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Congress: the Chosen Ones 
of the "Chosen Ones"  

The Yisrael-monkeys' annual genuflection 
gets under way in Washington

To me AIPAC is one of the most fascinating and terrifying organizations in the world. It is the culmination of the iJews' effort to take over America’s democracy, which effort began back in 1916 when Yisrael existed only on paper.  As carefully explained by Alison Weir, the zionists began infiltrating American politics and culture in their successful bid to convince Wilson to enter WWI in exchange for Lord Balfour getting the British government to back Yisrael. The iJews quickly learned where the Achilles' heel of the American political system is: politicians' greed. 

Historically Ashkenazi Jews have understood better than anyone how to service their own greed by manipulating others' -- at both the individual and institutional level -- and that has made all the difference. The monkey won't dance unless you feed him, and AIPAC is all about getting their monkeys to dance, which is what they're doing right now at the AIPAC "policy conference" in Washington.  According to AIPAC, thirty-two Congresspeople will be speaking at the convention, including Mike Pence, Ben Cardin, Bob Corker, Ted Deutch, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Tim Kaine, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Robt. Menendez, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan.   More than 66% of Congress will be attending the AIPAC conference to kiss GoY's ass, which is precisely why the organization is so terrifying to any America-first American: these politicians are the chosen ones of the "Chosen Ones," these are America's "leaders" dancing for shekels.

Today the control that the Government of Yisrael (GoY) exerts over Congress is mind-boggling, particularly when you look at what a tiny, insignificant country Yisrael is in terms of population and resources. GoY has become one of the most powerful countries in the world by virtue of controlling the flow of shekels into the campaign funds of Congress. And there’s no law against it. I mean, what politician is going to vote for a law that cuts tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from his/her own campaign every year, not to mention the unreported cash and perks that go directly into the politicians’ collective pocket? What congressperson is going to vote against sending $3bn to GoY every year when they know some of that American taxpayer money is going to circulate back into their campaign coffers, either through AIPAC "members" or through defense companies paid by GoY? It is an absolute lock.

No wonder the three days of the AIPAC convention every year are referred to as the most important three days of the year for Yisrael’s future. What is less well understood is that these same three days are also the most important for America’s future, and for all the wrong reasons. After all, those politicians publicly sucking GoY-ass are the leaders of America. So far as I can remember, Trump is the only American politician to have ever looked the iJews in the eye and said publicly: "Keep your shekels, I'm not for sale." And yet one suspects that was merely a publicity stunt, given the way he has sucked up to GoY, as Philip Giraldi points out. Here. Here.  

The AIPAC convention is emblematic of the debacle that American democracy has become. It is a disgusting, disgraceful annual circus of American politicians genuflecting to a rogue nuclear country that controls American "democracy" in order to control the American agenda, and, to an important extent, the American purse. What is most shocking and fascinating is how fast this has happened -- many of us have seen this zionist power-grab unfold over the course of our lives, mostly since the assassination of JFK.

Richard Edmondson has recently suggested that Tulsi Gabbard inspires hope that some honest member of Congress will have the courage to get AIPAC under control, beginning with having it listed as a foreign lobby. Gabbard, who has recently traveled to Syria and met with Assad, may be far enough above the beltway swamp morally and ethically to get this done. She's an Army major with two tours in Iraq, a Hindu, and someone with enough (metaphorical) balls to stand up to the likes of Debbie Schultz, one of the most toxic and powerful iJews in Congress. (I was hoping Elizabeth Warren would be another rare example of an American politician putting America’s interests before GoY’s, but, alas, Warren turns out to be just another GoY monkey dancing for her shekels.)

In 2010 Morgan Strong wrote a very valuable history about the way Yisrael has screwed every American president since Eisenhower. And, of course, every American president since Eisenhower knows that, and most Congresspeople do, too. And yet it Congress allows it to go on and on. In 2010, according to Strong, the USG gave GoY $2.4bn of Americans' tax money; this year the figure is $3.1bn -- a 30% increase in seven years. I wonder how many American households have see a 30% increase in their income since 2010. And that brings me to my last point: It is not the US presidents who are getting screwed by Israeli lies and filthy dealings, it is the American people. The presidents all do quite well, thank you, and end up multi-millionaires. After all, some monkeys -- the big ones -- ya' gotta' feed more than the others.  

If Americans ever wake up to WTF is going on and force Congress to quit with this mindless support of Israeli racism and apartheid with Americans' money and military, it will be the end of GoY as we now know it. When AIPAC becomes a "dirty word" politically speaking and a liability for American politicians, we'll know we're on the way to finally achieving peace in the ME. For endless data to support this position, I refer you to the aptly named website If Americans Knew.   

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