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November 2016 round-up of long-reads worth the effort

Mike Benitez & Mike Peitrucha, War on the Rocks, Oct21|16
Political Airpower, Part I: 
Say No to the No-Fly Zone

Benitez and Peitrucha have written s a fascinating account of the history and short-comings of the USG's arrogant and deadly tactic of assuming control over a sovereign country's airspace to force regime change. At this point we can't know whether or not the end of Hilton's White House aspirations will also be the end of the Beltway hawks screeching for a NFZ in Syria. Perhaps the elections obviated the NFZ idiocy that this excellent article by Benitz and Peitrucha explains -- and by "explains" I mean not just NFZs but, more to the point, the idiocy of calling for a NFZ in Syria and why it's a bad idea.  

To my mind the rule about invading other people's airspace is the same rule as the one about invading other people's panties: stay out unless you've been invited in. More specifically, with respect to a NFZ in Syria, for Benitez and Peitrucha the bottom line is this: 

The success of a no-fly zone relies on the premise of conventional deterrence backed by the resolve to swiftly and ferociously enforce it if challenged. Attempting this today against a nation with any semblance of artillery, MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems), and/or advanced SAMs tends to indicate that the no-fly zone simply is neither operationally feasible nor politically appetizing.

IOW, with all of Putin's S-300 and S-400 air defense systems now protecting Syrian skies, the USG would have to be prepared to invest all of America's wealth and resources -- not to mention 100,000 gallons of Americans' blood -- in WWIII before trying to pull a NFZ in Syria.  

And mind you, these are not a couple of sofa-generals or hippie, pollyanna, peace-freaks writing this stuff.  These two guys fly these freaking jet fighters. They know what they can do, and they know what can bring them down. 

Stephen J. Sniegoski, The Unz Review, Nov14|16
Review: "Against Our Better Judgment"
by Alison Weir

Alison Weir's  short, self-published 2014 book on how America was sucked down the zionist toilet in the early 20th century is fast becoming a classic. As a long-time student of this sad and frustrating tale I thought I was moderately conversant on the debacle, but there's nothing like reading the works of people who know 100x more than you do to remind you how much you don't know.  

For one thing I was totally surprised at the information Weir discovered about the machinations behind the Balfour Declaration, particularly the role of the Jewish Supreme Court justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter played.  Weir turned over some very heavy rocks in order to get these dirty facts to crawl out. Read her book, then Sniegoski's review, which is worthwhile in its own right. The truth about what Americans should know is slowly making its way into the collective American consciousness.  After all, Weir's organization is called "If Americans Knew" and she's doing everything she can to make sure they do know.

I believe it is now beyond debate that the mess in Palestine would never have come to pass if the iJews had not been backed by successive US administrations.  I've been hearing the "our-everlasting-friend-and-the-only-democracy-in-the- Middle-East" bullshit my entire life. But the one major deletion from both Weir's and Sniegoski's accounts in my estimation is the  role the Palestinians played in their own demise, and by that I mean the WWII alliance between the Hitler and the leader of the Palestinians, Amin al-Husseini.   As I wrote in 2015, I don't think one can truly understand why Truman sided with the new Government of Yisrael (GoY) in 1948 like he did without drilling down into the story of  al-Husseini's promotion of the Shoah and his participation in Nazi atrocities.  Basically, it was through al-Husseini being a Nazi that the Palestinians became minions of the Axis powers.  There was no way in hell that Truman was going to stand up for them once the war was over.  

The Palestinians' role in their own horrible fate seems to me to be a very basic issue in understanding how the USG could have gone so far astray in supporting GoY.  But with the Palestinians being the victims, these days nobody (but the iJews) much wants to fault them for anything.  I wish Weir and Sniegoski would give us their take on this point, which, BTW, became high profile after Bibi Nyetforbrains raised it publicly at the 37th Zionist Congress in 2015. 

Also, see my note below on David Chibo's Unz Review article of Nov30, which attempts to connect these two excellent articles with Weir's analysis.

Ryan Cooper, The Week, Nov15|16
2009: The year the Democratic Party died

In one of the plethora of Democrat "what the fuck just hit us?" articles to surface after the Trump victory, Ryan Cooper takes the question right back to 2009 and asks "what the fuck has been hitting us since Obama took office?" And then, in this 4-part series he works up through the election and into the future. It's bleak.  

