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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Getting to the guts of the matter


Who is Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., and why is he such a dick?
Two inmates have been killed by denying them water in this nematode's jail

David A. Clarke, Jr. speaking at the RNC

The first time David A. Clarke, Jr. popped up on the LogoPhere radar was back in May|2014 when one of his loser deputies, Joseph Quiles, ran a stop sign and t-boned an innocent and stone-sober young woman named Tanya Weyker, fracturing her neck. Then another of Clarke's loser deputies, Scott Griffin, went to the hospital and  busted Weyker for DUI in an attempt to cover up the truth. This was the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) and David Clarke was, and is, the sheriff. Clarke almost certainly condoned, if not participated in, the outrageous prosecution of Weyker and the cover-up that lasted almost a year. Eventually, the local FOX station exposed the cover-up by publishing a video the cops had hidden from the public that shows Quiles blowing through a stop sign. 

Now Clarke and the MCSO is in the national news again. In April, 2016 Terrill Thomas, a 38 yo mentally ill black man, died of thirst while in the MCSO's custody. The screws in the jail had cut off the drinking water to the cell in which he was being held in solitary. According to another inmate, Thomas had been begging for water for days before he went silent. The medical examiner has just told the public  that Thomas' death was a homicide. 

The scary part is that Thomas wasn't the first inmate to die of thirst in Clarke's jail. We need to have a closer look at this celebrated Sheriff Clarke, buddy of Donald Trump.  

Who is David A. Clarke, Jr.? 

  • A black dude born into one of 2 black families in a Milwaukee cracker-suburb.

  • Joined Milwaukee PD at age 21 and rose through the ranks, "earning a reputation as being loud and flashy," according to the LA Times.  

  • In 2002 governor appointed him interim sheriff of MCSO. He's been re-elected 4x since.  

    In Milwaukee, the sheriff's office has jurisdiction of the mostly white suburbs while the police department has jurisdiction of the mostly black inner city. So it's the suburban crackers who keep electing this black Naziesque cop who rides around on his white horse wearing a white cowboy hat. It don't get more bizarre that that.  The Milwaukee police chief, OTOH, is a white liberal from Massachusetts. Needless to say, the two don't get along.

  • Although registered as a Democrat and running on the Democratic ticket in a Democratic county, Clarke is a favorite of FOX News and was a much aggrandized speaker at the RNC this year, wearing a bunch of kitsch "medals" to make him look like some sort of war hero.  I see no evidence that this great, self-proclaimed patriot ever served in his country's military.  But then again, most of them don't.  

Why this dick sheriff needs to be relieved of duty, if not locked up

  • One writer recounting Thomas' death referred to Clarke's Milwaukee county jail as Abu Ghraib , which has gotta' tell you something.  And the reason I mention it is that Terrill Thomas isn't the only inmate to have died of thirst while incarcerated in Clarke's jail.   

In 2011 Antonio Cowser, who was busted on a traffic violation, died under almost identical circumstances. And yet the fine citizens of Milwaukee County returned Clarke to office.  Apparently, crackers who wear cheese on their heads -- cheese-crackers -- are too f'king stupid to have thrown Clarke out the first time his screws forced an inmate to die of thirst. And apparently, the cheese-crackers idiots are too stupid to see that it's their tax money that pays off the settlements and court awards to the victims of Clarke and his moron deputies and screws.  

  • By 2013 the people who run the county had had enough of Clarke and started restricting what the sheriff can actually do.  For instance, they removed Clarke as administrator of the Milwaukee House of Corrections. Clarke sued in retaliation, lost, and has appealed.  Journal Sentinel 

  • That was not the first time Clarke has sued his own county. According to an Apr|16 report by the Wisconsin Gazette  published after a federal court tossed the latest of Clarke's suits against the county, the rogue cop has cost the county over $400,000 in legal costs. 

It looks to me like some sort of police union scam that when Clarke sues the county, the county tax payer has to pay Clarke's lawyers' fees, even when he loses.  Nice work if you can get it.  The lawyer can just keep filing bogus suits and getting paid by his victims, the taxpayers, when he loses. Somebody should ask this scum-bag cop during one of his right-wing-nut radio appearances: How many teachers would $400,000 pay for?

  •  When Clarke's cops screwed with Tayna Weyker not knowing there was a video to prove they are liars, the county ended up paying Weyker, her lawyers, her doctors -- the total bill was hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the county's insurance paid off a good portion of that related to the accident and resulting surgery, one can just imagine how the insurance premium must have gone through the roof.  

  • On Aug28|16 38-yo Kristina Fiebrink died four days after being booked into Clarke's jail.  The sheriff's office says "cause of death unknown."  And don't wait up for an investigation seein' how six month's after Thomas' homicide at the hands of Clarke's screws there is still no internal investigation and, according to the sheriff's office, there won't be until all external investigations and law suits are completed. Obviously this prick doesn't want an internal investigation to generate any information that could be discovered during litigation. 

Some sources

  • "Cops dehydrate mentally ill man [Thomas] to death as he begged for water in solitary confinement Free Thought Project 

  •  Sheriff IDs inmate [Cowser] who died at Milwaukee Co. jail 

  • Sheriff David Clarke, D.C. Cops -- A Slice of American "Law Enforcement"  MalContends

  • Wiki on Clarke


Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
denis [at-sign] logophere [full stop] com


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