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The only up-side to this election I can see is that no matter who loses, 
it'll be someone most Americans absolutely despise. -- Denis O'Brien

 The HuffPoo steps in it again

The October IED that backfired 

Once  it became clear last year that Huffington Post's coverage of the 2016 presidential election was nothing more than a huge in-kind, campaign contribution from Arianna Huffington to Hillary Clinton Hilton and a continuation of the free-ride given pervert Bill Clinton Bilton for many years, I took the HuffPoo propaganda site off my list of tabloids to keep an eye on. My position is that if media want to endorse a candidate, then do it openly and keep it on the opinion page. And when you've got a disgusting international, mega-tabloid like the Daily Fail attacking HuffPoo for shoddy sensationalist propaganda, that tells you just about all you need to know about how deep in the gutter HuffPoo has sunk.

The object of the DFail's discontent was an idiot Nov02|16 article by HuffPoo reporter Ryan Grim: Donald Trump Is Accused of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven't The Media Covered It? 

Avoiding another "Jackie"-debacle. Or not.

The objective of Grim's hit-piece was to make it look not like a hit-piece but an honest inquiry as to what the MSM is up to. IOW, Grim wanted a way to keep the salacious "Katie Johnson" kiddie-rape story kicking a week before the election, but he didn't want to expose himself and HuffPoo to a Rolling Stone "Jackie"-style debacle and defamation law suit.

Nice try, Ryan. And nicely orchestrated, for on the day Grim's hit-piece appeared, Nov02|16, "Katie Johnson's" dufus California attorney, Lisa Bloom, jacked up a "press conference" so "Katie" could tell the world about her salacious allegations, but not, presumably, about her DUI's and felony drug possession convictions. Yeah, six days before the election these women wanted to grab the world's attention with a kiddie-rape story from 1994 that has not a shred of discernable evidence behind it. It would not surprise anyone to learn that Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred's daughter, Allred 2.0. 

Dumb and Dumber. "Katie" (L) & Bloom. 
Who would believe this duo?

But then, according to Allred 2.0 "Katie" suddenly got cold feet and backed out of the ball-buster press conference. However, before "Katie's" feet turned cold, she gave an interview to the DFail, which is quite interesting because it could turn out to be Exhibit "A" when DTDuck turns the table on "Katie."  

On Nov04 -- two days after Grim published his attempted October IED -- it exploded in his face when Allred 2.0 dramatically announced that "Katie" had dropped her so-called "law suit."

F.R.Civ.P. 41

Now, this is the second time "Katie's" suit has been dismissed. The current suit (16-Civ-04642) was filed in the Southern District Federal Court of New York in October, but the initial suit was filed in the Central District Federal Court for California (16-Civ-00797) in Apr|2016 and dismissed in May.  The first attempt was a pro se suit seeking $110M; I have not been able to review the documents filed in NY because the court's Pacer files are not available. 

Because "Katie" has now had two aborted bites at the apple, under Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure she has a few problems. I can think of four: 

  • First, "Katie" could become liable for any costs DTDuck incurred as a result of the California suit. 

  • Second, "Katie" has now burned all of her judicial bridges. She is not permitted to file the same claims in any state or federal court.

  • Third, potentially most troublesome for "Katie," is the fact that the second dismissal of the suit operates as if it was a judicial finding in favor of DTDuck.  And what that means is . . .

  • Fourth, DTDuck now has grounds to sue "Katie" for malicious prosecution and/or abuse of process. IOW, that Rolex "Katie" keeps flashing for the press could end up on Melania's svelte wrist. (One might wonder where that watch came from anyway. In the California proceeding she claimed she was impoverished and owned less than $300. Has Peter Thiel, or the Clinton Foundation, or somebody been bank-rolling "Katie" after her first botched suit? I mean, Allred 2.0 can't come cheap.)

F.R.Civ.P. 11

And so ole' "Katie" may have worked herself into a tight spot here. And fair enough, too. On Nov02 she told the DFail that her motivation in going after DTDuck was to keep him out of the White House.  IOW, she has admitted attempting to use the federal judicial machinery for a political purpose. There was not a chance in hell that she could have prevailed on her salacious claims even if she could have proven them. She would have to be dumb as a stump -- and her lawyers doubly so -- not to know that there was no case because any applicable statute of limitations would have run out long ago. The alleged "rape" was supposed to have taken place in 1994, fer crisake. 

There are also serious issues about whether "Katie's" lawyers have subjected themselves to sanctions by getting involved in this mess. Pursuant to Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a lawyer can get good and busted for filing a document for an improper purpose (such as to harass someone) or if the claims asserted are obviously not warranted by existing law, such as claims that are a decade beyond the applicable statute of limitations.  

Note to "Katie:" 

Your allegations of being raped by DTDuck are now, judicially speaking, garbage, but even if those allegations could be proven, that would not give you the right to decide who becomes or does not become the president of the United States. 

Note to Ryan Grim: 

The world is full of morally-defective women who make salacious allegations against famous men with the hope that the allegations will bring them fame and/or bling, like a Rolex. The world is also full of dim-wit lawyers who for a price will serve and facilitate such morally-defective women. By falling for this bullshit, you are expediting it, and because that appears to have been your intention as part of HuffPoo's efforts to bring down DTDuck, it makes you, personally, look like a morally-defective dick, and Lord knows, we've got plenty of morally-defective dicks of both genders in this cluster-fuck of an election without you joining the ranks.

Some sources:

HuffPoo  -- Grim's hit-piece

Courthouse News  -- reporting on "Katie" dropping law suit

Daily Fail -- reporting Nov02 interview w/ "Katie"

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