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~ Sep15|2016 ~

  Short-Shots and Follow-ups

A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused.

 St. Lawrence County, NY is going to Hell 
in a hand-basket of deplorables
This is what happens when racist whites elect a DA to lynch 
one of the few black people in the county

The prosecutorial misconduct website The Open File is all over this disgusting case in upstate NY about St. Lawrence County's DA Mary Rain and her rolling jihad against Nick Hillary, one of the few black guys in the county. Here are some of her problems:

  • One judge has field misconduct charges against her, 

  • Her assistant DAs are jumping ship like rats fleeing the Titanic, 

  • The FBI is investigating her operation,

  • She won her election on implied promises to convict one of the few black guys in town of murdering a white kid and once she got elected she had a person who was not even a lawyer present the case to a grand jury,

  • She has ignored one suspect, a deputy sheriff named John E. Jones, who had been accused by the victim's mother of threatening the kid and who was seen near the kid shortly before the murder, 

  • County legislators passed a "no confidence" resolution 11-3 and asked the state legislature to decide whether to boot Rain out of office,

  • She has threatened political opponents with a trip to the grand jury.

More on the story here  here  here here here . It's a nasty, nasty case, but that's now what I came here to tell you about.

What I want to tell you about is why we shouldn't be throwing shadow on this nice lady, Mary Rain.  With accusations flying every which way of her being a lying, sexist, unethical, lawyer trying to lynch an innocent black guy . . . well, I just want to stick up for the poor dear. Someone has to.  

Here are a few of my personal favorite recent photos of her I've found of her on the internet:

2014 -- Syracuse.com       2015 -- ncpr

undated -- Hall of Shame 

 And here is her official photo as shown on the St. Lawrence County official website:

And so I ask . . . is there any reason to think that this lady would lie?  

I mean, WTF?  The "official" photo itself is a lie. It was apparently not even taken while Rain has been in office and so it is not a photo of the DA, it's a photo of a person who would later become DA.  And the reason I say that is that the photographic evidence clearly proves that she was fat when she was seeking election in 2013. . .


This is Rain running for election with the dead boy's mother by her side.

All I can say is that if the DA prosecuting this case is a liar, then everybody, including the jury, needs to take that into account when deciding who killed this boy.



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