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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Vancouver, B.C.

Posts for May 2016

10, cheap
Over a billion sold,



 "Jap" is a perfectly good tag for Japanese 
It's a freaking abbreviation, dude.


Gormless Republican congressman Peter King may not see eye-to-eye with his fellow prick-pol from the Queens, Donald Trump, but they both float in the same Yisrael-first sewer, IMO. But however much disdain I have for King, I didn't really get any pleasure in him taking a beating last week when he rattled the cage of the PC police for using the tag "Japs" on Morning Joe.  One American-Chinese PC cop, Christopher Kang, who worked in the Obama administration, referred to "Japs" as "corrosive and divisive . . . clearly unacceptable." Another Democrat American-Chinese PC cop, Rep. Judy Chu (CA), called "Jap" a "disgusting" word. Sounds like the folks of Chinese descent have a problem with "Jap." I haven't seen any grumbles from actual Japs or American-Japs so far.




News (that) Bites from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of May 8-14, 2016

  • Two Hillary-fems booted off NYC's Board of Elections

  • Government of Yisrael (GoY) steals Palestinians' land by fraudulent deeds

  • USAID suspends millions in aid to Syria as it investigates kickbacks to Turks from David Miliband's NGO iJew judge refuses to extradite pedophile 
    dyke, Malka Leifer, to face 74 charges of raping/abusing girls in Australia

  • Bill O'Reilly is reading LogoPhere, agrees Biden is likely to be Dem-nom

  • Planning to blow a huge wad going to  this year's Olympics circus in Rio?   OK, but . . . you'll die.

  • FBI head says rising crime may be  due to holding cops accountable for their brutality Pervert judge Joseph Boeckmann  exchanged judicial favors for sex, gets a wrist-slap 

  • GoY continues relentless program to strangle Gaza as last electric line to Gaza Strip disconnected

  • Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton's husband, 
    leaves investors floating tits-down in the river after hedge fund loses $22M in two years



 80,000 FBI pages on the Sarasota Saudis, 
and a few loose questions


If a name like al-Hiijjii doesn't make a bunch of 
Floridians suspicious post 9/11, nothing will  


News (that) Bites from Around the World

Logophere's Top 10 under-reported news stories for
the week of May 1-7, 2016

  • Killer of pregnant 23 yo Palestinian and her 16 yo brother was a "private contractor," gets a bye because that's just how it is in Yisrael 

  • Government of Yisrael celebrates International Journalism Day by busting two Palestinian journalists, holding them without charge or trial under "administrative detention"

  • Pundits give Clinton 40% lead over Trump out of the gates. 

  • Monsanto's campaign of censoring critics rounds up and eliminates Farm News cartoonist Rick Friday

  • Harnett County redneck pigs who killed John Livingston are being investigated by FBI 

  • Norman Finkelstein absolutely blows apart latest bullshit "antisemitism epidemic" in the UK

  • #1 GOP boor finally announces support for GoY apartheid, dodges Mossad bullet

  • Fox eats crow over f-bombs directed at D. Duck 

  • About that Syrian air-strike on a refugee camp . . . didn't happen

  • Republicans are too stupid to nominate someone who can beat Clinton


  Dedric Colvin, 8th grader gunned down 
by Baltimore cops -- why the cops 
got this one right.  Maybe. 

GoY's shoot-only-to-kill technique is not the only option  


Late last month a cop in plain clothes, Thomas Smith, gunned down a 14 yo 8th grader named Dedric Colvin adjacent a basketball court near the center of Baltimore. The kid was carrying a basketball in one hand and a Daisy Powerline 340 BB gun in the other. Dedrick survived, taking a shot to the leg and to the shoulder.

Denis R. O'Brien, PhD/Esq.
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