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Tomb Letters

From the desk of:
Denis O’Brien, PhD/Esq.
Exec editor, head news-monkey & chief fat-checker fact-checker
LogoPhere (the blog)
Langley, British Columbia

Monday, February 06, 2017

re: President DTDuck’s dead-family policy & the family of SEAL Ryan Owens

Tomb it may concern:

We (the editorial "we") here at LogoPhere.com, the world's most beloved and least known blog, have become increasingly alarmed at DTDuck's gormless pre-presidential and presidential promotion of war crimes. And now (the editorial) we are doubly concerned that DTDuck's proposals may lead to the targeting of the family of America's latest futile combat fatality: SEAL William "Ryan" Owens, who was killed on January 29th near al-Bayda in Yemen. 

We (the editorial "we") are also concerned that according to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis (who obviously has ties to historical terrorists from the deep south) these tough SEALs got their asses handed to them by a bunch of AQ ladies in burkas, but (the editorial) we will take that matter up on a later date. Of more immediate concern is that this spokesman for the Pentagon,  Jeff Davis, appears to (the editorial) us to be part of the same Pentagon PR platoon that released a 2007 AQ vid to the press last week and told them it was an AQ training vid seized in the Jan29 raid -- IOW, jerking the US public around to make them think the Jan29 raid produced valuable intel and not just a dead little girl. 

Editorially speaking, we would like to identify a possible ticking-bomb that could go off on the home-front, an unintended consequence of DTDuck's war on the children of terrorists. On Dec05|15, as a part of his general shit-for-brains, pre-presidential, pre-pubescent saber-rattling, DTDuck -- a VN-era draft-dodger who has never worn an American uniform or served his country's military for a microsecond -- told "Fox and Friends" what his grand strategy would be for defeating Daesh: 

"The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families." 

This anserine, criminal "strategy" is taken straight from the chapter on "How to Do Domestic Terrorism" in the apartheid procedures handbook of the Government of Yisrael (GoY) and the Israeli Defense Forces, who regularly use extrajudicial violence and extrajudicial incarceration to target and terrorize the families, and often the children, of people they deem to be terrorists, which is to say: all Palestinians. In what may enter the annals of the most disgusting hypocrisy of our times, Boaz Ganor, a GoY counter-terrorism dude and a Bibi-consultant called-out DTDuck on his dead-family policy, referring to it as "immoral and against the common liberal democratic values."  "Criminal" is an equally valid descriptive term that Ganor neglected to apply to DTDuck's proposal or GoY's practice of targeting families. 

It seems that Obama had his own dead-family policy, for he, like DTDuck, has taken the low, bloody road of destroying the families of terrorists, the difference being that Obama is not as stupid as DTDuck and has kept mum on the policy because who knows when the International Criminal Court will actually begin convicting American presidents for America's war crimes? 

In 2010 Obama decided to sic the CIA on an American citizen in Yemen, a guy named Anwar al-Awlaqi. As Glenn Greenwald points out, whether the al-Awlaqi hit was justified or not . . . who knows? . . . the point at the time was about an American president ordering the extrajudicial homicide of an American citizen. In any event on Sep30|2011 the al-Awlaqi hit was carried out by Obama's favorite weapon of incremental mass destruction: a drone.

Almost immediately Obama activated his dead-family policy and sic'd the CIA on al-Awalqi's family.  The son, Abdulrahman, a 16 y.o. American, and Abdulrahman's 17 y.o. cousin, were droned two weeks after Anwar. That was three al-Awlaqi's taken out in 2 weeks, including 2 Americans and 2 kids.  "Sorry 'bout that. Collateral damage," USG said. And just to make killing kids look justified, USG claimed Abdulrahman was 21 y.o.  But the kid was born in Denver in 1995 and his birth certificate was in English so that once it was published by the Wasghingon Post it was obvious to the world what liars these military PR pricks are, as the latter-day Jeff Davis has so recently confirmed.  

