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March 14, 2016

Grady Judd: Dick Sheriff from the Dick State Goes After Apple 
Proof of God, finally?



If you are searching for a reason to believe that there is a god, I think I may have good news.  It all starts with what a man much wiser than m'self once observed about Florida: The way it sticks out on the map, it looks like America left it's zipper open during a Madonna concert.

I mean, how else, other than through cosmic or divine design, could America have evolved such that the bulk of its stupidest politicians, its most brain-ded religious fundamentalists, and its most vocal right wing-nuts inhabit the state that looks on the map just like what they are in life.  And, other than divine or cosmic design, how can we explain the phenomenon whereby the IQ of American cops is directly related to the geographical latitude of their jurisdiction: the farther south you go, the dumber (and more violent) they seem to get.  And here I have to agree with the Intelligent Design idiots in concluding that only a god could have designed such a perfect world in which cops' IQs are the same as their latitude.  Darwin wouldn't have done it that way.

These are difficult rhetorical questions, and while, as rhetorical questions, they don't get question marks, they do deserve our attention. As Exhibit "A" in support of the reality of this peculiar phallo-phenomenon, I offer Grady Judd, sheriff of Polk County, Florida, where, I should point out, the latitude is about 28.  This is the dick who has gone viral threatening to bust Apple CEO, Tim Cook, a surreal story we'll come back to after a brief introduction of Sheriff Judd. 

Judd already has long-standing cred on the national level as a Constitutional nincompoop.  For instance, it became national news in 2006 when Judd's SWAT team surround and killed Angilo Freeland, a black man suspected of killing a white cop, who was a friend of Judd's.  According to Judd's own report, the SWAT team comprising 10 cops found Freeland under a fallen oak tree.  They surrounded him and fired 110 rounds, hitting him 68 times. Filling the man with that much lead is the epitome of literal "overkill," and presents to my mind the idea that the cops would almost have had to have had standing orders to kill him.  As I say, the dead cop was Judd's friend.  

But anyway you look at it and for whatever the motive may have been, unloading 110 rounds at a single individual who is on the ground is not law enforcement; it is extra-judicial execution.  Needless to say, the cops' own investigation of themselves found no problems with this.  After all, the cops claim the suspect had the dead cop's sidearm.  Case closed. 

But what still remains open is this sheriff's understanding of how the US Constitution works.  When Judd was asked why the cops fired 110 rounds at a single suspect, his response was that he presumed they fired 110 rounds because they ran out of ammo, which means to me that in his opinion they should have fired more.  Judd also said publicly he had no regrets at all that Freeland was not taken alive.  Sounds to me like the anger talkin', which is all too common in what passes today as "law enforcement" in America.

These public and well-publicized comments also indicate to me that Judd's view of the Constitution is that cops have a right and a prerogative to punish people they suspect of committing crimes. A viewpoint like that would further indicate to me that Judd's IQ is probably not significantly higher than the latitude of Polk County: about 28.  

It is probably not a coincidence that Judd is one of many dozens of top cops who have been sent to Israel by the zionist front "Jewish Institute for National Security" to learn how the Government of Ysrael (GoY) deals with Palestinians -- which is shoot to kill and only to kill.  When you wonder why American cops have gone so trigger-happy bonkers over the last couple of decades, it is largely because they have imported the shoot-to-kill-and-only-to-kill tactics and mentality from GoY and applied those tactics and that mentality to blacks.  The Black Lives Matter folks, and Al Sharpton don't realize it  yet, but they have a zionism problem.   

Judd has more recently signaled his apparent total lack of respect the US Constitution by repeatedly preaching sermons in Christian churches while decked out in his cop-uniform.  Now, most people in this country would never think of complaining about a county sheriff giving sermons in church, and many people, including me, would praise him for his commitment to his beliefs.  But do it on your own time and in your civilian clothes.  When he is wearing his cop-uniform, Judd is appearing as a public employee -- especially flashing that tin badge and all those wee stars on his collar -- and people acting in the capacity of public employees shouldn't be endorsing any religion while in that capacity.  

Apparently unknown to Judd, there is a pesky Constitutional requirement that religious matters are to be separated from governmental matters.  Anyone who is not capable of doing that -- like Judd, and like Kim Davis the fundamentalist DoM court clerk in Rowan County, Ky -- should not be employed by government.  Just imagine the uproar -- and Judd's moral indignation -- if a Muslim cop were to wear his uniform while delivering sermons at the local mosque calling for the establishment of Allah's law in Florida.

And here we are at the topic of this post: Judd's moral indignation.  As all the world knows, Apple is facing off against the US Dept. of Justice in at least two federal courts over the issue of whether the FBI can force Apple to compromise security features on iPhones in order to assist with investigations of crimes or criminals.  On Mar10|16 FOX News13 in Winter Haven, Florida reported Judd's now viral threat against Apple CEO, Tim Cook.  Judd said:

 " . . . the first time we do have trouble getting into a cell phone, we're going to seek a court order from Apple.  And when they deny us, I'm going to lock the CEO of Apple up."  YT  

And now you can see why I have such serious concerns about not just Judd's moral indignation, but his IQ as well.  Let's look at his statement carefully.  

First, note that he says he is going to seek a court order from Apple.  Those are his precise words.  I have listened to the video a number of times, and I'm askin' m'self: What the hell does it mean to seek a court order from Apple?  One seeks court orders from . . .  well, courts.  That's why they're called "court orders."

And what order, precisely, is Judd hoping to get?  Currently, Apple's litigation in California and New York is over a federal law called the "All Writs Act," which, according to the FBI, gives the federal government to power to force Apple to write software that will give the FBI access to iPhones.  Is that what Judd is talking about in his hypothetical case of the future -- a federal AWA order from a federal court?  Or does Florida have it's own version of the AWA?  Even if Judd were to go into Florida state court, Apple would remove the case to the federal courts because it would involve a federal constitutional issue. 

Then Judd says "And when they deny us."  They?  Who?  Does he mean when Apple denies him the court order he is seeking from Apple?  Or does he mean when the courts deny him the order he seeks?  Whichever . . . he will then lock up Cook.  Judd's statement is nothing more than jabbering, redneck hee-haw indicative of a low latitude.  

And what is most stupid of all about Judd's bluster is that even if he ever figures out that he has to get an order from the courts, not Apple, and even if Apple refuses to comply with such a hypothetical order to hack iPhones, this frickin' tater-brain of a sheriff can't just lock the CEO of the company up.  The sheriff -- or, rather, the county attorney -- would have to go back into court for a contempt of court order, at which point Apple would have a right to be heard.  And even if the sheriff was able to get these orders, Apple would appeal them, depending on what happens in California and New York.  And in any event, what personal jurisdiction does Polk County have over Tim Cook, the "rascal" Judd is threatening to bust?    

And so, in summary, what we've got is a dick cop in a dick state at a latitude in which cops aren't all that smart, huffing and blowing about what he's going to do the CEO of Apple, whom he doesn't even have jurisdiction over . . . and he doesn't even have a clue about what sort of order he would need and from whom he would get it.

As further insight into the character of this dick I would offer this vignette.  Last year, 2015, when a complaint was sent to Judd about him preaching in his uniform, he laughed it off.  So the complainant threatened to raise the matter with whatever supervising board or committee Judd answers to.  Judd scoffed even louder, saying that he answers to the people of Polk County.  

My guess is that before too long -- either in a 4th Amendment iPhone case or in a 1st Amendment separation of church and state case -- we're going to find out whether Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd answers to the US Constitution and the federal judges who enforce it .



Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


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