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Short-shots & Follow-ups

7 pm, PST


A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused.

Toxic NY Jew journalist:
Kill more Russian diplomats

Marina Karlov widowed with Gersh Kuntzman's approval

At the same instant ISIS was lauding the murder of Russian diplomat Andrey Karlov, the NY Daily News was shouting the news from the roof tops, too, in the form of an article by mal-semite journalist Gersh Kuntzman.

I lead with the Jewish angle only to emphasize the way Kuntzman played the Jew-card in his story. For many toxic Jews every vile contemporary event is somehow connected to WWII Jews and the Shoah, and that's one of the things that makes them so toxic.  In this case, Kuntzman takes this gambit so far as to justify Karlov's murder on the basis of an analogy to a Jew who killed a Nazi embassy worker in 1938 . . . yeah, that's Kuntzman's spiel: by virtue of Kuntzman's warped analogy to the 1938 murder of a Nazi, Karlov's murder was a good thing, and we should hope for more of the same.  

The fellow Jew Kuntzman refers to is Herschel Grynszpan, a young, loser Polish-Jew who bounced around Europe before illegally settling in Paris in 1936 where he assassinated Nazi embassy officer Ernst von Rath, thus setting off the infamous Kristalinacht. In Kuntzman's twisted mind that event in 1938 is comparable to the Karlov murder this week. In Kuntzman's analogy Grynszpan heroic role is played by Erdogan's body-guard, Mevlut Mert Altintas, who killed Karlov. (What I find really spooky, now that Kuntzman has juxtaposed the two cases, is that Grunszpan looks just like Altintas. I mean if there was a case to be made for murder by reincarnation, this would be Exhibit "A.")    

Of course, Kuntzman's provocative article, like Altintas' crime, was a premeditated outrage -- this is, after all, the NY Daily News.  Kuntzman probably wanted to get us to think, to make connections, to generalize, and to see value and righteousness in Altintas' cowardly, bloody act. The sum total of Kuntzman's article, then, is that it works to incite all sorts of crazies to murder all Russian diplomats.  

Yessiree, Kuntzman has got me thinking alright. And what I'm thinking is this: If we care to apply Kuntzman's ridiculous analogy more broadly than just Russian diplomats, it would fit any target-group. For instance, how hard would it be to use Grynszpan's story and Kuntzman's warped analogy to justify inciting the killing of all Jewish journalists in NYC?  

Kuntzman says he sheds no tears over the murder of Karlov, and I suspect that pretty well sums up how I would feel if Kuntzman were to suffer the same fate, but it's hard to say unless it actually happens. After all, Kuntzman is a human, too, in a manner of speaking. 

Read more . . .

Alex Griswold, Mediate, Dec20|16
Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller, Dec20|16
Jonas E. Alexis, Veterans Today, Dec20|16.

Up-date on Pennsylvania 
killer-cop protection bill, HB1538

On Nov01|16 I reported on an attempt by the Pennsylvania legislature to impose a statutory gag-order in cases where cops kill people, which is all the  time across the country -- 1000 times this year. The bad news presented in that prior report was that HB1538, had passed both houses of the PA legislature and was waiting for action from Governor Tom Wolf.

This up-date has good news: on Nov21 Wolf took a courageous stand and vetoed the bill. Here is Wolf's statement on the veto:

“While I am deeply concerned for the safety of the Commonwealth’s police officers, government works best when trust and openness exist between citizens and their government, and as such, I cannot sign into law a policy that will enshrine the withholding of information in the public interest. These situations in particular — when law enforcement uses deadly force — demand utmost transparency, otherwise a harmful mistrust will grow between police officers and the communities they protect and serve. Further, I cannot allow local police department policies to be superseded and transparency to be criminalized, as local departments are best equipped to decide what information is appropriate to release to the public.” 

But the good news is temporary, and there is more bad news.  

First of all, HB1538 passed both houses by large enough margins that the veto should be easily over-ridden.  And that makes Wolf's position even more courageous.  I mean refusing to endorse a veto-proof bill and going up against police unions in a state like PA takes some good-sized jingle bells, IYKWIM.  Unfortunately, the sources I have seen do not give a break-down on the votes for this bill post-election, which brings us to yet more bad news.

Martina White, the neofascist who introduced HB1358 and who has rabidly pushed it, won re-election on Nov08. Without knowing the facts, my bet would be that the police unions backed her 100% and contributed handsomely to her re-election.  

Notice to MSM: the White Helmets' 
little girl with bloody teddy-bear 
scene has been canceled

Calm down. It's red paint.

In LogoPhere's October Good Stuff to Read post I opined that: "This [White Helmets] issue is a fight that will surely continue until the end of the Syrian conflict, or until the WH's crawl back into whatever hole they came from. . ."

If you don't know who the WH's are, you should really educate yourself.  Here's a good place to start. Basically, they are a joint anti-Assad propaganda enterprise designed and funded by government and private actors from the US and UK. They are a part of a large network of Syrian extremists who sell fake news to the western MSM, which has an insatiable appetite for schmaltzy fake news about small children being pulled out of buildings devastated by Syrian bombs. 

Well, there will be a slight delay in this week's schmaltz, for the Egyptians just caught a bunch of these propagandists filming a fake rescue in Egypt -- fake blood, small kid, teddy bear, lights, camera, action  . . . the whole nine yards. 


A girl standing in a white dress covered in “blood” that later proved to be paint drew attention of a police officer driving by. The girl held a teddy bear covered in the same “blood” and had her arm “bandaged”.

The photographer reportedly admitted that he was going to publish these photos on social media as pictures of Aleppo.

The UK Independent and RT are about the only MSM sources I have found that have reported this story. Funny . . . I thought NYT, WaPo and the others all had their panties in a twist about fake news.  Here is an indisputable case that feeds the hatred of Putin and Assad, and nobody seems to take notice.  Imagine that .  

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