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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?


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The only up-side to this election I can see is that
no matter who loses, it'll be someone I absolutely despise.
--- Denis O'Brien

September 29, 2016

Not even October yet and already 
we have October IED #1
The Democrats know how to do October Surprises like nobody else, 
and so we expected them to kick off the bare-knuckle season. 

Blows it. 


When you are as big an ass as DTDuck (or Hilton, for that matter), you're bound to leave an army of disgruntled, venomous, vengeful former employees buried in the sand like so many IEDs waiting for the right moment to go off.  That is the essence of the bare-knuckle final month of a presidential campaign.  Well, the first IED went off today. 

Newsweek's latest cover-story by Kurt Eichenwald is such a piece of idiocy only desperate Democrats could have come up with it.  And in fact, pixels had hardly lit up on computer screens all around the world when Hilton's people jumped on it, indicating they had their copy all ready and waiting. [As of this time, none of the links to the Newsweek story are working. Looks like the page may have been taken down. Here's a pro-Hilton Politico summary of the Newsweek story.]

The problem is that the Newsweek article is so twisted it is next to impossible to separate accusations of a crime from irrelevant garbage.  What they want you to think is that in 1998 DTDuck, through some intermediaries, invested $68,000 in Cuba at a time it was illegal to do so.  

But read it carefully.  What actually happened was that DTDuck's people paid a consulting firm named Seven Arrows $68,000 to go to Cuba and discuss potential business deals with Cuban bankers and government officials with the intention of being in position to move quickly if and when the USG lifted the embargo/sanctions on Cuba. Paying Cuba $68,000 is whole lot different than paying consultants to go to Cuba, although it is not possible to sort through the legalities because Newsweek doesn't identify the federal laws that they allege were broken. 

Politico links to a GAO report dated December, 1998 that tells us that in March 1998 President Bilton restored charter flights between US and Cuba for authorized US travelers.  But the Newsweek article ignores this.  It doesn't say a word about whether the consultants who traveled to Cuba for DTDuck in 1998 were authorized to do so under the new rules. The GAO report also notes that only 10 travel cases were prosecuted in 6 years due to difficulties in proving intent.  

It appears the forbidden activity implicitly alleged by Newsweek was spending money in Cuba, but Newsweek does not even allege what, if any money, was spent in Cuba. Besides once Bilton gave the OK for certain persons to travel to Cuba, spending money there would have had to be a part of that change in the regulations. Also forbidden by US Dept Treasury regulations was engaging in "financial transactions."  But feeling out Cuban banks on post-embargo opportunities could hardly be considered a financial transaction.

Here's where Eichenwald is tripping all over himself and pissing on his own story. This paragraph was obviously added after his article first appeared:

Following the publication of this article on, Kellyanne Conway, DTDuck's campaign manager, was asked about the allegations on the television program The View. She replied that, “They paid money, as I understand, in 1998,” but went on to say that Trump had never invested in the Caribbean nation. In that statement, Conway has acknowledged that Trump broke the law. Paying the money for the business trip and meetings in Cuba – regardless of whether it resulted in an additional investment or casino deal – would directly violate the law.

He has completely twisted Conway's statement.  She did not say DTDuck paid any money to Cuba, but that "they paid money."  Well, yes, and invoice shows that they paid money to Seven Arrows. Nor is that an admission than anyone broke the law, particularly after Bilton loosened travel regulations in March 1998. Eichenwald would have you believe that after Bilton loosened up on the embargo, US citizens could travel to Cuba but they couldn't spend any money there.  Apparently all the could do was sit in the airport and smell the cigar smoke until boarding a return flight.

Moreover, DTDuck getting in a position to move into Cuba once the US lifted its idiot embargo was not something that strikes me as nearly as damaging to the US as Hilton's unsecured Email servers holding classified correspondence. 

Jake Sullivan, Hilton's senior campaign "advisor" and a very major player in the Email debacle, told the press that "Trump's business with Cuba appears to have broken the law . . ."  What a crock of horsespit. There is no allegation in the Newsweek article of DTDuck doing business with anyone.  Sending someone to Cuba to test the water for investment once investment becomes legal is not doing "business." 

But DTDuck has pretty well pissed off the entire MSM, and so this sort of rough "reporting" is not unexpected.  There will surely be more. But if I were to venture to speculate on this "October surprise," I would guess that Newsweek and the Hilton minions have shot themselves in the collective ass.  My guess is that the DTDuck people will make mincemeat out of them all over this. Of course, a lie circles the earth ten times before the truth can boot its browser, so this will take a day or two to sort out.   


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