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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Vancouver, B.C.

Posts for March 2016

10˘, cheap
Over a billion sold,



Kasich vs. Biden!! 
The prediction of the century (eat yer heart out, Nate Silver)






Three smokin' hot must-reads:  

  • Robert Fisk rips Obama and Cameron on their deadly hypocrisy on Syria

  • James Petras blurts out the question all us goyim have been asking ourselves: Why all the Jews?

  • Ralph Nader excoriates Hillary over her butt-sucking AIPAC speech



Bill Moyers: Israel's Goy-to Girl Should Tell These  Two Toxic, Neolib Jews to GTF Outta' Here

How AIPAC's Rahm Emanuel and Debbi Wasserman Schultz  are destroying the Democrats' progressive principles

A blue dress in the Oral Office??
You ain't seen nuthin' yet. 




LogoPhere Media-Monkey of the Month Award™  goes to CNN & Mary Schiavo
Once again CNN beats the competition in brain-ded air-tragedy "analysis" 



Preliminary evidence suggests sinister explanation of FDB981 crash
Video of fireball dropping like a rock is not a 737 trying to land in bad weather



Grady Judd: Dick Sheriff from the Dick State Goes After Apple 
Proof of God, finally?  



Mossad to Trump: Remember what happened to Bobby Kennedy 
Trump "neutral" on Palestinian issues, noncommittal on recognizing 
Jerusalem as GoI capitol, refuses shekel-donations

Those who ignore the lessons of the past 
are likely to be added to Mossad's hit-list




The biggest loser in the Michigan primary?  Nate Silver. 
BlogoSphere polling nerd's guess is 50% worse 
than the worse poll he relies on




 LogoPhere's inaugural inventory of media fails for 2016 
Begging the question: How much dumber is it going to get?



Everybody just calm down, Trump ain’t the first  "batshit crazy" Republican to split the country in half. 
Lincoln's Election Precipitated a Freaking Civil War

Make 'Murica great again.  Grow more hair.





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