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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World


Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of July 23-29, 2016

Elmore County, ID:  Sicko Idaho Catholics rally so that their alleged 
pervert priest is freed without bond on rape charges

Victor Jagerstatter could have faced $20,000 bond on charges of raping a US airman, but the congregation showed up at the hearing to sing and pray, and the magistrate (a Catholic?) released the suspect because of his "good character."  Is there a lapse of judicial logic here, or am I being anal?  I mean, this is Idaho, how would this have played out if Jagerstatter had been an Imam and his congregation Muslims?

Prosecution also dropped all of the sexual assault charges except full-on rape, the hardest to prove. The  linked article doesn't say, but my suspicion is that the victim is black.

Bonus: linked article includes video of parishioner explaining what a wonderful man the priest is.  Ain't they all? 

Ft. Walton Beach, FL:  One is called "dumb blonde," the other one 
is called "moron dick." You decide who is who.  

EMT's Kayla Dubois (24) and Christopher Wimmer (33) face felony charges for puerile "selfie-war" victimizing 41 of their banged-up patients on the way to ER.  Jeebus -- 101 pictures and 64 videos.

Two of those patients died, suggesting to me that these two ghouls and their employer will be taken to the mat in multi-million dollar lawsuits. Let's hope so.  

This is Florida, mind you, where white folk are pushing the average IQ down.   

Jerusalem, Palestine:  GoY finally busts iJew thugs -- 16% of whom turn out to be IDF soldiers 

Government of Yisrael crack down on notorious La Familia soccer hooligans, who support Yisrael team Beitar Jerusalem, comes up with a whole bunch of soldiers from what GoY claims is "the most moral army in the world (tm)" and what the rest of the world calls "the most criminal army in the world.". 

When Beitar got their asses kicked in Belgium 5-1, these cretins threw lit flares at the opposing team, injuring the goalie.  In Oct2015 La Familia terrorists attacked opposing fan with an axe.  See Haaretz for an inventory of their racist/terrorist activities.

At large:  All you losers with your tat-sleeves, check out
 the link and then . . . PANIC!! 

The Independent article linked to starts this way . ..

Tattoos can cause cancer and mutations - and one colour is potentially more toxic than others, according to scientists..

And the FDA says they have responsibility for regulating tattoo ink/pigment in the US, but don't do it, presumably to let the Darwin effect play out.  FDA also says:

Research has also shown that some pigment migrates from the tattoo site to the body's lymph nodes, says Howard. Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, a collection of fluid-carrying vessels in the body that filter out disease-causing organisms. Whether the migration of tattoo ink has health consequences or not is still unknown. 

Basically, what they're saying is "All these inked moneys could be good and screwed, and we're alright with that."

At large:  July 14 some dork in a truck killed 84 white people in Nice, France, 
and the MSM went apoplectic with rage.  July 19 France kills 85 civilians 
during attacks in Syria and the story was buried on page A-16. 

Coalitions of white, western countries have been butchering Muslims in the Middle East by the tens and hundreds of thousands since the early 1990's, so all of this angst about white people being killed in terror attacks is growing a bit thin. Perhaps the white people in these places should should care more about what their governments are doing to other peoples and, specifically, demand that their governments stop waging war against innocent Muslims in the Middle East.

Canberra, Australia:  Aussie fascism dpes a 2-fer. 

1. "Liberal" Aussie PM promises indefinite detention which is imprisonment without charges or proof of a crime, following USA Gitmo example, which is modeled on Yisraeli fascism. 

2.  Aussies torturing Aboriginal children as young as 10 with tear gas, shackles, being stripped according to ABC video, which has been deleted.  Guardian  Australia's Northern Territory a hell-hole, and not just because of the salt-water crocs. 

Washington, D.C.:  Dick move: Obama quietly drops transgender bomb on military 

Americans' tax money now paying for gender "reassignment"  -- 180 days of service and you get $100,000 worth of dick/vagina-swap surgery.  That's one way to boost enlistments.

Klinger unavailable for comment. 

Madison, WI:  Kiddie-mugshots your worst nightmares are made of 

Creepy 12-year olds Anissa Weier and Morgan Gyser who stabbed their friend as a "sacrifice" to "Slender Man" are one step closer to facing not-so-slender adult time (65 years) for 1st degree attempted homicide.  The biggest question is: Who is sicker, these girls or Eric Knudsen the psycho-puppy who created "Slender Man." 

Wash, D.C.:  Gary Condit breaks out in a cold sweat . . . again 

Ingmar Guandique, who has been serving time for the murder of federal intern Chandra Levy in 2001, is to be released because of a botched prosecution by former prosecutor Glenn Ivy. Prosecutors now decline to retry Guandique because they can no longer prove a case against him as a result of "recent unforeseen developments." 

This suggests to me that that to mean creepy, married, ex-congressman Gary Condit, Levy's congressman and lover, will start to feel the heat once more. More than half of Americans in one poll taken while Levy was missing responded that Condit was acting as if he were guilty -- after all he lied to the cops about his affair with Levy and refused to take a polygraph. I, personally, was of the opinion that the cops should have looked for the girl's head in his freezer. Levy's body was found in a D.C. park, so I was definitely wrong about the freezer. After 10 years in office, the voters of California kicked Condit out at the next opportunity, probably having opinions similar to mine.

When Guandique was convicted, Condit's lawyer Bert Fields called it a "complete vindication" of Condit.  Now . . . maybe not so much. 

Toronto, Ontario:  City cop James Forcillo fills 18-yo kid full of lead, 
killing him. Forcillo is convicted of . . . ATTEMPTED murder. 
O, Canada . . . 

"90-page report, which includes 22 recommendations on improving police conduct, concludes that police brutality occurs not because officers arenít following their training, but because they are following it."  Now that is fucking frightening because Canadian cops are, like US cops, being sent to Yisrael to learn how to shoot (only) to kill. Here 

In related news: Jul27 video from Jerusalem shows GoY soldiers killing their own captain by friendly-fire. This is what passes for "well trained" in Yisrael. These stupid iJews will never learn; they just blast away at anything that moves.  And GoY has the chutzpah to train cops from other countries??? Fortunately the Palestinian they were shooting at survived, but he's not likely to survive for very long in GoY custody. 

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.