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Short-shots & Follow-ups

7:30 pm, PT


A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused

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See the IDF soldiers pee their panties and run

 Scattering like scared rabbits

Unlike my bullspit-detector, which is totally awesome, my false-flag detector is not all that quick.  Now that may seem odd or contradictory to you because, after all, a false flag is just another species of bullshit.  But there's something about videos, which these days are almost always the evidence of a false flag,  that makes them harder to disbelieve than, say, a CNN written report about Bibi Netanyahu talking bullspit about how the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the  bravest and most moral army in the world. I guess what I'm saying is that my olfactory sense is more acute than my visual. 

And the reason I say it is that when I saw a video of what was advertised as a Jan08 terrorist truck attack on a bunch of IDF soldiers in Haas Promenade, a park near Jerusalem, "false flag" didn't register in my brain, even though I had to run the vid a couple times because the truck kept disappearing.  

What I mostly noticed was how dozens of uniformed IDF stiffs were reacting like little girls who see a snake, pee their panties, and run away. Little boys, too. I mean, there you had it on vid: in the middle of the attack that was reported to have killed four of their comrades, you can follow, for example, two IDF girls  holding hands and rushing across the screen in their prissy rush to get to safety.  The guys were not holding hands so far as I could tell, but they were running just as fast and, mostly, in the same direction. 

And the reason I bring it to your attention is that I was in the US Marines for three years, including half-a-tour in Vietnam, and I never once saw Marines holding hands running away from anything. In fact, I never saw Marines holding hands and can't even imagine what it would look like.  US Army and Navy . . . well, I don't know.  You'll have to ask them.

In fairness and for the record, I note that in the Hass Promenade vid  there are a couple of guys (and only guys from what I can see) who can be seen locking and loading and running toward the truck.  But those showing any bravery in this scene are a vanishingly small percentage of the whole.  It was a civilian tour operator, Ethan Rond, who nailed the terrorist, according to reports.  

And I wasn't the only one who took note of the scattered iJews advancing to the rear. For instance there was this article in Arutz Sheva titled: "I don't know why 40 soldiers didn't shoot the terrorist," and this one in DM titled "Israel's military investigating why its soldiers RAN AWAY from truck driver 
terrorist . . ." [Emphasis original]

Neither brave nor moral is the way I'd characterize the IDF, and not just because of this shameful incident.   

I'll leave this story there for now except to point out that there are those who are claiming that the event was a false flag and never happened at all. Search YouTube.  Some of these people are making interesting points, and so I am in the process of evaluating these claims and will publish a LogoPhere Digital Forensics Report on Feb10.

Michael Moore: A megalomaniac bitching 
about a narcissist. How convoluted does it get? 

DTDuck is the narcissist????

Michael Moore, megalomaniac publicity-hound that he is, has inserted himself into the post-election news.  He is reminding us how he called DTDuck's victory way back in July|2016.  And, boy, did he call it.  Moore's prediction was not only that DTDuck would win, but he went so far as to call Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan as the states that would deliver the White House. 

[Trump] doesn’t need Colorado or Virginia.  Just Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And that will put him over the top. This is how it will happen in November. 

And DTDuck didn't get Colorado or Virginia, but he did get Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  A prediction just doesn't get any clearer or more accurate than that. But when you look at what Moore did after he made his prediction, you see that it has a self-fulfilling quality to it.  Moore was supposed to be Hillary Clinton's Hilton's guy and was, ostensibly, campaigning for her.  Or not. In retrospect, I'm not so sure Moore wasn't a plant for DTDuck.

Remember how the four minute clip from Moore's Trumpland went viral about a month before the election? That was Moore on a stage in Ohio telling working people who had been shafted and abandoned by the neoliberal Democrats why they should vote for DTDuck.  And it was a powerful argument that resonated. I mean, it even resonated with me and I'm retired and living in Canada. That clip is now historically important because it shows Moore doing as much as any other person on the planet to get DTDuck elected, while under the guise of a Hilton guy.

Moore now points out that in Michigan, where Hilton lost by 10,000 votes, 90,000 voters showed up at the polls and voted for congressmen, senators, and local officials but didn't vote for any presidential candidate. Moore has the gall to point these numbers out, but he doesn't have the gall to admit that likely half of those 90,000 didn't vote for Hilton because of Trumpland. 

Maybe Moore got a big paycheck from DTDuck to help swing Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, but whether or not he did, he is now hot on the speakers' circuit, on the cable news programs, and, have no doubt, his next book isn't far off. This guy turns politics into money almost as adroitly as Bill Clinton Bilton.   And Moore's message?  Get this, it's that DTDuck is a narcissist who can't avoid breaking the law because of his narcissism and will not be able to finish his first term in office. 

A megalomaniac calling out a narcissist. It don't get any screwier than that.   

Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading.
What about this guy? 

A man blessed by coincidences

When the only Democrat left with any cajones, Elizabeth Warren, skinned Tom Price in the Senate confirmation hearings yesterday, most of the public wouldn't have known what she was on about.  She only had five minutes to discuss a lot of stuff, including a noisome stock transaction, and the committee chairman, Lamar Alexander, tried to screw her out of two minutes of her five. [Helpful hint re: Hell on Wheels Warren: Do not -- I repeat, DO NOT -- ever try to screw this woman out of her inquisitorial time.]  

