraft.  The time shown -- Jan27|2016, 00:25:00 -- is Jan26|2016, 04:25, PST.  
  • The Daily Mail quotes an unnamed Finicum family attorney as saying it appears that Finicum was shot in the back with his hands in the air.  Assuming the DM got the quote right, it's a lie.  For it appears from the video that Finicum's hands were down and his right hand was reaching inside his jacket just before he falls into the snow.
  • To me, Michele Fiore represents the world's dumbest dumb blonde.  She is a right-wing gun-nut transplant from Brooklyn, NY to Nevada where she was elected to the Nevada Assembly.  Fiore said during the Cliven Bundy face off that armed feds should not show up to collect debts.  It is purely coincidental that she has been accused of owing the IRS up to $1M back-taxes. She is most famous for her Christmas family picture that encourages toddlers to play with handguns.

    Fiore encouraged the unlawful activity of Finicum and the the Malheur dildos, so it is hardly surprising that when Finicum was killed, she instantly perpetrated the lie that he was "murdered with his hands up."  No one would expect any more from her.

  • Victoria Sharp is an 18-yo singer of some sort who had performed for the nut-cases holding the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which makes her a nut-case, too.  According to her story she was in the Finicum truck when it was ambushed. But her story is full of more holes than Finicum's body.  

    Virginia Sharp performing for the Malheur dildos. 

    She says that after the truck first stopped and then took off, everybody got down on the floorboard except Finicum, who was driving.  In spite of being on the floorboard, this exaggeration-prone teen hopes to convince people that: 1) Finicum was shot while he had his hands in the air; 2) he was shot three times after he hit the ground; 3) the cops fired "at least 120 shots altogether" for over 10 minutes; 4) there were snipers in the trees.  How is she going to know all of that while lying on the floorboard?  Did she count the shots?  Writers like Jay Syrmopoulous of The Free Thought Project who are pushing Finicum as a martyr don't even ask these obvious questions about Sharp's assertions. 

    By watching the FBI vid carefully, a reasonably objective person is likely to conclude Sharp is a liar.  There is no indication of the cops firing a barrage at the truck.  So far as I can see, only one window may have been broken and judging from the smoke puffs, the shots that broke it likely came from inside the truck. And with only one of the people in the truck being slightly injured, does that sound like 120 rounds fired at such close range?

This is the sort of right-wingnut bullshit that is out there.  If you verify any of it in the video, please send me an Em indicating the time and I'll have another look and correct this post, if necessary.  

Close-up of the ambush timeline

This is a summary of the FBI "complete, unedited" video of the Finicum ambush.  The times in the left column are the video elapsed time.  It is helpful to fire up GoogleEarth and input the coordinates below to follow what happened.

The FBI video begins at 43° 48.228' N 118° 59.384' W -- 1.9 mi from kill-site. The view is Robt. LaVoy Finicum’s (RLF) white pick-up truck headed N on US route 395.  A black-roofed vehicle is following.  The lighting is good but waning. Snow lies on ground. The highway is clear and dry, suggesting the temps were not high enough to cause significant snow-melt during the day. 

As noted above, the copter clock in the upper L starts at 00:25:32 Jan27|2016.  This is GMT, or ZULU time.  It was Jan26|2016, 04:25:32 pm on the ground.  

This is not evidence of a conspiracy.

The copter clock/date are the only meters not blocked out by the cops, which is suspicious. The clock could have been added afterwards to make it look like the vid is continuous but if other gauges were visible and there were edits, the jumping gauges would contradict the uninterrupted flow of time. 

The elapsed time the copter clock shows matches the elapsed video time throughout the entire video, which indicates no editing unless the copter clock was added to vid afterwards. (I show a calculation at 10:00.)  There are numerous discontinuities, which I have tried to note with "Break." "Break" is not meant to imply an edit. The camera seems to jump suddenly in and out during zoom in/out. 

Chase, Part I ......................................................................................................

00:28 --- Break

00:32 --- Break

RLF stops ......................................................................................................

00:49 --- Truck slows and stops just N of NF Rd #31 -- 43° 48.821' N 118° 58.993' W Looks like there is a solid line S-bound but GE shows dotted line both directions

00:52 --- Break

01:08 --- 2 black chase vehicles approach RLF’s truck

01:34 --- Break

01:54 --- Cops out of trucks, not approaching RLF. One cop w/ dog.

02:42 --- Break

03:14 --- Camera sweeps to S. along road. Looks like maroon Jeep stopped in N-bound lane well behind where RLF stopped.

Maroon Jeep stopped well behind Finicum.

04:00 --- Camera returns to stopped RLF truck. Looks like person w/ hands behind head on lower R.

Hard to say . . . one of the people busted?

04:10 --- Cop w/ gun drawn wades off into the snow to the E. Then goes back to road. Apparently got snow down his boot.

