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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Antinomian Opinion Page


May 16, 2016

"Jap" is a perfectly good tag for Japanese 
It's a freaking abbreviation, dude.


Gormless Republican congressman Peter King may not see eye-to-eye with his fellow prick-pol from the Queens, Donald Trump, but they both float in the same Yisrael-first sewer, IMO. But however much disdain I have for King, I didn't really get any pleasure in him taking a beating last week when he rattled the cage of the PC police for using the tag "Japs" on Morning Joe.  One American-Chinese PC cop, Christopher Kang, who worked in the Obama administration, referred to "Japs" as "corrosive and divisive . . . clearly unacceptable." Another Democrat American-Chinese PC cop, Rep. Judy Chu (CA), called "Jap" a "disgusting" word. Sounds like the folks of Chinese descent have a problem with "Jap." I haven't seen any grumbles from actual Japs or American-Japs so far.

King has refused to apologize, and good on him for that, but he has taken a spineless position by trying to explain away his PC-perceived faux pas by saying he was just quoting the guy "at the end of the bar." Not sure what that means; it sounds like a limp-wristed dodge to me.

Show some balls, Pete. You don't have to make up a story to appease the PC police; there is, in fact, nothing wrong with the tag "Jap." It is an abbreviation of "Japanese," and as such it is easier to say, easier to write, and way easier to spell, just like "Nip" is an abbreviation of "Nippon," which means "rising sun."  (Wiki) For the uneducated PC police who may be reading this, let me point out that an abbreviation is when you remove letters from a word to get a shorter, more useful derivative -- there is no judgment or disgust or shame attached to abbreviations, contrary to what the American-Chinese PC cops think.  

Using abbreviations to refer to nationality or race is a practice that is both accepted, ubiquitous, and entirely proper. It is a semantically utilitarian way to convert an adjective into a much-needed noun: Jew (Jewish), Turk (Turkish), Yank (Yankee), Brit (British), Swede (Swedish), Saudi (Saudi Arabian), and the one that really makes the case: Czech (Czechoslovakian).   The problem is that there aren't more of these utilitarian national/ethnic abbreviation-nouns.  Our lexicon could use a couple of them to refer to people from SoKo and NoKo, for instance.  Or France, Paraguay, China, Indonesia, Bolivia, Canada, and about 100 other countries. 

What is offensive is the fact that the only nationality abbreviation-noun that is offensive to these PC cops is the one for Japanese.  The problem is not the abbreviation "Jap"; the problem is that some people take their own racist shit and stick it to the tag and then claim it's "disgusting." Why would Chu and Kang assume that Japs would find an acknowledgement or mention of Japanese nationality on Morning Joe "disgusting?" Sounds to me like these American-Chinese are saying that there is something wrong with being a Jap. They need to stop thinking like that and quit acting like closet racists, after all it is no longer 1938 when the Japs butchered 300,000 Chinese in Nanking -- or is it politically incorrect to mention that, too?.  

No, the problem is not abbreviations, the problem is when whole words are coined to refer to a nationality or a group, and this is where you start edging toward the territory famously staked out by George Carlin's seven words you can never say on TV.  

At the risk of being considered politically incorrect (ha, ha, ha, ha, move over, George) here is a starter-list of a few tags that are applied to groups of people -- not abbreviations, but words minted de novo that are not derived from the proper word for the nationality or race. Again, they are all nouns, which makes them all that more useful.    

Wet-back (Mexican); mick (Irish); dago, wop (Italian); frog (French); pom (British); chink (Chinese); kraut (German); jar-head (Marine); squid (sailor); dog-face (soldier) . . . the list goes on, and gets worse.

As an aside, let me point out that the vileness of a word, or lack thereof, is a function of context -- any word can be said in a way that is complimentary. . .well, almost any word.  I'm still searching for the context in which "cunt" comes across as a compliment. 

As a mick, jar-head, I used to find it fascinating how freely many of these words were used within one's own unit without anybody getting offended or pissed off. We talked like that, all of us -- you could call your buddy a "wet-back" precisely because he was your buddy. But if someone from another unit called him "wet-back,"  it was Katie-bar-the- door, for a punch-up was all but guaranteed. The way you say the word and why you say it is more important than what the word is, and in the give and take of barracks-banter, the use of these sorts of words was an amicable acknowledgement of the other guy's race or nationality, not an insult. That was before the PC police came along.  

You have noticed that I did not include "nigger" in the list above; that is because, as the granddaddy of derogatory tags, it requires special treatment, and that will require a separate post.


Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com




Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.