Cooper's points are primarily economic and Keynesian and all that. He explains how post-Recession Obama ignored Krugman and led the party into a deficit-cutting, neoliberal quagmire that has been wonderful for that top 1% and an ongoing disaster for the working & middle class. It's about how the Democratic Party has become elitist, neo-liberal, zionist while Democrats have not.  

It's a story worth the telling, and Cooper tells it well in 4-parts; each part is well worth the read.  By the time you finish part 4 ("How the Democratic Party can become a labor party again') you'll be missing Will Rogers as much as I do. 

The main complaint I have with Cooper's analysis is that he fails to mention two vital words as he tries to explain what has been driving this rolling cluster-fuck. Those two words are "Wasserman" and "Schultz," the person who more than anyone symbolizes how far the Democratic Party has strayed, not just from the Democratic Party of Will Rogers, but into the neo-liberal camp of self-serving zionist, Israel-firsters. 

But the real disaster for the Democrats that has been missed by most of the blogosphere and media, including Cooper, is not at the federal level.  It is the  incredible shift to Republican control of state governments unlike anything that has been seen since pre-Depression days. In fact, the Republicans are now just 3 states away from having the votes they need to force a constitutional convention -- not forced by Congress, but by the alternative mechanism, which is 2/3 of the states. If the Republicans do that, they will also control the amendment agenda and the actual amendments themselves, which could be the worst American disaster since the Civil War.  

Abbie VanSickle, The Intercep, Nov19|16
Small-town "Terrorists", Deceit and Terror, Part 1 

Since 2010 I have read many reports with growing horror about how the FBI entraps, prosecutes, and imprisons stupid, young Muslims by what is called "pre-emptive prosecution." In 2010 it was a Somali-American named Mohamed Mohamud who the FBI sucked into a fake plot to blow-up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, OR.  Mohamud was found guilty of a single terrorism charge for pushing a button he thought would detonate a bomb. He will be sitting in a federal prison until 2040. In my estimation Mohamud was the victim, not the Christmas tree and not the people in the park.    

Essentially, the FBI's modus operandi in preemptive prosecution is to find some goofed up Muslim kid spouting off on a chat-board somewhere, and lord-knows that with the millions of innocent Muslims the USG has butchered in the last 20 years there's more than enough for a Muslim to justifiably complain about. Instead of getting a kid like that counseling and help, the FBI totally fucks him up so they can make themselves look like heroes who have prevented a terror attack. This is what passes for "fighting terrorism" in the FBI. 

After identifying their target, the FBI sends a paid Muslim informer to befriend the kid, and then they start working him like a fish: throwing all sorts of lies at  him, getting him pumped up with more and more hatred for the US, turning his immaturity into a Moltov cocktail. Eventually, they give him access to real Moltov cocktails, or bombs, or bomb-making materials, all of which are, of course, inert.  When they've got the kid past a psychological point of no return, they get him to take some incriminating action he thinks is going to kill a bunch of Americans, and at that point they bust him and put him away for the rest of his life. The FBI has become America's Stasi, America's KGB, America's Shin Bet all rolled into one sick organization. 

VanSickle's  2-part Intercept piece walks us through another such preemptive prosecution: the case of Hamid Hayat a kid who was born in Pakistan before his family escaped the Taliban and ended up in Lodi, CA.  It was there the FBI set their sights on Hayat and hired a lying piece of Islamic crap who was called a liar by his own mother to take Hayat down. And he did. But it looks like the feds pretty well screwed this one, and VanSickle focuses our attention on the evidentiary and legal shortcomings in the case that ended with a 24-year prison sentence for Hayat.  

VanSickle tells the frightening story well.  Maybe she and The Intercept will do as much or more than the lawyers to get this injustice turned around. You'll have to read the story and think about the details to understand why I say that. 

America has become so badly damaged since 9/11.  Like the asset forfeiture cases, anyone who can read these preemptive prosecution stories and say they are proud to be American has to be a freaking psychopath. Yes, I know -- there is a whole deluded country full of them.  

Sharon Lerner, The Intercept, Nov25|16
The Strange Case of Tennie White

If Tennie White was blonde, and white, and good looking, like Erin Brokovitch, there would be a Hollywood movie about her by now. But she's not; she's a black lady with huge balls who is getting screwed by the Environmental Protection Agency and rogue prosecutors from the Department of Justice for blowing the whistle on the EPA's incompetence and/or corporate cronyism. At the bottom of this feculent debacle we find, as expected, the most dangerous and unrepentant  of America's serial polluters . . . you guessed it: Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation.

