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Feb10|2016: Three scenarios/outcomes for Hillary Clinton and her federal prosecution, vel non

Feb02|2016: A close-up timeline of the Robt. LaVoy Finicum ambush

~ Feb03, 2016 ~

From the Teenage Right-Wingnut Bull-bleep 
& Fabrications Dept.

CNN Interview
of 18-yoVictoria Sharp, Feb03|2016

If Victoria Sharp is lying, she needs to stop.
Denis O'Brien, PhD 

Right off the bat I want to make it clear that in this post I am not going to get into my whole Christian, Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Not Lie, anti-righteous right-wing pricks thing.  I'm not even going to mention, for instance, that Victoria Sharp is advertised as an 18-yo "Christian singer" or that she was singing Christian hymns with the Malheur dildos shortly before Robt. LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by the FBI on Jan26|2016.  I mean, if these armed Christian Tea Party "patriots" have figured out a way to lie and be Christians at the same time, like a lot of priests and bishops we've all read about, then, who am I -- as a non-Christian, non-Muslim, non-Jew, non-armed-to-the-teeth Tea Party patriot,  Big Lebowsky-style do-you-have-any-khalua pacifist -- to be casting the first, proverbial stone?  All I'm saying is that if Victoria Sharp is lying, she needs to stop.  Oh, sorry -- already said that in the headline.

As I noted in a post published yesterday about Finicum's death, Sharp is on the record for claiming 1) that she saw the fatal shooting of Finicum and 2) that Finicum had his hands in the air when he was shot.  Both points appear to me to be total bull-bleep, as anyone can see from the FBI video of the ambush.  What is going on with this young woman?  

It is painful to watch Sharp's CNN interview with Kyung Lah during which Sharp looks at the FBI video of Finicum getting gunned down and repeatedly denies what is plainly in the video.  While she is entitled to her opinion, she is not providing opinion, she is making statements of fact, and if those statements of fact are obviously different from what is shown on the video, then she is lying.  

Repeatedly Sharp says that she "was there" and that "I know what I saw."  Well, I think we have to go with her on both counts.  There is no doubt that she was in the truck.  And most of us know what we see most of the time.  But that does not mean that what she saw is what she says she saw.  And so lets look a bit further.

We know -- mostly from Sharp's comments -- that when the cops stopped Finicum a mile south of the FBI ambush site,  Finicum was driving and Ryan Payne was riding shotgun.  Payne bailed out and was "arrested," which might suggest that he was a police informant, given what we now know was about to happen.  Sharp was riding in the middle of the back seat between Ryan Bundy on her right and Shawna Cox on her left.  From that position, even if she was sitting up, Sharp would have practically no field of view.  She could see a bit of what was directly in front of the truck, but not much.  She could see even less of what was out the left and right rear passenger windows.  Because Finicum's pick-up had a canopy mounted on the bed, even if there was nothing in the back of the pick-up, Sharp could have seen practically nothing to the rear of the truck.  So when she says she knows what she saw, that might be true, but it's also true that she couldn't have seen much of anything going on outside the truck. 

After a short and unproductive sojourn in the middle of US 395 and having been so rudely deserted by his shotgun passenger, Finicum decided to make a get away.  At that point, according to a number of reports of what Sharp has said, the people in the back seat dove for floor of the truck because they were afraid they were going to get shot. Here's how she was quoted:

“Finally, [Finicum] decided to just drive,” she said. “So we all got down on the floorboard and he took off."

Diving for the floor is almost always the best choice when guns come out; that decision is probably why Cox, Sharp, and Bundy are alive today.  And so we know that irrespective of how religious or right-wing Finicum's passengers were, they weren't all that stupid.  Consequently, there is every reason to believe that as Finicum approached the ambush, all his passengers who were not still on the floor dove for the floor again.  According to the timeline I provided yesterday, as Finicum drove around a curve he hit the brakes about 5 seconds before plowing into the snow-bank, so the passengers had time to get back on the floor if they weren't there already.  

Then, according to Sharp, the hail of bullets began -- 120 fired over 10 minutes, and Finicum came up the loser.  

And Sharp wants us to believe that she saw the whole thing.  She wants us to believe that she was sitting there in the middle of the back seat watching Finicum get gunned down in a virtual tsunami of FBI gun-fire.  And she sat there and watched it all.  

I don't think so, and Kyung Lay obviously didn't think so either but she was a lot more diplomatic in expressing her disbelief than I am..  First of all, no one in the truck was seriously hurt, suggesting they were face-down on the floor.  Secondly,  Finicum was not in front of the truck where Sharp could have seen him through the windshield. He was not to the side of the truck where she could have seen him through the door window.  He was behind the truck, off to the left of the rear left corner.

Finicum at the moment he went down

Like I say, we don't know what Finicum was carrying in the bed of the truck, but even if it was empty, it is pretty impossible to believe that a person sitting in the middle of the back seat could have seen Finicum at the moment he was brought down -- never mind Sharp's assertion that she was actually on the floor of the truck.  

It's not like the Malheur dildos aren't USDA-certified laughing-stock as it is.  If this girl is lying, she needs to stop; she's making things worse by making ludicrous, risible assertions that beggar belief.  I fully understand that Finicum's death is a tragedy for his family and those who loved him.  But for most people in the country, news of his death was met with a resounding "meh."  I, personally, see his death as being nowhere nearly as meaningful or as tragic as the deaths of Palestinians gunned down by the vicious iJews every day.  But as for the Oregon situation, I think most of us are just grateful that some innocent person wasn't hurt.

There is just one more point about Victoria Sharp and her Christian singing family I would like to make.   I have seen photos of what purport to be Sharp with a bunch of children singing at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  

Victoria Sharp & Ryan Bundy with a bunch of kids -- WTF??

Assuming that that is what we are seeing, one has to ask: Who brought those children into that explosive situation?  And these photos are not the only indication that the Bundys were bringing children into harm's way at Malheur, possibly as shields.  This may be Bundy SOP.  As I recall, during the Cliven Bundy armed stand-off in 2014 the right-wing cowards put women between them and the federal agents.  According to the Washington Post, during that fuster-cluck a former Arizona sheriff named Richard Mack, who was a part of the corageous Bundy men, said: 

“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”

2014 -- Bundy "patriots" putting women up front to take the first bullets

Yes, siree, that Bundy crowd has some brave dudes, but unless those women were being coerced to act as shields for the Bundy guys in 2014, then the female-shield strategy probably wasn't illegal.  But as for the Malheur mess, any adult who would take children into an encampment set up by armed scofflaws who have threatened authorities with a gun-fight to the death should be immediately indicted for child endangerment.  So why aren't these wackos -- including Victoria Sharp -- being busted for child endangerment? 

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [ampersand] logophere [full stop] com




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