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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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March 28, 2016

Three very hot "must-reads": Robt. Fisk on Palmyra, James Petras on Jews taking over US government, and Ralph Nader excoriating Hillary's butt-sucking AIPAC speech


Robert Fisk rips Obama and Cameron on their deadly hypocrisy on Syria

As the black masters of execution fled Palmyra this weekend, Messers Obama and Cameron were as silent as the grave to which Isis have dispatched so many of their victims. He who lowered our national flag in honour of the head-chopping king of Arabia (I'm talking about Dave, of course) said not a word. --Robt. Fisk

On Sunday, Mar27, as Assad's Syrian Arab Army was cleaning up the hundreds of Da'esh bodies left behind in Palmyra, Robert Fisk of the Independent published a must-read piece ripping apart Obama and Cameron for their utter lack of support of Assad in his battle against Da'esh.  Fisk has probably spent more time with his own boots on the ground in Syria during this conflict than any other western journalist.  He sees a lot, and he's not timid about telling you what he thinks about what he sees.  But while I applaud and recommend his Mar27 piece, I'm not sure he's got this right.  For what he cannot see are the private conversations between Obama and Putin and between Kerry and Lavrov.

Over at Moon of Alabama the discussion turned to whether the SAA's capture of Palmyra is the "turning point" of the Syrian war.  It seems to me the turning point was in 2014, as I explained in this comment:

Netanyahu is seething. It is now clear that Assad has slipped the noose. The iJews are writing the script on what their underling politicians in US/UK say and what the MSM says, so don’t expect Yankees and Poms to start cheering for Assad. Johnson obviously didn’t get the memo. The Telegraph didn’t get the memo. And Robt. Fisk, who takes Obama and Cameron to task big-time in today’s Independent, got the memo but wiped his *ss with it:

Obama f*cked up Yisrael’s false flag op in Ghouta. Then he f*cked up by letting Putin crash the party. Or an alternative theory is that after seeing that he was getting false intel from GoY in the days after Ghouta, Obama realized he was being played for a sucker by Bibi and turned to Putin for a way out. After the Ghouta pull-back, Obama’s and Kerry’s rhetoric suddenly changed from “Assad is a madman who gasses children” to “it is our position Assad must go,” and even that has now softened. There was no more of the “gassing his own people” meme after Putin stepped in and organized the CW disposal.

Maybe there has been some very serious covert choreography between Obama and Putin that the world doesn’t see and is not meant to see. So covert that it is beyond the criticism of the Yisrael-firsters in Congress, which is to say all of Congress. And beyond the reach of Mossad and the iJews’ news organizations.

This theory suggests that Kobani was not the turning point. Palmyra is not the turning point. Ghouta was the turning point even tho' the Ghouta Massacre has, in fact, never been resolved.

James Petras blurts out the question all us goyim have been asking ourselves: Why all the Jews?

Merrick Garland -- 4th Jew for the USSCt?

A brief perusal of the legal publications of Elena Kagan and Merrick Garland reveals meager, mediocre and pedestrian articles and monographs. In the case of Kagan, her rise to power was facilitated by her relationship with the former (and heartily voted out of office) Harvard President ‘Larry’ Summers, who appointed her Dean of the Law School despite her lack of quality publications. Summers, as Harvard President, led a raucous and bullying campaign against any academic critics of Israeli policies during his abruptly abbreviated tenure in office. --James Petras

One of the unexpected joys of retirement in the age of the Internet is having time to discover that the world is populated by brilliant people.  My recent encounter with John Pilger's documentaries, for instance, was like an epiphany.  More recently I have become aware of James Petras' work, and I have become an instant admirer of him as well.  

On Mar26 Petras published a beautifully crafted analysis of the hugely disproportionate influence of Jews in American government, judiciary, and policy-making.  He asks, essentially, are these people really so genetically superior that in a country in which they represent about 2% of the population they presently occupy 37% of the seats on the USSCt? (And that will go up to 44% if Merrick Garland is confirmed.) Petras is polite enough not to point this out, but the flip side of the same question is: Are protestants so genetically inferior that in a country in which they represent half of the population they presently occupy 0% of the seats on the USSCt?

It is a long, but meticulously thought-out apotheosis of expository writing, an honest inquiry that will surely draw the inevitable calumny of "antisemitism!!" from . . . well, the malsemites.  But that's OK, being called an antisemite has become a badge of honor for today's honest intellectuals.  

Ralph Nader:  Hillary's red-hot AIPAC speech lights up the GoY war crimes against the Palestinians 

Israel's goy-to girl

But Mrs. Clinton’s speech was newsworthy for its moral obtuseness and the way in which it promised unilateral White House belligerence should she become president. A reader would never know that her condemnation of Palestinian terrorism omitted any reference to the fact that Israel is the occupier of what is left of Palestinian lands, colonizing them, seizing their water and land, brutalizing the natives and continuing the selective blockade of Gaza, the world’s largest Gulag ever since Israel closed its last colony there in 2005. --Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader, the Energizer Bunny of the Left, keeps on going.  That is, he keeps on going ever farther to the left while the rest of the world is drifting off to the right. But in all of the years I have been listening to and reading what he has to say, I cannot recall an instance of him being wrong.  He was not wrong about the abysmal lack of safety in American-made cars back in the '60's.  He was not wrong about the filthy state of America's rivers back in the '70's.  He was not wrong about the greed and incompetence of industrial managers or their indifference to consumer safety back in the '80's.  And he is not wrong in his Mar25|16 piece ripping into Hillary Clinton, Yisrael's goy-to girl.    

As the 2008 campaign was warming up, Nader famously characterized Hil as a "panderer and flatterer."  In his Mar25|16 piece he's narrowed that down considerably, or at least he's identified a subset of Hil's more general pandering and flattering: Yisrael.  In reference to Hil's much-maligned butt-sucking speech to AIPAC, Nader notes that "Hillary Clinton’s pandering speech must have registered close to 100% on AIPAC’s checklist [of desirable talking points]."  And then he lit into her.

Nader taking the role of champion of Palestine's dispossessed victims of Yisrael's genocide and victims of the goy-to girl's rhetoric that encourages that genocide  . . . good for Ralph.  But given the excellent writer he is, Nader's focus is very tight.  Not once does he mention Hil's two Achilles heels: "Emails" and "influence peddling" -- at least one of which will certainly bring her down


Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
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