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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Getting to the guts of the matter


Hillary's 9/11 fainting drama: What's with the shades?


Stevie Wonder or side of beef?

A week after her Labor Day speech coughing fit, Hillary's symptoms make the headlines again. This ain't good. The right-wing MSM have long noticed how light HRC's schedule has been this campaign, and I noted earlier that in July she only had 6 events scheduled prior to the convention. So she doesn't look like a "strong candidate" from the perspective of participation in the fight. And the worst is still to come. 

Even the left-wing MSM has moaned because of the scarcity of appearances before the press. Compared to Trump she has been a virtual no-show. And so, like it or not, Hil's health is an issue that needs to be right out in front as the election draws near. Any sign that she is not well and hiding something is important. America will not get a strong president if it elects an invalid.

For the foregoing reasons, here is a bullet list of some of the issues that don't seem to have yet been addressed by today's incident in which HRC left the 9/11 memorial ceremony, nearly fainted getting into her vehicle, and was whisked away.

  • Timeline 

There is a lot of confusion in what should be a simple timeline.

According to WaPo, Hil arrived at the ceremony at 8:18am and left at 9:30am. However Zdenek Gazda's now famous Twitter vid of Hil nearly hitting the ground is time-stamped 8:31am. Maybe Twitter-time is CDT or Gazda's account is on CDT. (?)

But a DM article by Wills Robinson and Nikki Schwab throws doubt on the 8:18am - 9:30am scenario, too. Like other outlets, DM reports that Hil's press pool was not advised of her early departure for 90 minutes. But then they state that shortly after 9:30am a pool reporter notified the rest of the press that Hil had "disappeared." These two statements taken together suggest Hil left the ceremony soon after she got there, which is consistent with the time-stamp on the Gazda tweet.

Hil's own people claim she was there an hour and a half, which is an over-statement any way you look at it.

At some point someone is going to have to square these disparate accounts, which should be easy to do, what with so many neutral people around seeing her come and go. 

  •  "Overheated"

But let's give Hil's handlers the benefit of doubt even though there is no reason in their history to do that.  We'll assume she was on her feet about an hour and a half. One would think that a "strong president" should be able to stand on his/her feet for at least 3 hours, if not all day. Bet Lincoln could; FDR . . . maybe not. By comparison, I'm a physical disaster the same age as Hil and yet I can walk a golf course for 3 hours in at least 80 degrees F. So in this respect, I am, apparently, more qualified for the office than she is. 

WunderGround says the temp at Ground Zero was 27 degrees C. (80 F.) when HRC made her exit.  That's warm, but the videos show a pretty good breeze in the area, and at that time of day Manhattan is mostly shadows, which is apparent in the vids. Finally, the vids do not show sweating, suffering, New Yorkers with their ties loosened and shirt collars open, like Columbo used to look.  

So what I'm saying is that this situation is nowhere near as hot as the proverbial "kitchen," and yet she can't take the heat regardless of what the physiological/pathological issues may be.  At least that's the way I'd pitch it if I was Trump.  

  • "Pneumonia" 

Hours after the incident, reports are now popping up that HRC's personal physician, Lisa R. Bardack, has examined her and says that on Friday "during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough" HRC was diagnosed with pneumonia and was advised to rest. 

The statement is preposterous because it tries to tie pneumonia to the prolonged cough, which Bardack says was due to "allergies."  Pnemumonia is a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs/airways; allergies are immune responses to foreign molecules. There is no connection. One does not contract pneumonia from an allergy.

HRC does not appear to be coughing nor is she in any evident respiratory distress at the 9/11 ceremony or after leaving Chelsea's apartment. She certainly does not look like a person suffering from some sort of summertime pneumonia.

Knowing Hil like we do, ya' gotta' wonder. I mean in 2012 when she started wearing the shades everywhere we were told she fell and knocked her head because of a "stomach virus." Now it's pneumonia. Even if the gullible among us are willing to believe these stories, ya' still gotta' wonder why this person keeps falling down. And if a person is this susceptible to infections, should they really be the decider-in-chief? If the phone rings at 3am, will she even be able to reach over and pick it up?   

  • Sunglasses

It's the shades that worry me the most.  As noted above, the vids of this incident show clearly that if the sun was shining it was blocked by the skyscrapers. There are no sharp shadows anywhere and no one except Hil is wearing sunglasses.  No one.  Not even her SS agents, who always wear them. But Hil sticks out like Stevie Wonder at midnight in her extra-dark sunglasses. This suggests some sort of pathology. Has she developed photophobia? Are the sunglasses corrective Fresnel lens like she was wearing in 2012?

Of course, Hil is no stranger to sunglasses, famously tricked out in them in 2011 inside a military plane enroute to Libya, staring at her BlackBerry. 

After the 2012 stomach virus/concussion incident, she ditched the contact lens and went to heavy-duty glasses that appeared to be corrective. Indeed, Dr. Marc Werner explained to FOX that the heavy duty glasses were needed to correct double vision. Apparently, she had a blood clot behind her right ear which skewed her visual apparatus by raising intercranial pressure, thus necessitating the Fresnel lens. But without seeing the scans, Werner had to hedge his diagnosis -- could be anything from myasthenia gravis to multiple sclerosis, he said. 

That's why the recurring Stevie Wonder routine is a little bit scary to me.  And I love Stevie Wonder...

  • Where are Bill and Chelsea?

It is really hard to keep from wondering -- what with this being a memorial service for 3000 Americans killed on 9/11 and who knows how many dying from being poisoned by the fumes and dust -- where was the Clinton family?

Here's Mom paying homage to dead Americans on what is an almost sacred day, and a 15th anniversary at that, and Pop and the Kid are nowhere to be seen. If I were a campaign manager, I would want to exploit this opportunity to the hilt, and that would mean endless photos of the whole past/future? First Family at the ceremony, looking sad but united. After all, Chelsea lives just around the corner; surely she could pay her respects. 

And it's also kinda' weird that no one was there to be sure Hil got in the vehicle OK when she left Chelsea's. If it were my mom leaving my house after a scare, I'd sure see that she was OK up on her feet and that she got in the vehicle. 

IOW, it's not the sort of family dynamic I would have expected. But then again, my mom never ran for president. She also wasn't all that hot on Stevie Wonder. 

  • Where was HuffPo?

Finally, I gotta' throw a punch at the Huffington Post, Hil's personal online propaganda outlet. 

When this story broke about 6:30am PDT, most of the press was all over it as soon as the tweeted vid hit the internet. Both RT and The Daily Mail had full-on stories before I had brushed my teeth.  But HuffPo had nothing.  Zilch. 

After a couple hours (11:22am) they finally put up a weak headline about half way down their front page. It only said Hil left early.  It wasn't until Hil left Chelsea's apartment that the HuffPo up-graded the story and placed it second from the top of the front page.  But it still wasn't even a headline, just a photo caption.

It's now about 12 hours after the story broke and HuffPo has a full-blown headline in all caps: DOC: PNEUMONIA -- same story with updates, new headline. The writer, Christina Wilkie, virtually hides the main point that Hil had to be lifted into the vehicle, whereas, by comparison, The Daily Beast made a point of it, quoting one cop as saying Hil was thrown into a van "like she was a side of beef," an obviously politically incorrect and insensitive slam of our bovine friends, who are neither deplorable nor have anything to do with this election.


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