Price is a Republican congressman representing Georgia, and what was up Warren's pert nose was a bill Price tried to get passed in the House last year, a bill cleverly called the Healthy Inpatient Procedures Act of 2016 or HIP Act, which was an attempt to reverse a small part of Obamacare. The reason the title is so clever is that it's all about a plan that would let hospitals charge more for hip replacements, and it would -- if it is ever passed -- dump a shit-pot full of money into the pockets of companies that produce and sell artificial hips.  Here is the summary attached to the bill:

To delay and suspend implementation of a comprehensive care for joint replacement (CJR) payment model for episode-based payment for lower extremity joint replacement (LEJR) under the Medicare program in a budget neutral manner.

OK, there's nothing new about Price, who is a very wealthy physician, trying to gut federal legislation that benefits poor people requiring medical care. Price has been introducing unsuccessful bills into the House to stamp out Obamacare since before there even was Obamacare.  So what was it that caused Warren to come unglued as if some elitist millionaire orthopod had grabbed her by the gluteus?  Basically, the smell of dishonesty. 

There is a hip-replacement devices company called Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc. (ZBH) that was one of the companies that would do very nicely, thank-you, if Price could get his HIP Act passed. And wouldn't you know it, on Mar17|2016, just five days before introducing the HIP Act into the House, ole' slick-Tom bought a bunch of ZBH stock. We don't know how many ZBH shares Price bought because the ethics rules only require disclosure of a range.  It was between $1001 and $15,000, according to CNN.  

Just a freakin' coincidence, says ole' slick-Tom, when hopping mad Warren asks him WTF is going on.  According to Price, his broker just picked ZBH out of thin air five days before Price proposed legislation that would boost ZBH's company's profits. Just a coincidence. They happen to the best of us.

But what puzzles me is that nobody seems to be asking the obvious: Did the ZBH stock price actually go up after the legislation was introduced?  If you were wondering that, too, you've come to the right place; I just happen to have the answer to that seminal question.

ZBH takes a 30% leap after Price introduces the HIP Act. Source: Google 

Yes, is the short answer. Price introduced his bill on Mar23|16 and ZBH share prices went up steadily for 7 months afterwards to a new 5-year peak, as shown above. Between the time Price bought the stock and it's peak price, the gain was about 30% over 7 months. The NASDAQ rose 11% during that same period, by comparison.

It is even more interesting that while the NASDAQ had been rising slightly in the year before Price bought ZBH, ZBH had been dropping. So looking back against the market as a whole, ZBH might not have looked like an attractive best buy for those who didn't know help was on the way in the form of the HIP Act.  

But there were more hard questions put to Price over his stock purchases. He was forced to admit that he instructed his broker to purchase shares in Australian company Innate Immunotherapeutics Ltd. (IIL on the Australian Stock Exchange).  Price dropped between $50,000 and $100,000 on IIL stock. Why would this be an issue? Because another US congressman, Chris Collins (R-NY) told Price to buy the stock, according to The Atlantic  

So?  Well, to some people there is an appearance of impropriety here -- if not a possible violation of the 2012 STOCK Act that prohibits people in Congress from insider trading -- because Collins is on the Board of IIL and he its largest stockholder.

As the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Price will be leading the charge to destroy Obamacare, which he has been trying to bring down since before it became law. And in bringing down Obamacare, Price will eliminate taxes on several medical companies -- and not just ZBH and IIL --  in which he holds who-knows how much stock. A lot.

Warren has every right to be ripping this guy. It's what the confirmation process is all about: sniffing out greed-hounds and crooks who have been nominated to high positions. 

Palm Springs here we come: Obama's 
one last vacation on the taxpayer's dime

Is Hilton next?

When Barry Obama took office eight short years ago tomorrow, a lot of people, including myself, thought it would be a long, long overdue turning point for black people generally and in politics specifically.  Now a lot of people, including myself, are wondering if it will take another 220 years before a black person is again elected president. And judging by the way Obama has been hyperventilating over his legacy since the election, he's wondering the same thing. 

To put it in the form of a polite understatement, Obama has not been a stellar president. No FDR, no JFK.  Like Jimmy Carter he will stew in a puddle of presidential mediocrity for eternity as history looks back at all of the amazing things he didn't do but should have.  Maybe like jimmy Carter Obama will be able to rehabilitate himself to some extent by his post-presidential activities. Carter has Habitat for Humanity and calling-out Yisreali apartheid covered, so Obama will have to come up with something fresh and newsworthy. 

But Barry's presidency is not quite ended, yet. He doesn't have time to rehabilitate his legacy, that will take decades of post-presidential effort.  But tomorrow morning Obama does have time to completely destroy his legacy the way Bilton did his last morning in office when he pardoned his buddy Marc Rich, who had been indicted on 65 counts of tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, & etc. So, yes, Obama still has time to destroy his own cred entirely. 

And I'm thinking he probably will.  And the reason I say it is that a government plane -- the same plane that is called "Air Force One" when it's carrying a president -- is standing by to whisk Barry and Michele off to Southern California tomorrow afternoon at 2:45, immediately after DTDuck's swearing in. Yes, having just returned from a couple weeks in Hawi'i on the taxpayers' dime, the Obama's are off on yet another paid vacation.  LA Times 

It sounds to me like he plans to make one last controversial pardon and then get out of town as quickly as possible to avoid the fallout.  I thought it would be Manning, but she's already got her commutation.  Hilton? Good question. A better one is: Can the president exonerate someone who has never been indicted?  Gerald Ford did and turned himself into one of the biggest dicks of a president in a history crowded with dick presidents. Will Barry do the same?

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