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by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Getting to the guts of the matter


Andrew Napolitano: Clueless blowhard, obviously. 
But is he indictable as a liar?

Almost a week after FBI Director James Comey inexplicably buried a criminal investigation of Hillton's Em/server felonies that cost the taxpayers millions and came up with no behavior deemed to be indictable, Andrew Napolitano, FOX's 3rd biggest blowhard behind O'Reilly and Hannity, finally re-surfaced in the Washington Times to tell us, yet again, what he thinks about this mess.  He's been telling us what he thinks about this mess every few days for 5 months, so his silence was conspicuous.  Naturally, bein' a real FOX dude, I've been waiting all week for "Judge Nap's" take on Hillton dodging another one. 

More specifically, I've been waiting for Napolitano to: 1) eat some crow, 2) explain to his millions of viewers how he got this so wrong, 3) apologize because he didn't know fuck-all about what he was talking about, and 4) explain why his viewers shouldn't conclude that he's a liar, which puts him in the same camp with both Billton and Hillton who have been doing the low-shuffle for 25 years explaining to the public why they aren't liars.  

But Napolitano didn't do any of that. He didn't once say "I got this wrong." or "I got that wrong," and, man, did he get a lot of things wrong. Consequently, he has destroyed all of his credibility.  He's a blowhard; he may be an out-and-out liar.  The jury will have to decide that one -- the public jury.

Here is a Bullet List Analysis of many of Napolitano's assertions that he made over the last 5 months or so regarding the Email-espionage case against Hillton.

  • Napolitano has repeatedly said that FBI/DoJ would indict Hillton for felonies related to the Em/server fuck-up. This is a slip of the tongue on his point, but it tells us that maybe his brain is not all that tightly connected to his tongue.  Napolitano knows very well that FBI/DoJ doesn't indict anybody. Grand juries indict.  

  • Mar03 --  Napolitano said a grand jury was already sitting, thus implying that he had sources in the FBI feeding him inside information because no one else on this wide, green earth was reporting that. That was total BS, as we now know, and half a moment's thought is all you need to see what BS it was.  Would the DoJ seat a grand jury even before the FBI completed its investigation or made recommendations to DoJ?  Makes no sense. 

Now we know for sure that there was no grand jury -- at least on the Em/server issue.  We have to be careful here because there have been two ongoing FBI investigations and only one has been shut down. The other investigation is about public corruption of the Secretary of State, as Napolitano has explained on numerous occasions.  See below.

Napolitano also told his viewers on Mar03 that the indictment would come down in May. 

  • Apr12  -- Napolitano says the investigation is complete, Hillton will by interviewed by FBI before the end of April.  This is his second botched prediction about Hillton being interrogated by the FBI. He was obviously just making shit up.

  • May11 -- According to Napolitano, if there is no indictment in the Em/server case, there will be leaks from the FBI, which will hurt her as much as an indictment. Napolitano has made this chicken-little assertion over and over. It's now been almost a week since the Em/server case has been shut down and not a single leak or resignation so far as I've heard.

Note how again and again Napolitano says Clinton will be convicted of espionage if she is indicted.  What a disaster of a judge this guy must have been. What kind of a judge determines guilt before the first witness is called, before the trial date is set, before it's even determined that a trial is warranted. "Judge" Napolitano, my ass.

  • May26 -- Having botched his predictions that the indictment would be in April and May Napolitano tells O'Reilly that Hillton will be indicted before the Democratic convention. Strike three, Andy. 

    Lesson to FOX talking heads making predictions: Don't put dates on things.

  • May31 -- Napolitano says Hillton is in "grave legal danger" over the Em/server issue and that the FBI will "interrogate her in the next two or three weeks" -- botched prediction again. Strike four.  

    Napolitano also predicted for the nth time that FBI will recommend to the DoJ that they seek indictment.  But hold on . . . he said 3 months ago that the grand jury was already sitting -- in order for that to happen the FBI would have had to have made this recommendation way back then.  Napolitano is stumbling around in his own world of concocted stories as much as Hillton is in hers, forcing us to ask: who is the biggest liar? Next you know Napolitano will be telling us about how he had to dodge snipers' bullets in Bosnia.   

  • Jun01 --  In a very animated rant Napolitano pointed out that there are 2 FBI investigations: the Em/server investigation and the corruption in public office investigation, and they are carried out by separate departments of the FBI.  That is a very good and a very important point.  

    So why didn't he make that point again in his Washington Times piece yesterday?  It's important because Comey's statement on Jul05 and Lynch's statement on Jul06 are both very clearly and explicitly restricted to the Em/server investigation.  No one has yet to say that an indictment will not be sought for the corruption case, which would necessarily include RICO charges against all three Clintons: Hillton, Billton, Chelton. 

  • Jun27 -- With his predictions about the Em/server case dropping like vegetarians eating RoundUp coated carrots, Napolitano started to back out of full indictment mode, implying for the first time that Loretta Lynch is crooked and will not let her prosecutors move the case forward.  Again he predicts that if FBI shuts the case down, there will be leaks from and resignations of disgruntled FBI agents.  We're waiting. . .

  • Jul01 -- On the day before Comey announced the FBI would not recommend prosecuting Hillton for the Em/server felonies, Napolitano asserted that Loretta Lynch's announcement that she "fully expected" to accept any FBI recommendations was extremely bad news for Hillton.  Obviously it wasn't.

The case against "Judge" Napolitano

How can one guy be so wrong so often???  The case against Napolitano seems to me to be as solid as the one against Hillton.  When Napolitano goes before the grand jury of public opinion, they will undoubtedly indict him on charges of blatant stupidity, gross speculation unsupported by facts, bloated ego, yellow journalism, and, possibly, public misrepresentations.  My sources tell me that he'll be indicted before the Democratic convention. 

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


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