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4 pm, PST

Nancy Peolsi's daughter, an elector for California, 
tries to crash the Electoral College system

I didn't even know Nancy Pelosi had a daughter.


The tree from which the apple has fallen not far

Finally  the Daily Mail really nailed this one out of the ballpark, or something like that.  And by that mixed metaphor I mean that Francesca Chambers' article of today's date is superbly written and tightly proof-read. Never have I seen this quality from the Daily Mail.

Chambers rips into Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine Pelosi, for her vicious attempt to turn the Electoral College into some sort of super-committee for determining who should and who shouldn't be president. Apparently in her mind it's like "Let's throw 220 years of American political tradition and process down the toilet." And while I will be the first to argue that the EC is waaay out of date and badly in need of some re-tooling, the period between a presidential election and the inauguration of the new president is not the time to be making adjustments that will undermine the election. IMO, Christine Pelosi is a traitor.

Read Chambers' article.  Read the open letter Christine Pelosi has written to the other electors asking them to get on board her attempt to crash the election.

And then send Christine an email letting her know how you feel about her tactics.  The email address is: ElectoralCollege16@gmail.com

Here's what I sent: 

Subject: All my best to your mom

Christine Pelosi

This feminism run amok is outrageous, moronic, and lacking any sense of ethical or historical propriety, which is, actually, an accurate description of your idiot, criminal, and defeated candidate, too.

Your partisan shit-storm could well fly back into your face and smear not just your make-up but your political career to boot.

I am concerned that for many years you and your party will reap the feculent fruits of hatred your disloyalty and disservice to your country deserve, and history will paint you as a traitor and paint your party as the party of traitors. 

Other than that, best wishes
Denis O'Brien, PhD/Esq.

P.S. All my best to your mom.

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