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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of May 08-14, 2016

NY, NY:  Two Hillary-fems booted off NYC's Board of Elections

Troubling questions arise over whether 
Bernie's NY primary effort was

East Jerusalem, Palestine:  Government of Yisrael (GoY) steals Palestinians' land by fraudulent deeds

Related news: Under a 1943 law set up by Britain, 
GoY can simply seize Palestinian land and build homes 
for iJews, which is pretty much what they've been doing 
since at least 1967.

Hillary, GoY's shiksa, calls this "democracy" 

Washington, D.C.:  USAID suspends millions in aid to Syria as it investigates kickbacks to Turks from David Miliband's NGO

Former UK foreign minister Miliband left Parliament for 
$450,000/yr. job at International Rescue Committee

WTF news: $450,000/year of US taxpayer 
money is going to politician from UK -- 
the freaking President only gets $400,000

Jerusalem, Palestine:  iJew judge refuses to extradite pedophile 
dyke, Malka Leifer, to face 74 charges of 
raping/abusing girls in Australia

Again and again pedophile Jews like Leifer escape trial/jail 
by fleeing to Yisrael after being busted

At large: Bill O'Reilly is reading LogoPhere, 
agrees Biden is likely to be Dem-nom

Following multiple predictions from this blogger that Biden will be the 
Dem-nom -- here, here, here, here -- O'Reilly calls the same 
long-shot.  Coincidence?  Don't think so.  

Cambridge, MA:  Planning to blow a huge wad going to
 this year's Olympics circus in Rio?  
OK, but . . . you'll die.

Harvard Public Health Review article gives 
5 reasons for shutting Olympics down.

Direct quote: "[M]ass migration into the heart of an 
outbreak is a public health no-brainer." 

Washington, D.C.:  FBI head says rising crime may be 
due to holding cops accountable for their brutality

Oh, brother, here we go again. 

2-part suggestion: 1) Deal with the brutality first 
and then bust/fire cops who don't do their jobs

2) Make cop unions illegal

Cross County, AR:  Pervert judge Joseph Boeckmann 
exchanged judicial favors for sex, gets a wrist-slap 

Related news: Crooked NY lawyer of the week Jon Lefkowitz 
dodges multiple felonies, pleads to single misdemeanor

Gaza, Palestine:  GoY continues relentless program to strangle 
Gaza as last electric line to Gaza Strip disconnected

GoY's blockade of fuel for generators and elimination of external sources of electricity part of the genocide that began when Sharon ordered iJews out of Gaza

NY, NY:  Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton's husband, 
leaves investors floating tits-down in the river after 
hedge fund loses $22M in two years

Genetic difficulty: the couple is descended 
from greed-hounds and political crooks on both sides.


Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.