DOB: Aug26|1995

But the al-Awalqi family carnage was not over; next Obama started planning the raid that took place on Jan29.  For various logistical and lunar reasons the raid couldn't be executed before Obama left office, and so he left it to DTDuck to clean up the rest of the al-Awalqi family.  After all, the 8 yo daughter, Nora (or Narwa), was still alive and who knows what a problem she could become.  I mean,  from the way Jeff Davis whined about Yemeni women kicking SEAL Team butt in al-Bayda, it's clear JSOC is afraid of these women. Someone probably figured it was too dangerous to leave an 8 y.o. Yemeni girl standing, even if she was an American. After her husband and son were killed by the CIA drones, Nora's mother Gihan moved her daughter from the Yemeni capital of Sa'ana to the mountains in the al-Bayda area of southern Yemen.  And that is where Owen's SEAL Team found her and killed her in the dead of night. According to Yemeni sources, SEALs entered the home of the girl and shot her in the neck. Of course, Jeff Davis and his buddies are saying "We don't know who killed her. We didn't even know she was there." What a coincidence, eh? And so it goes, Kurt. 

Nawar, or Nora, al-Awlaqi

During his 8 years as America's jive-talker in the White House, Obama became an absolute master of the dead-family way of waging war; he became more effective and more deadly than even the iJews.  Take Operation Haymaker in Afghanistan, for instance. According to Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept, documents leaked by someone inside the USG show that during this one operation over 200 people were killed but only 35 were "intended targets," meaning 83% were "collateral damage," the uniquely USG Rumsfeldian euphemism for non-combatant family, friends, and by-standers. In one five month period, the non-target kill rate of Haymaker was ~90%.

Let me tell you something: When you are killing 90 non-targets to every 10 targets, the non-targets are called "non-targets" or "collateral damage" for reasons of PR only. Nobody is 90% stupid or 90% incompetent, not even military commanders or drone-jocks. Anybody that stupid or incompetent would be in a home or institution where they could be kept safe from themselves. The objective of such operations is obviously to use the "targets" as a pretense for wiping out non-combatant family and friends. It's part of Obama's dead-family policy.  It's like Bill Clinton bombing the bee-jesus out of Iraq's infrastructure, including schools,  for years, killing hundreds of thousands of children -- the objective of which was to make the Iraqi people turn on Saddam. Even though that goal failed miserably, Bilton's Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, famously told 60 Minutes that the price was "worth it." 

Some powerful American military and political nut-cases, like Bilton, Hilton, DTDuck, & Albright, think that the way to win wars is to kill civilians, including children -- especially children -- until the enemy's own people turn against it, at which point hostilities will end. The USG's uniquely historical villainy of nuking and fire-bombing civilian populations in WWII comes to mind immediately, quickly followed by its carpet-bombing, napalming, and dispersion of carcinogens in Vietnam. DTDuck's proposal to target terrorists' families merely continues, extends, and recognizes publicly this dead-family policy. The thing about democracy is this: It's through the choice of its leaders that a country shows the world how sick its people are, but the people themselves are too sick to see it. In this respect, democracy becomes a type of dementia.

That's the back-story part of this letter, now (the editorial) we would like to get to the point. 

We wonder whether the Obama/Trump policy of taking out terrorists' families may be going a bit too far because  on the basis of the good-for-the-goose/ good-for-the-gander principle it seems that the dead-families policy justifies reciprocally taking out the families of the SEALs and other uniformed American terrorists, such as drone pilots.  I mean, a terrorist is a terrorist and merely wearing a US uniform, carrying US weapons, and being paid by American taxpayers doesn't alter or mitigate the definition of "terrorist."  A terrorist is anyone who uses violence, or the threat of violence, against non-combatant civilians in order to achieve a political or military goal. If taking out terrorists' families like DTDuck has publicly advocated and as Obama has covertly done doesn't fit the definition of terrorism, then nothing does.  

Check his record: Obama spent 8 years terrorizing and killing terrorists' families in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria through drone strikes and commando raids, while never declaring a war on anyone.  And seeing as how Americans like Owens and his SEAL buddies do -- or did -- this stuff for a living, the term "terrorists" fit them to a tee. This view is supported by Matthew Cole's recent article "The Crimes of SEAL Team 6" in The Intercept, which article presented SEAL Team Six as a group of sadistic pathos -- they should be called SEAL Team Sick.  (What commends Cole's article most of all is that it is based on testimony of ex-SEAL Team Sick leaders and that the Sickos' commander circulated a memo in response to Cole's article, which memo did not deny any of the disturbing and disgusting facts about SEAL Team Sick.)

And so what we editorially are saying is that we've got the enemy terrorists and we've got the American terrorists, and they've all got families, which is, ostensibly, why they became terrorists. If American targeting of enemy terrorists' families is justified, then targeting of the families of American terrorists is equally justified.  The same goes for water-boarding and other torture techniques. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, even if the gander is American.

Denis R. O'Brien

cc: The White House 

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