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~ Jul04|2016 ~

  Short-Shots and Follow-ups

A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused.


The Daily Mail dolts are now trying to convince readers 
that the University of Virginia is in West Virginia.  
That's like saying Cambridge University is in Liverpool.  

Daily Mail headline -- Jul04|2016


No end in sight for HuffPo's 3-day malsemitic 
rant against goyim who dare to tweet 6-sided stars

HuffPo headline -- Jul04|2016

 There's nothing like a bunch of malsemites to make mountains out of mole-hills by playing the antisemite card. For three straight days toxic Jews at HuffPo have been running 50-point headlines pounding trump because he had the audacity to include a 6-pointed star in a tweet.  

It started on Saturday with HuffPo's Sam-Jews -- Sam Levine & Sam Stein -- accusing Trump of a "Blatantly Anti-Semitic Attack Against Hillary Clinton" And it's not let up since.  The last three days HuffPo has led off with major headlines on this incredibly gormless non-story.  Now it's HuffPo "assignment editor" Alana Horowitz Satlin writing the articles, which are merely vomiting the same implied accusations made by the Sam-Jews: to wit, any use of a 6-pointed star in a way that is not condoned by Jews is, ipso facto, antisemitism.  

The "point" my own rant is that these PC Jews are implying that there is only one proper use of a 6-pointed star, and that is to promote the Government of Yisrael (GoY).  Every star with 6 points is a so-called star of David according to this latest attempt to re-make our culture and its symbols in the image of Jews and for the exclusive benefit of GoY.  These people think they have a trademark for 6-pointed stars just like they think they have copyrights to the word "holocaust."  


They'll be going after Matt Dillon next. 


2nd follow-up on Lisa Gorcyca, the internationally reviled 
Michigan judge who sent 3 kids to lock-up because 
they refused to have lunch with their dad

Last July I wrote a long piece on Gorcyca, who appears to me to have been running some sort of quasi-Talmudic family court for misplaced iJews.  And in December I reported that the Michigan judicial ethics cops filed a complaint against Gorcyca for the way she mishandled the case.

Now the Detroit Free Press reports that the investigation of the complaint against Gorcyca has concluded and has found the obvious: that she abused her contempt of court powers, acted inappropriately on the bench, and failed to behave in a patient, dignified, and judicial manner.  IOW, she's been watching too much Judge Judy.

Next stop in this domestic disaster: a committee will review the factual findings and may forward the case to the Michigan Supreme Court with recommendations for action, which could include bouncing this Judge Judy wanna'be off the bench. 



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