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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


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LogoPhere's Exclusive Hump-election Coverage
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election coverage sure to have you scratchin' your head. 

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The only up-side to this election I can see is that
no matter who loses, it'll be someone I absolutely despise.
--- Denis O'Brien

September 25, 2016

No, not the Bilton felliators -- put Paula Jones on the front row 
of the Hump debate to remind Americans what a moral vacuum 
will fill the WH if Clintons return 
Or drag a $100 bill across the stage and watch James Carville 
chase it on his hands and knees.


As I was sitting in the bathtub contemplating why Bilton-felliator Gennifer Flowers, but not world-renowned Bilton-felliator Monica Lewinsky, should get a front row seat at tomorrow night's Hump debate, it occurred to me that the honor of being paraded before a national audience should go to Paula Jones, who is one of my idols and a national icon of morality. Seriously.  

Without Jones Bilton would never have been impeached.  It was Jones, after all, who had the opportunity to advance her career within the Arkansas state government when then-governor Bilton came to her hotel room and demanded sex. But Jones not only had the prinicpiles to tell him to go get f'd (presumably by someone other than herself), she also had the temerity to sue the pants off of him, literally.  And what Monica did once the pants were off is now history. 

What better person than Jones could the Republicans call on to remind Americans what a moral-vacuum will fill the White House if Hilton and Bilton return to it? Oh, yeah, I know what you're going to say:  Hilton was just a poor, trusting wife victimized by a pervert husband, like Huma Abedin.  If you believe that, you should be certified by the Elections Committee as too incompetent to vote. 

Of course, all of this tweeted BS about who's getting a front-row seat is just more of DTDuck's hucksterism to get the viewer numbers up.  My suggestion is that if these people want to completely vaporize any last hint of decorum at this thing, they should pull a $100 bill across the stage and watch James Carville get down on his hands and knees and chase it. 

Just a suggestion . . . . anything to help.   


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