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Marginal Tweets 
to Myself (MTM)

Jan30| 2017

1600 | PT
According to The Intercept, super shit-for-brains iJew Pamela Geller published today: "As I predicted last night, the shooters in the Quebec mosque attack are Muslim."  And away she went on another Islamophobic, Zionist rant. 

But "they" weren't Muslims. "They" was a white, violent, Zionist, racist like Geller, who, like Geller, would make the world a better & safer place by being locked away permanently.

Jan29| 2017

1600 | PT
Fake CNN headline on web home page just now: "How many terrorist attacks have involved refugees? None." That's a lie. Correct answer: Waay too many. Ask Germany for instance. Or France. Or Belgium. Quit lying, CNN. It isn't helping. 

1345 | PT
DumboDon rolls out grand plan to protect Americans from terrorists and it turns out to be a total cluster fuck. Makes the ObamaCare roll-out look as smooth as Skippy peanut-butter. DD would fuck up a one-car funeral. Sad. Inauspicious. 

Jan27| 2017

The irony of it. USG under Obama absolutely made the cluster fuck in Syria/Iraq that  produced 2M Muslim refugees. Now DumboDon says only Christian refugees can escape to US.  Colin Powell: You break it; you fix it.  Guess not. Sad, stupid, annoying.  

Mary Tyler Moore et al. small-breasted movie icons: the ones you know got there b/c of their talents and wits and not their tits. RIP, Laura Petrie, and lots of laughs.

Jan26| 2017

Paul Krugman Nov09|16: The markets are crashing and will never recover.
DowJones Jan25|17: Unprecedented close above 20,000 -- the rise since DTDuck's election the 2nd fastest in history. A fella' would have to be a moron not to see that Krugman is one, too. 

Jan25| 2017

DumboDon is banning all Iraqis, Iranians, Somalis, Yemenis, Sudanese, Libyans, and Syrians. Funny -- Saudis & Egyptians not included even tho' Saudis and Egyptians brought down the WTC. Ill-tempered idiocy. 

Can this be true? David Yanofsky at Quartz tells us that the USG demands a payment of $173,775 in order to see data that will tell you how many immigrants will be affected by DumboDon's new travel ban. This is not DD's rule; it's Obama's. WTF?

Jan24| 2017

I watch a lot of YouTubes but this one is the best I have ever seen. Ever. It's a techie presentation by Tony Seba on how bright the immediate future is. Like, right now. Even politicians won't be able to fuck this up . . . or stop it. Watch the vid. You'll thank me Seba.

On Jan19 I suggested that Barry would leave an inauguration day exit IED, much like Bilton's infamous last-minute pardon of Marc Rich. Barry's IED was so well hidden it took a couple of days to find it: On the way out the door to the inauguration, Barry transferred $221M USD to the Palestinian Authority as a final slap in the chops to BiBi. Just desserts.

Jan23| 2017

Well, durn. Looks like the WH petitions website has been scrubbed. My worthy petition to award Vladimir Putin a Medal of Freedom is gone. The link now goes to mug-shot of DumboDon. Worse, my log-in data have been disappeared. Sad. The Change.org petition is still hot. 8 signatures! 92 more needed. 

Jan21| 2017

Dumbo Don's inaugural jingoism forebodes a more "patriotic" America. But is a man who dodged the draft during time of war a true patriot? Does he have the courage to back up his bluster? Will he send his sons and daughters to war, if necessary? Ever notice how faux-patriotism is so popular w/ draft dodger politicians? Cowards in power piss off vets.  #CowardsInPower

Jan20| 2017

Intercept's Mattahias Schwartz bitching about DTDuck's inaugural guest list. The problem? Too many billionaires. Or was it too few Jews? (Tom Barrack, a Catholic of Lebanese descent, got the lion's share of tickets.) Sad. Make Israel Palestine again.

Hilton not looking too cheery @ inauguration. Later she gets standing ovation led by Dumbo Don but didn't get preemptive pardon from Barry, who has left town by now.

1100 am|PT
Jill Abramson
too gormless to throw mud that makes sense. In Guardian she bitches b/c Dumbo Donís inaugural address mentioned Bilton but not Hilton or HW Bush. Well, duh . . . it was his salutation to the past PRESIDENTS WHO WERE PRESENT. No wonder Abramson fired by NYT. No wonder it was she who characterized Hilton as "fundamentally honest and trustworthy." Stupid is as stupid does.


Jan29| 2017
1100 | PT

The opening volley in the coming battles
between a narcissist-president and the
federal judiciary

Ole' Hickory chuckles in his grave


Glenn Greenwald is able to use the large picture as a lens to focus on a specific event or problem better than any other writer I am aware of. But he, like all writers, has his limitations, and they really pop out in his Jan28 The Intercept piece about DTDuck imposing a "Muslim ban" with the Jan27 Executive Order. Nevertheless, Glenn Greenwald is Glenn Greenwald, which means the piece is superbly organized and his thoughts and concerns are stated with crystal clarity.  Anything this guy writes is a good read, even if you don't agree with all of his assertions.   


Jan19| 2017
7:30 pm|PST

Short-shots & Follow-ups 

A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused

  • See the IDF soldiers pee their panties and run 

  • Michael Moore: A megalomaniac bitching about a narcissist. How convoluted does it get? 

  • Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading. What about this guy? 

