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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of July 02-08, 2016

At large:  HuffPo Sam-Jews, Sam Levine & Sam Stein, make false anti-semitism charge against Trump for anti-Clinton ad showing a red 6-pointed star 

According to the Sam-Jews, anyone who dares to show a 6-pointed star, which is copyrighted by the Jews, is an antisemite. That's because, apparently, every 6-pointed star is the "Jewish Star of David."  

Matt Dillon, you're next for this antisemite treatment.

In related news: WTF are they bitching about? . . . Clinton isn't even a Jew

She's probably a wiccan. 

Raleigh, NC: NC legislature adjourns for a year without dumping law that bans 
transgenders from dumping with their gender of choice 

The issue here is where the NBA all-star game will be held in 2017 

Los Angeles, CA:  Biggest yawner non-story of the week: 
Sarah Silverman's epiglottis spasm 

Who could possibly give a squat, except maybe her dog . . .

At large:  Black ex-cop talks percentages 

15% of cops are assholes who will fuck with people. 15% are good people who always play straight. 70% flap whichever way the wind is blowing at the time -- IOW 85% of cops are assholes

NY, NY:  Ramsey Orta, who filmed NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo choking 
Eric Garner to death, is going to "upstate prison" for 4 years 

Pantaleo, of course, got off.  It's how it works in NY.  NYPD: fuck wid our guys, we'll fuck wid you.

At large:  Don't let the cops bully you -- roadside drug analyses are bogus and 
inadmissible in court, even though they will get you busted 

One of the most well-written take-downs of the cops you will read all year.

Overland Park, KA:  Local white cop fired for threatening black child 500 miles away 

Let's see if the FOP can get dumbass Rodney Lee Wilson his job back.

At large:  Trump-buddy Alex Jones removes all doubt that he 
is totally psycho-warped & dangerous 

Claims Soros jacked up the cop-killings in Dallas

Spain:  The year of the bull 

At least a dozen idiots have by gored and one matador killed . . . so far. 

Washington, D.C.:  A bad week for Delta Airlines . . . you may want to sell your stocks now 

One plane mistakenly lands on a military runway and the other one diverts because 
of passengers with carbon monoxide poisoning

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.