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The only up-side to this election I can see is that
no matter who loses, it'll be someone I absolutely despise.
--- Denis O'Brien

October 8, 2016
1:00 pm PDT

Did the NBC News/WaPo just shoot 
the Democrats in the ass [sic]?

James Carville is obviously too daft to know what side of this election he is on
and that if DTDuck drops out, Hilton loses.

James Carville: fewer neurons than hair follicles 


There is only one thing that I know of that we would all pretty well agree on as far as this whacko election goes:  the only possible chance Hilton has of winning is if DTDuck stays in the race.  And that is because he is the only person in America who is more despised than she is.

But following yesterday's salacious October IED #3,  which was leaked by NBC News and published by the WaPo, GOP leaders are now calling for DTDuck to drop out of the race, as if he wasn't already toxic enough. And given DTDuck's anti-presidential, prepubescent "grab 'em by the pussy" comment and mind-set, who could be surprised if the GOP doesn't find a way to drop him if he doesn't go voluntarily? 

But what shocked the hell out of me -- not that there was any in me to begin with -- was James Carville going on Bill Maher's show last night and trying to show how smart he (Carville) is by predicting the obvious: that DTDuck is as good as out of the race. As noted above, this is NOT a turn of events the Democrats want to promote if they want Hilton to win this thing. The Democrats have to do everything they can to keep ole' potty-mouth IN the race. If Carville is hoping for a Hilton presidency, the best thing he could do is to down-play -- at least until it is too late to find a replacement for DTDuck -- the impact of DTDuck's filthy mouth and sexist attitudes. But at the very least Carville should keep his flipping mouth shut about it for now.

And the reason I say it is this: DTDuck is probably going to have to make a decision today -- before tomorrow's debate -- whether he's in or out. He might try to see if he can reverse the damage in the debate, but that just ain't going to happen unless he has a HUGE October IED of his own up his sleeve. If DTDuck announces today that he is out, the debate will be postponed in order to give Pence or Kaisch (or whomever the Republicans in the back room chose to replace DTDuck) time to get his/her act together.  

But if all of this comes to pass in the next 7-10 days and a marginally more moderate, moderately less insane Republican suddenly becomes the presidential candidate, then the Democrats will have two options: 1) replace Hilton with Biden or Kaine, or 2) lose the White House big time. Arguably, if the Republicans swap-out Trump, they might be smart to make their decision immediately but wait for at least a week to implement it so that the Democrats will have as little time as possible to replace Hilton.

Every since March I have been hallucinating that Kaisch and Biden will be the candidates.  Even after the conventions, I stuck to that Pollyanna prediction, mostly because I cannot tolerate the thought of the damage that either DTDuck or Hilton would do the the country and the world. Maybe Kaisch and Biden would be just as bad, but until we know for sure, the entire world will breathe a sigh of relief if they end up being the candidates on Nov08. 


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