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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of June 04-10, 2016

Anchorage, AK:  Abstinence queen, Bristol Palin,
marries one of her kids' father

Now the abstinence really begins . . .

Kansas City, MO:  Fuck-wad cop Timothy Runnels asks
"Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Missouri cop gets 4 years for brutal tazing of kid 
for no apparent reason, leaving him brain damaged for life

Multimillion dollar pay-out by 
Independence, Mo. taxpayers a certainty

Washington, D.C.:  Bernie Sanders: Not so principled after all. . . 

Without explicitly throwing in the towel, Sanders sucks up to a crooked DNC 
and vows to support a liar who seriously undermined 
the security of the US and lied about it. 

Stockbridge, GA:  Dumb-ass cops go to wrong address,
shoot innocent home owner

Cops' version: he didn't drop his gun quick enough
so we took an Israeli-style kill-shot just to 
be safe and get some paid vacation

Hesperia, CA:  Dumb-ass cops go to wrong address,
shoot innocent home owner's dog

Different story; different dumb-ass cops -- they 
are a contagion in America

At large:  America's global peace ranking . . . meh.

America's past enemies, like Japan, Germany, 
Vietnam, are far more peaceful places

At large:  Researcher surprised to find that
vitamins/supplements really do slow brain decline in aging

Caveat: in mice

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:  Move or delay the Rio Olympics?  Not if NBC's
$4.4 Bn has anything to say about it

Read this brilliant interview w/ brilliant ex-Olympian Jules Boykoff

Puerto Rico:  Holy moly!! CDC says 25% of Puerto Ricans
will contract Zika by the end of the year

Related news: About 20 high school girls per day 
become pregnant in PR --  20% of all pregnancies

News related to the related news:
Lolitaphiles Bill Clinton & Jeffery Epstein are 
on their way to PR to see what they can do

At large:  Hillary's nomination: 
a historic lesson for American girls

Yeah . . . the real lesson is: If you can develop your greed and ambition to 
criminal proportions, then maybe you can ride into the presidency 
on the coat-tails of your perv husband

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.