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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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News (that) Bites
from Around the World


Logophere's under-reported news stories for
the week of Aug 20-26, 2016

Washington, DC:   Michael Morell ex-CIA interim Director and 
war-mongering moran sucks up to Hil 

Morell is one of those dip-shit spooks who want regime change the good ole' CIA way -- by murdering Assad and Putin and others who oppose the US.  Not often are these put-a-bullet-between-their-eyes ghouls stupid enough to actually come out of the closet and moon the civilized world. This guy is a gem.  Thanks, Charlie Rose, for exposing him.  

Ankara, Turkey . . . or maybe Athens, Greece. Who the hell knows? That's the story:  
Remember that coup attempt in Turkey? It ain't over yet. 

Fourteen ships are missing from the Turkish Navy, along with 2 helicopters and 25 special forces dudes. Commander of Turkish Navy also missing.  There may be a connection here, Watson. 

Greeks say "We ain't seen nuthin'; we ain't sayin' nuthin'." 

Not even Geo. W. Bush was stupid enough to lose 14 naval ships.  

NY, NY:  Remember Aleksandr Poteyev?  Me either, but 
there are reports Putin finally got him. 

Russian news services claim Poteyev, who outed Russian spy "Ana Chapman" is dead, along with everybody else who ever crossed Putin, according to the latest in the endless anti-Putin NYT reporting. 

In related -- or at least similar -- newsShawn Lucas, 38, the guy who served Bernie Sanders' federal lawsuit on Schultz and the DNC, has been found dead on his bathroom floor by his girlfriend. Cause unknown, or if it is known the coroner ain't saying, probably until after the election. 

Although there has been no MSM coverage of this guy's suspicious death, the video of Lucas tagging the DNC with the papers has quickly gone from practically nil to 476,00 hits, as of today.  

News related to the related news: DailyMail reports shocking revelations -- OK, not so shocking and not particularly revelatory -- that Hil is a vicious, abusive bitch who pushed Vince Foster to suicide, and that someone is stealing documents from the National Archives pertaining to her role in Foster's suicide. We all know how adroit Hil is at making inconvenient documents disappear.

Rio, Brazil:  The lesson from Rio: find a way to keep Russia out 
and you can really clean up on medals 

All of the bullshit self-congratulations by US and UK, and no mention that the reason they took all of those medals was because they were able to ice half of Russian athletes out of the games.  Somebody needs to say it. 

London, UK:  Toxic Satmar Orthodox rabbis ban 
girls from acquiring university education 

Toxic Satmar Jews are able to hold young women in "isolationist enclave[s]." by keeping them uneducated, stupid, and financially dependent.  

Why does everybody get so heated about Sharia law when Jewish Talmudic bullshit is already established in places like New York and England and is just as bad, or worse?

At large:  Ron Paul Institute makes the case for how fucking crazy it is for 
US to threaten Syria for carrying out military operations inside Syria 

US is operating illegally in Syria under both US and international law with ground troops supporting Syrian Kurds who are trying to bring down Assad. And yet this moron Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend threatens Syria for protecting itself. 

Will someone tell our great constitutional scholar and Commander-in-Chief that the Constitution does not give him the power to wage wars in foreign countries without the consent of Congress.

Washington, D.C.:  Ya' don't say . . . FBI now says it has 15,000 
MORE Hillary Emails that were not previously disclosed 

Of course, it's now too late for the State Dept. to analyze them and make them public before the election.  As the Plain Dealer's Kevin O'Brien (no relation) describes Clinton's strategy: "Deny. Dissemble. Delay. Dismiss."  And so it goes . . .

Related news: Washington Times and other conservative sources are reporting that Loretta Lynch blocked FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

Denver, CO:  Kansas cops stop dude because he's got Colorado tags. 
10th Circuit Court of Appeals says "WTF?" 

Dickhead Kansas state cop, Dick Jimerson, loses his second trip to the federal appellate court on an instant-replay Section 1983 violation of civil rights case. Some cops are just too stupid to get it.

Here's the Opinion  . . . worth reading to know what your rights are when you are fucked with by nincompoop cops.

Miami, FL . . . or somewhere:  Guardian outs Steve Bannon, Trump 
campaign chief, and his ex for false voter registrations 

We don't know where the hell Bannon lives, but it almost certainly isn't the abandoned house he claims in his voter registration -- and probably never has been.  That's a 3rd degree felony, Stevie -- 5 yrs and $5000.

His ex-wife, Diane Clohesy, is registered as living at --- wait for it . . . . the freaking elections supervisor's office. 

Broward County, apparently, doesn't have a clue.  Never has had a clue when it comes to elections. 

Wilmington, NC; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Helena, AR:  A tail of three dumb-ass cops, two of whom were drunk and one of whom is dangerous enough to shoot himself in the foot 

1.  Wilmington cop Christian McCarty gets legless so he calls 911 for a ride home. Normal legless folks in Wilmington don't have that option, much less normal black legless folks, but McCarty's ride promptly arrived and took him home safely. Sleep tight, Christian, during your 20 days without pay. No news on the cop who acted as chauffer.  WECT

2.  Ft. Lauderdale cop David Knapp gets drunk at a wedding and beats up on Ritz-Carlton security guy while holding his infant child. Fortunately, Knapp dropped his sidearm and not the kid.  He was probably too drunk to know which was which.  Assault charges for Knapp?  Child endangerment?  Ha, ha, ha, . . . this is a cop, dude. SunSentinel 

3. Moron Helena cop, Larry Jones, tries to attach a "tactical light" to his loaded Glock and shoots himself in the foot, then -- you guessed it -- he sues Glock.  $75,000.  Arkansas . Cop. It all adds up .

Indianapolis, IN:  Trigger-happy Indy cop asks homeowner "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Carl Williams, a black homeowner and ex-military cop, was shot in the groin by an Indy cop, Christopher Mills, who was responding to Williams' own 911 call reporting a robbery at his house.

As per police union rules, Mills is off on paid vacation for shooting the black man. The euphemism is "administrative leave."  This is getting to be one sick country, dude, largely because of cop unions. 

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.