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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of April 24-30, 2016


At large:  How Earl Woods built a champion golfer 
and destroyed a childhood

Bad-ass black golfer gone bad really wanted to be special ops psychopath 
and shoot babies, burn villages, blow shit up, just like daddy.

Ankara: Erdogan continues assault on free speech, 
busts Danish journalist for dissing him

In related free speech news: Erdogan is a monkey's turd 
who can kiss my ass.  Please like and pass on . . .
 maybe it will get back to him.

Jerusalem: Elor Azaria, IDF prick who murdered Palestinian 
with a head-shot, gets Passover release, ticker-tape parade

Begging the question: When did Yisrael ever release 
a Palestinian so he could celebrate Ramadan?

Washington D.C.: 83% of US Senators push to reward 
Government of Yisrael for its human rights violations, 
get large campaign contributions from AIPAC in return

Yisrael-firster Liz Warren, proud part of the 83%, collects 
her shekels as Bernie Sanders says "Screw Yisrael, they 
get too much US tax money as it is" 

In related news: top GoY rabbi says only goyim who serve 
Jews according to Noahide Laws are permitted to live in 
Yisrael -- OK for 122 million goyim US taxpayers to send 
$4.5Bn to Yisrael as long as they stay out   

Jerusalem: Hat-trick in Yisraeli organ harvest, IDF
soldiers gun down 5-month pregnant mother 
of two, "suspected" of wearing suicide-vest

16 yo brother also killed ~ soldiers 
drop knives next to bodies ~ US cops
taking notes

Washington, D.C.: Fake ex-CIA FOX News pundit pleads guilty, 
looking at 40 years hard time 

FOX & CIA where so stupid they let this idiot's scam play 
for 14 years before catching on.  Thanks, Megyn. 

Amarillo, TX: Speaking Punjabi on a Greyhound in Texas?  
That'll get you interrogated by FBI for 30 hours for sure.

Dimwit Tianna Lynn Decamp claimed men were talking about 
a bomb, demanded Greyhound bus driver pull over and call 911.  

In related news, Tianna Lynn Decamp mug shots fill up a
Google search like bagel-farts in a NY deli.
Here,  here, here 

Jacksonville, FL: Psycho-Cop of the Week Award goes to: 
(... cues spotlight ...) Akinyemi Borisade

Dick cop beats the shit out of handcuffed woman, 
gets busted for battery because 
1) he is black, 2) she is white, 3) it was videoed

Sandra Bland unavailable for comment, 
but police union definitely available for comment

NY, NY: ADL urges Trump to re-brand from "America First" 
to "Yisreal First, America Second, US Taxpayer Third"

Bibi Netanyahu suggests: "Make America Great Again, Send 
All Your Tax Money to Yisrael." Elizabeth Warren signs on. 

Washington, DC: As Obama pushes women into combat roles, 
Congress is smokin' hot for babes to be drafted

Related news: Demand for sperm-donors, 
pregnancy test kits goes through the roof 

Pete Seeger unavailable for comment, 
re-writing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"


Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.