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~ Aug29|2016 ~

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Yep, it's Monday, so Anthony Weiner must be flashing his junk

The NY Post was first in on this story, presumably because they're the ones that have been paying the Trump-tart to troll Weiner and send them the photos and messages. The woman is so far unidentified except that she's a Trump supporter who, according to the Post, "baited" Weiner into sexting.  So who is the victim here?

It boggles the mind that any human can be so frickin' stupid as this guy.  Just boggles the mind.  But then again, there's Bill Clinton, eh? These stupid Democrats walk right into these Republican zipper-traps. And the stupidest thing of all is that Americans are going to put Clinton and his loose zipper back in the White House.

Boggles the mind. 

Huma's making a noisy exit already.  NYT  After all, it's an election year and everybody's got to be decisive.

Daily Fail douche-bags really botched this one, blame it on AP 

In an article this morning (Monday, Aug29) the Daily Mail has dire warnings about Hurricane Gaston barreling toward the East Coast. Apparently these British twits think they looking at data about Gaston when, in fact, they are reporting on some weird combination of  Gaston and two tropical depressions called Tropical Depressions #8 and #9 by the Hurricane Center.  Hereís how badly the DM has scrambled it:

The DM lede: 

To anyone who knows anything about the geography of America, it would seem very odd that a warning of a hurricane barreling toward the East Coast would have been issued for NC and FL without including GA and SC, which are in between FL and NC. The DM stooges apparently donít know that.

Weather guy Jason Samenow of the WaPo also saw some weirdness here and has ripped into the DM. Samenow explains that there is no "tropical storm warning" in effect and Gaston is nowhere near the "Florida Straits". But even Samenow botches it Ė whereas the DM says Gaston "barrels toward the coast," it is actually moving away from the coast, yet Samenow neglects to tell us that important information. IOW contrary to the DM hysteria, Gaston is a dud that is no danger to the US and is not news to much of anyone.

Here are it's predicted track and data:


According to the Hurricane Center on Monday morning, Gaston is well out in the Atlantic and moving N at 2 mph, with max sustained winds of 110 mph. It is predicted to turn NE.  It is definitely not moving west and itís historical track shows that it never has.

But the DM bullspit gets worse:

Total hyperbolic bullspit.  

Without having identified any separate storms or depressions, the DM goofs are telling us "the depression" is going to move away from the Keys and into the Gulf overnight (Monday). How does a storm that they think is off the coast of NC move away from the Keys and into the Gulf? But next the DM dimwits say Gaston is going to pass offshore of the Outer Banks on Tuesday. WTF???

Samenow, the self-acclaimed weather guy for the WaPo, misses all of these DM dog piles, which throws some obvious shadow on him.

According to the Hurricane Center, all of you DM readers on the East Coast can calm down. The actual situation is as follows:

1. Gaston is well into the Atlantic heading N and soon NE; it is not threatening anything in the US.

2. A tropical storm watch is in effect for Tropical Depression #8 for part of the NC coast.  TD #8 is off the coast of NC and headed NW toward the Outer Banks, where it is going to soak the area and will have wind gusts of no more than about 40 mph.

3. Tropical Depression #9, which did form near the Florida Straits, is well into the Gulf  and is headed west. On Wednesday it is predicted to turn to the NE and pass over northern FL and coastal GA, SC, and NC. Wind speeds less than 40mph, no watches/warnings.

The really odd thing is that the DM morons attribute their botched weather report to Associated Press, but I cannot find anything by AP that comes anywhere close to this mess. DM often takes AP articles and butchers them, which surprises me. One would think APís contract with news outlets would prohibit that sort of nonsense. I mean, in this case DM sure makes AP look like dorks Ė surely AP would know that GA and SC are between FL and NC..



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