Lerner has produced an incredible piece of reporting, impeccably written. As in all of these cases of corporate malfeasance and criminality, the evidentiary trail is twisted by corporate prick-lawyers pulling all sorts of stunts to cover the tracks of those who pay them.  And that's what makes the story; and it's what makes Tennie White the David facing-off with a fetid, corrupt Goliath. Lerner stays on the trail like a malnourished bloodhound, and in the end her reader understands not just what White was up against but what we are all up against.

In a lot of these maddening stories about corporate pollution, the writer will look down a bunch of dark holes and report that, yep, there are a lot of corporate reptiles down there. But you seldom get to see the names of the reptiles, sometimes not even the corporations' names. Lerner doesn't play that game. The reptiles identified by name in this article include:  

Kerr-McGee; Anadarko; Tronox; Freedom Industries; BorgWarner; K-M Gen. Counsel Gregory F. Pilcher; K-M senior VP Robert Wohleber; K-M chairman Luke Corbett; K-M spokesperson Debbie Schramm; Lehman Brothers prick Chris Watson; EPA head Lisa Jackson; EPA special agents Matthew Anderson & Ricky D. Knight; EPA lawyer Tom Seaton.  

I'll leave it for you to read Lerner's piece and decide for yourself which ones are the reptiles.  

David Chibo, The Unz Review, Nov30|16
Political Science's "theory of Everything"

I found David Chibo's article on the various viewpoints of the American "deep state" to be fascinating both in terms of the content and the structure of the article, although he fails to explain up front what he is doing and likely produces some initial confusion in his reader. 

What he is doing is examining papers or books by five different commentators from 1956 to the present, pulling them all together into a panoramic view of his subject-matter: deep-state creep.  Not the creeps running the deep-state, but the way deep-state has permeated the USG over the last 50 years.

It's a complex subject and a complex paper, but there is a lot of meat here.  Here is the comment I left on the Unz Review tying Chibo's article to Sniegoski's, noted above. The comment expresses my opinon as to the primary short-coming of Chibo's analysis. 

On Nov14 Stephen J. Sniegoski writing on this blog reviewed Alison Weirís excellent book "Against Our Better Judgement." The review and the book reviewed are both very much worth the read.

The reason I raise it here is that Weir was the first writer I know of to explain how the Israeli Jews (iJews, if you will) began to infiltrate the top tiers of the USG a century ago. It was back in Wilsonís day, 30 years before Israel was even established, with disastrous and lasting results for Americans and Palestinians.

In 1916 the Brits were getting their butts kicked in WWI and zionist Jew Lord Rothschild cut a quid pro quo deal with the British government, specifically Foreign Minister Lord Balfour. The quid was that the iJews would be given Palestine after the war. The quo was that the iJews would bring the Americans into the war, something the Brits had not been able to do.

The zionist part of the bargain was carried out through 1) American Jews who then, as now, exercised inordinate control over the American entertainment and media industries, and 2) Louis Brandeis, an iJew who was a very close friend of Wilsonís and was appointed to the Supreme Court by him.

The Balfour Declaration was, essentially, a public promise reduced to writing by the British government to perform their part of the covert agreement. The same year, 1917, America began making enormous contributions to the war effort by supplying goods and equipment. By the summer of 1918 the isolationist American government and public had been turned 180 degrees and were knee-deep in the trenches. The American toll eventually reached 110,000, and, of course, through the British Mandate, iJews began descending on Palestine like locusts Ė bloodthirsty, terrorist locusts.

The point is this: any analysis of who pulls the levers of power in America is not complete if it ignores the role and power of iJews at all levels of government and in all branches. Itís like Herman and Chomsky not including, for obvious reasons, zionism in the 5 filters articulated in their famous Propaganda Model. By ignoring the obvious, the paper itself could be perceived as diversionary propaganda. And by "the paper" I refer to both Herman/Chomskyís paper and Chiboís ó both of which are well written and "informative" but suspiciously incomplete. If, in 1916, the iJews could pull enough levers to drag 110,000 Americans to their deaths in WWI, then they are certainly a major player in whatever dark, mysterious "Deep State" is in control a century later. We need to talk about that.

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