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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of June 18-24, 2016

At large:  Facebook, Google, Microsoft: absolutely no scruples -- will 
back Trump GOP convention.  Tim Cook of Apple says "nope" to the dope.

As if we needed another reason to despise FB, Google, and MS. 

At large:  A durn good set of political cartoons from Real Clear Politics
Balanced, funny, straight to the point.  

Ramirez -- always my favorite

At large:  If you need proof the airlines are run by total assholes, 
this article is what you're waiting for 

Unfortunately, the author only named to good airlines; i.e. the exceptions: 
Brussels Airlines, Air Namibia, Somon Air and Turkish Airlines

Washington, D.C.:  Since 2013 "sequestration" Congress doesn't give US 
military enough $$ to maintain aircraft but still sends 3Bn $$/yr. to Yisreal

USG is losing pilots and billions of wasted tax money in wrecked aircraft, 
but GoY is doing just fine, thank you. 

At large:  Why the Darwin Awards needs a special GPS category

The world is full of everyday people -- not just politicians or movie stars or professional jocks -- 
too stupid to be considered members of the species

Washington, D.C:  This is the reason Americans are buying AR-15s 
and stockpiling ammo: to protect themselves from their gov't

Gov't departments secretly arming to the teeth -- now have more firepower than the entire USMC

For years there have been rumors of purchase orders from gov't departments for hollow-point rounds and other lethal arms and ammo.  WTF does NOAA need with military weapons?

Washington, D.C.:  Seventy years of stolen valor over Iwo Jima photo

For all those decades squid John Bradley maintained the lie that he was in the 
famous photo when he knew it was really jarhead Harry Schultz

Bethlehem, Palestine:  Once again vicious iJew troops kill an innocent 
kid and blame the Palestinians

Looks like organ harvesting to me, especially since the iJews 
mess with the bodies for days or weeks, and often don't return them at all

Washington, D.C.:  Yet again Biden reminds the world why 
he's too stupid to be president, suggests he may be bi

Says he is working to get "Saddam out of power" then calls 
it a "Freudian slip," suggesting he was hot to boogie with Saddam

Washington, D.C:  Another Democrat crook leaves Congress -- HuffPo buries 
what party, state, or district Chaka Fattah represents

Had Fattah been a Republican, that word would have been 
the first and the most frequent word in the article.  "Democrat" appears once.

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.