04:31 --- Break

04:42 --- Break

05:49 --- Break

05:58 --- Break

06:21 --- Break

06:48 --- Break

07:04 ---  Looks like someone sitting on road behind one of the cop trucks. Might have gotten out of RLF truck.

07:42 ---  Break

08:15 ---  All of the windows of the truck are intact at this point. RLF begins to move.  Reaches moderate rate of speed.

Chase, Part II ......................................................................................................

08:19 ---  Break

08:30 ---  Break

09:12 --- Brake lights come on. 

09:14 --- Roadblock comes into view

Ambush ......................................................................................................

09:15 ---  3 pickups blocking road all facing S. RLF plows into the snow -- 43° 49.638' N 118° 58.285' W .  Brake lights on until truck comes to rest.

Ambush at the 2nd center-line dash for N-bound traffic.

The ambush site is right where the double yellow line turns to passing line for N-bound. The exact kill-spot is opposite the second dash on the road, which is where two of the three ambush trucks are parked.

09:16 ---  Idiot cop runs from behind cop-truck into the path of RLF who is trying to evade to the L. This forces RLF further to the L into the deep snow.

Suicidal cop jumps in front of Finicum's truck.

09:19 --- Camera jumps around.

09:21 ---  Black chase car enters ambush site from S.

09:22 ---  RLF out of truck. Hands up.

09:26 ---  Break

09:27 ---  Fat cop seen emerging from trees behind RLF.  Not a "sniper" -- no rifle.  He is in the line of fire of the cop moving toward RLF from the road and the others behind the trucks.

Finicum sandwiched between two cops. 

09:28 ---  RLF both hands down, then back up as cop in front raises handgun higher.

09:29 ---  RLF both hands suddenly go down. R hand reaches into jacket. Turns to his L to face cop by the road, shifts weight to R foot. 

09:30 ---  RLF L hand goes out to L side, as he pivots toward L.

09:32 ---  L-handed fat cop comes out of trees behind RLF, handgun raised. Looks like the guy is in short sleeves. As RLF continues to pivot to his left, his R hand looks like it's in his jacket. Clearly a provocation. Cop near the road approaching RLF moves out of line of fire of fat cop.

09:33 ---  RLF is facing 90 from fat cop, sort of stuck in the snow. RLF falls -- apparently shot by fat cop. There is no indication RLF shot prior to this point. The fat cop is pointing his gun directly at the other cops in the road. Fat cop does a pirouette and runs away to his R like a scared little girl, gets bogged down in snow.

09:53 ---  RLF not moving. On his back, head toward road. R arm out 90 degrees. L knee bent.

09:54 --- Flash-bang goes off

10:00 ---  35:32 (copter clock) - 10:00 (vid time) = 25:32 (start time for copter clock) – the copter clock is tightly sync’d w/ vid time.

10:01 ---  Flash-bang goes off

10:12 ---  Flash-bang goes off

10:22 ---  Can't tell if shot fired from front R window or if shot hits it.

10:47 ---  Another shot, can't tell from which side.

11:30 ---  4 cops form firing line to S of truck

11:40 ---  Break

11:48 --- Break

12:42 --- Break

12:47 --- Break

13:25 --- Another shot -- this one looks like FROM the truck

13:27 --- Clear aiming lazer on RLF's head

14:15 --- Front passenger window of RLF truck shot out

15:10 --- 2nd person emerges from L back door. 7 cops now cowering behind the silver truck w/ cap.

15:49 --- Count 6 cops behind black truck.

16:06 --- 3rd person emerges -- L back door.

16:37 ---  One cop (w. dog) cowering behind another cop.

17:11 ---  One cop has green light on his belt. This is seen off and on.

17:19 ---  4th person emerges from L back door. Looks like a blonde woman. Aiming lazer on her.

19:18 ---  2 cops approach RLF vehicle from rear. Open L front door.

19:51 ---  One cop runs into trees. Looks like another moves out.

20:04 ---  Driver’s door on RLF truck opened.

Stand-down ......................................................................................................

21:21 ---  Not clear if another person taken out of truck. Tailgate of RLF truck down. 6 cops converge on RLF body. Everybody stands down, grab-assing.

21:16 ---  Looks like 3 people sitting on the road, but hard to say.

24:37 ---  Cop opens L rear door to search truck, most of the cops just standing around grab-assing, prisoners sitting on the pavement.

25:29 ---  Cop w/ large hand bag approaches body.

25:47 ---  Looks like cop got a coat out of RLF truck for prisoner.

25:53 ---  Break

25:56 ---  At least one vehicle 100 yds to the N.

26:05 ---  Break

26:22 ---  Multiple vehicles to S.

26:28 --- End

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [ampersand] logophere [full stop] com




Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.