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The only up-side to this election I can see is that
no matter who loses, it'll be someone I absolutely despise.
--- Denis O'Brien

October 3, 2016
2pm PDT

Oh, Hilton, let me look into your eyes.  No, dear . . .  both of them.

Does Hilton have intermittent strabismus?

I'm lookin' at you . . . and you . . . and you . . . 


The screen grab above is from a YT of a speech Hilton gave at Temple University in September.  It catches a fleeting instant where her eyes were slightly but noticeably misaligned. If you watch the vid, you will see a number of such instances, and the one above is by no means the most evident.  Strabismus, aka misalignment of the eyes, can be very subtle and often requires a trained specialist to catch it, but not these cases of Hilton.

I say "these cases" because I downloaded the first Hump debate and waded back through it watching for instances of misalignment of Hilton's eyes, and I found quite a few, but they were by no means frequent or prevalent.  I believe "intermittent strabismus" is the term.  I didn't see any in Trump.

Of course, after the Temple vid and the online discussion, I was not surprised to find more instances.  In fact, I have already posted on the oddity of Hilton being the only one around who is wearing sunglasses when the sun is not out, like the 9/11 memorial ceremony last month. And you know, what with her keeping such a minimal profile with the press, you can't help but wonder if she's hiding something that would be visible to the cameras. 

But what did surprise me is that at Temple her strabismus was noticeable only when she rotated her eyes to her right, but in the debate the strabismus was noticeable only when she rotated her eyes to her left.  Perhaps I shouldn't say "noticeable only" because it is a hard thing to catch even staring right at a person and I could have missed something.

Nevertheless, this switching may be diagnostic.  Some people speculated after the Temple speech that she may have a blood clot pressing against the VI cranial nerve controlling her left eye.  But if the strabismus is itinerant, that explanation likely wouldn't hold. Is there a doctor in the house?

Here is a sampling from the debate.  I'll let you decide for yourself whether you see a problem. The time-marks are taken from this YT. Die hard Democrats probably won't see a problem. Objective Democrats might and Republicans certainly will. Ophthalmologists? . . . I don't know. 

One thing is for sure: she has beautiful and expressive eyes . . . I mean for an Attila the Hun protégé.  And certainly compared to beady-eyed DTDuck.


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