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Short-shots & Follow-ups

~ Oct05|2016 ~


A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused.


It's a US presidential election year, time for GoY to pound the piss out of Gaza again

Gaza, Palestine:  It's now clear that Government of Yisrael pulled all of the iJews out of Gaza in 2005 so that when GoY leveled the place iJews wouldn't be among those butchered. But what's with choosing US presidential election years for spikes in their rolling program of Palestinian genocide? 

Operations Forward Shield & Rainbow (2004): 75 Gazans, 0 iJews killed

Operation Cast Lead (2008): 1400 Gazans, 13 iJews killed. 

Operation Pillar of Cloud (2012): 100 Gazans, 2 iJews killed

Operation Here We Go Again (2016) is just now getting off to a slow start today 


Lorain, Ohio pig asks Pele Smith: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?!?!?

Lorain, Ohio:  Video has been released of a 2014 incident where a Lorain, OH pig, who is yet to be identified, is caught on his own dashcam smashing Pele Smith's face into the windshield so hard it shatters.  YT  Why was Smith stopped?  Jay-walking.  What color is Smith?  What color is the cop?  Let's just say if you're in America and you have to ask, you've been unconscious for the lasts 300 years.  DM   

Update: Smith files federal law suit alleging cop-brutality. Cops: "Police maintain the officer intended to place Smith on the hood of the car and did not intend to slam him into the windshield. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing." Only a cracker cop could look at that vid and conclude that it was an accident and that the pig did nothing wrong.  FOX 


Black ankles matter, too

NYC:  Clumsy-ass Dominique Sharpton, who is Al Sharpton's daughter, claims she stepped in pot hole in NYC and now wants $5 million. Never mind that the same night she went out partying. Eventually she talked to Pappa and filed a lawsuit against the city.  But she wasn't injured so badly she couldn't dance in high-heels and climb a mountain in Bali. During a deposition she included in her list of what she wants to be compensated for the fact that now she can't run marathons.  The lawyer for the city asked if she ever ran a marathon.  No, but you never know . . . And as for climbing the mountain she whined, "I was in so much pain climbing that mountain."  Link 

Poor ole' Dominique, this is her second personal injury suit in three years.  These nuisance suits could be habit-forming. Put the phone down and watch where you're walking, you dolt.


BOLI: if you are a bank-worker, just hope you don't have this

Wall St.:  Last week I read this excellent article at Wall Street on Parade about creepy bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) policies, a new big-bank fad where major banks invest tens of millions of dollars in life insurance policies on their employees -- not just their execs, but lower-level employees. The employee dies; the bank collects a million dollars. This was only one aspect of the article. The major topic was how young bank employees are dying off at amazing rates.  I'll give you a second to put the two issues together and get appropriately creeped-out.

Then, talk about creeped out, a couple days later, this CNN report on the mysterious death of 2 sisters, Ann and Robin Korkki, in the Seychelles caught my eye.  Ann Korkii was a JPMorgan employee and Robin was a foreign exchange trader for Chicago firm Allston.  CNN didn't make the connection, but Pam and Russ Martens at WSOP sure did. They inventoried numerous recent cases of young JPMorgan employees dying violently and mysteriously.  

  • Dec|2013 ~ John Alan Salais, 34, JPMorgan IT employee, sudden heart attack 

  • Jan|2014 ~ Gabriel Magee, 39, JPMorgan VP, alleged suicide jumping off of a JPMorgan building

  • Feb|2014 ~ Dennis Li, 33, JPMorgan investment banker, alleged suicide jumping off JPMorgan building

  • Feb|2014 ~ Ryan Crane, 37, JPMorgan ExDir, died at home, alleged "alcohol toxicity"

  • Mar|2014 ~ Kenneth Bellando, 28, JPMorgan analyst, alleged suicide jumping off a building

  • May|2014 ~ Thomas James Schenkman, 42, JPMorgan managing dir., coronary artery disease

  • Jul|2014 ~ Julian Knott, 45, JPMorgan tech executive, murder-suicide, wife Alita was 47

  • Feb|2015 ~ Michael Tabacchi, 27, JPMorgan worker, murder-suicide, wife Iran Pars

And to this list of sudden deaths of JPMorgan employees we now add Ann Korkki, 45. What the Martens have failed to do so far is to say how many, if any of these cases, the deceased's life was insured by JPMorgan. It looks like when they tried to get such information in 2014, their FOIA was dismissed because federal regulators deem the information to be "trade secrets."  


Beware the manslaughter charge against Betty Shelby; it's a ruse

Tulsa, OK:  Lumpy-ass Betty Shelby, the cop charged with manslaughter in Tulsa for the murder of Terence Crutcher, has pleaded not guilty.  Shelby has pulled the I-pee'd-my-panties defense, saying she feared for her life when she shot the black man almost point-blank in the chest while he had his hands up, killing him with a single shot.  

The crime was, arguably, murder and a jury should be convened to make that decision. And the reason I say it is that Shelby's gun didn't go off accidentally, she intended it to go off while she was aiming at Crutcher's chest, and she intended to put a bullet in the man. The jury should determine whether she also intended that he should die or whether she had reason to believe it was probable he would die. I mean . . . she obviously wasn't aiming at his legs.  If this case had been about Crutcher shooting Shelby in the chest, he sure as hell would have been charged with murder. But a jury will not hear a murder case because of decisions the DA made. And here's where American "justice" gets nasty. 

For, if things in this case go the same way they went in the case of cretinous Chicago cop Dante Servin in 2015, all Shelby has to do is testify that she intended to kill Crutcher and she walks free.  That's right: having charged her with the unintentional crime of manslaughter, the prosecution must prove that Shelby's acted recklessly with no regard for the risks of hurting Crutcher. And so, now, since there is not a co-pending murder charge, all she has to do is testify that she actually intended to kill Crutcher and the manslaughter charge is thrown out.  Basically, the problem getting cops convicted for murdering black people is the judicial and prosecutorial hocus-pocus used to protect cops.

In the 2015 Servin case, Cook County Judge Dennis Porter found Servin not guilty of manslaughter because those charges required the act to be unintentional, but when Servin shot and killed Rekia Boyd he was acting intentionally.  Had Servin been charged w/ murder, the judge figures he would have convicted the cop because Dante clearly intended to shoot someone and had every reason to believe he would kill them.  Essentially, Porter let the cop -- a murderer -- walk free because the DA didn't charge him with a crime that was severe enough, the crime he was actually guilty of.   Here's a description from ThinkProgress of what Servin actually did that night in  

Servin was off duty when he fired the shots. He encountered a group gathered in an alley while driving through in his Mercedes sedan. As he drove the wrong way down the alley after an altercation, he said he thought he saw one of the men reach for a gun and fired several shots over his shoulder at individuals who had their backs to Servin. Servin hit 22-year-old Rekia Boyd in the back of the head, killing her.

As one Chicago defense lawyer said, the outcome in the Servin case was unusual because the prosecution "almost always overcharges."  Yeah, DAs almost always overcharge . . . unless the defendant is a cop. 

Here's Porter's opinion just to show you I'm not making this shit up.



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