  • Palm Springs here we come: Obama's one last vacation on the taxpayer's dime


Jan10| 2017
11 am|PST

  The audacity of truth: 
A petition to award Vladimir Putin 
the US Presidential Medal of Freedom

As justified by US intelligence assessments

Follow the link to read the petition and 
for links to Change.org and WeThePeople

[The Petition]

Jan06| 2017

Good Stuff to Read
The LogoPhere Reading Room

Round-up of long-reads worth 
the effort from December, 2016

  • A black Englishman plays Alexis de Toqueville in America, bummed out about all the kids getting shot

  • Historical background to LogoPhere's Jan04 opinion piece on the Bezos-WaPo-CIA troika

  • Hilton whiners and the FBIís search warrant for her emails on a pervertís computer

  • Fascist Democracy in America, Part I

  • Fascist Democracy in America, Part II


7 pm, PDT

Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post, and the CIA:  An inextricably
intertwined troika of 
villainy and scum 

Too strong? OK, how about: 
"A piss poor trio of fake news promoters"

If you have been paying attention to all of the anti-Russia dung being spewed by the major American news outlets -- and I'm not suggesting that you should -- but if you have been, you may  have noticed that in spite of all of the vitriol no one has seriously accused Vladimir Putin of mendacity or spreading falsehoods in his so-called “hack of the election.”  I mean, no one is asserting that the "hacked" John Podesta/DNC emails that were supposed to have turned the tide for DTDuck were fakes. And, of course, that's because the FBI has all of those emails, too, and so, as far as editors of the New York Times or Washington Post know, any attempt to mischaracterize the Wikileaked emails as frauds could get shoved right back down their throats. No, the so-called "fake news" is not about the email-leaks themselves; "fake news" is another issue: Russian propaganda. And more and more it is about propaganda generated about the primary purveyors of the "fake news" allegations: NYT and WaPo.  It's sort of like the way the real story about "antisemitism" has become more and more about the ridiculous way mal-semites call every goy walking an "antisemite."  [Go ahead, Uncle Abe, unload on me. It would flatter me and I could use the attention.]




Last Month's Posts

Dec02| 2016
5pm PST

Good Stuff to Read
The LogoPhere Reading Room

November 2016 round-up of 
long-reads worth the effort


  • No-fly zone nonsense

  • Alison Weir's "Against Our Better Judgment" reviewed

  • Democratic Party obit

  • The FBI's "preemptive prosecution": fascism American style

  • Kerr-McGee's smell surfaces again

  • The deep state of the Deep State



Dec05| 2016
4pm PST

Anti-antisemitism, thought-control bill moves through Congress like poop through the proverbial goose.

Eight years of legislative constipation suddenly ends when it comes to Congress' preferred constituency 

Apparently American Jews, although they comprise only about 2% of the American population, send so many shekels to Congress that when a bill benefiting them comes up, Congress drops everything else to pass the bill immediately. And the reason I say it is that I am stunned at how after eight years of Congressional do-nothing grid-lock, the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act was introduced into the Senate last Thursday, Dec01, and passed the very same day. Unanimously, without amendment.



The tree from which the apple 
has fallen not far


Dec12| 2016
9pm PST

Nancy Peolsi's daughter, an elector for California, tries to crash the Electoral College system

I didn't even know Nancy Pelosi had a daughter.

Finally  the Daily Mail really nailed this one out of the ballpark, or something like that.  And by that mixed metaphor I mean that Francesca Chambers' article of today's date is superbly written and tightly proof-read. Never have I seen this quality from the Daily Mail.

Chambers rips into Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine Pelosi, for her vicious attempt to turn the Electoral College into some sort of super-committee for determining who should and woh shouldn't be president. Apparently in her mind it's like "Let's throw 220 years of American political tradition and process down the toilet." And while I will be the first to argue that the EC is waaay out of date and badly in need of some re-tooling, the period between a presidential election and the inauguration of the new president is not the time to be making adjustments that will undermine the election. IMO, Christine Pelosi is a traitor.



  Dec21| 2016
7 pm PST

Short-shots & Follow-ups

A few quick news-stories, observations, and follow-ups to keep us focused


  • Toxic NY Jew journalist: Kill more Russian diplomats 

  • Up-date on Pennsylvania killer-cop protection bill, HB1358 

  • Notice to MSM: the White Helmets' little girl with bloody teddy-bear scene has been canceled.



Dec25| 2016
1 pm PST

UNSC Resolution 2334: 
A  teaching moment for GoY?  Probably not, but certainly a teaching moment about GoY

This sort of thing really brings out Congressional  Yisrael-Firsters and shekel-suckers 


The Dec23|2016 near-unanimous vote of 14-0 in the UN Security Council to pass Resolution 2334 was one of dozens of UNSC resolutions passed over the last 50 years castigating the Government of Yisrael (GoY).  And so, the abstention by the USG is not "unpresidented" (to borrow a cretinous term from the next US president, who is, not by coincidence, a LogoPhere-certified cretin). Unfortunately, it is hard to resist the conclusion that this resolution, like the rest, will have no real effect in eliminating the apartheid outrage that is destroying Palestine, and it will just be another number in the long list of ineffective UN resolutions condemning GoY. But then again, considering how Bibi Netanyahu has gone into orbit, perhaps this resolution will, if nothing else, become a teaching moment for the world about who and what GoY really is.



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