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Posts for February 2017



Feb01| 2017

Good Stuff to Read
The LogoPhere Reading Room

Round-up of long-reads worth 
the effort from January 2017



Glenn Greenwald 
Tom Suarez
Andrew Joyce, PhD
Hugh McInnish   
Matthew M. Burke  
Philip Giraldi



Feb06| 2017

President DTDuck’s dead-family policy  & the family of SEAL Ryan Owen


We (the editorial "we") here at LogoPhere.com, the world's most beloved and least known blog, have become increasingly alarmed at DTDuck's gormless pre-presidential and presidential promotion of war crimes. And now (the editorial) we are doubly concerned that DTDuck's proposals may lead to the targeting of the family of America's latest futile combat fatality: SEAL William "Ryan" Owen, who was killed on January 29th near al-Bayda in Yemen. 



Feb16| 2017

He was "short in his bedroom," if you know what I mean. . .



Daily Fail, Feb16|2016


The Martyrs Cemetery, Najha, Syria
Military cemetery or mass grave for enemies of the state?

Feb18| 2017

Amnesty International’s Saydnaya Military Prison Allegations: More Bogeyman Prevarication and Casus Belli Propaganda


AI provides what it characterizes as satellite photographic evidence of mass graves where AI alleges bodies from the SMP hangings were buried. In fact these "mass graves" are nothing more sinister than two tiny community grave yards and a formal military cemetery with a majestic memorial, all of which have been established since at least December 2003, according to Google Earth historical images. On close examination of the "mass graves" satellite photos there is not a single shred of evidence from which one could conclude that they are mass graves or in any way associated with SMP, any hangings, any torture, or any crimes whatsoever.



Feb20| 2017

ESL Daily Fail writers and editors struggle to get headlines right. Fail. Sometimes. Often.

When some monkey catching a football is the happiest moment of your life, you really gotta' examine your life before it's too late. Srsly.

February 2017 Marginal Tweets to Myself

Feb01| 2017

1600 | PT
Gorsuch: Finally, non-Catholic, non-Jew. What USSCt needs is a female Buddhist of Iranian descent.  Or, better, Sally Yates. 


Feb02| 2017

0900 | PT
The country is quickly sliding into PTSD but the trauma has hardly begun. Keep your eye on the national suicide rate. Currently 13.26 per 100K, it's gonna' go up even faster than the Dow.

Feb06| 2017

0600 | PT
Anheuser-Busch cut the Clydesdales out of SB LI commercial. Sad. Busch was the one who fed them hops and trained them to piss into the bottles so they could call it "Budweiser" and sell it to the Irishmen. Brilliant. Immigrants make America great.

Feb07| 2017

1100 | PT
Here's what passes for "due process" in Yisrael: the Government of Yisrael (GoY) just passed a bill that says it's OK for settlers to steal Palestinian land in the West Bank.  Bonus points: GoY made the law fucking retroactive. UN & democratic countries need to step in and stop this ethnic cleansing, and "Make Israel Palestine Again"


Feb08| 2017

1430 | PT
On Monday the Government of Yisrael (GoY) passed a law giving GoY the right to steal Palestinian land in the West Bank and making such theft retroactive to include thousands of illegal settlements built on land stolen from Palestinians. Who covered this in the US? NPR, AP, RT. ABC. Yes, thank you. CNN? Nope. And CNN has the balls to call GoY a "democracy."


Feb10| 2017

1500 | PT
On Feb08 monosynaptic CNN blonde bimbo Kayleigh McEnany -- with no law experience other than graduating  law school 8 months ago -- was given the CNN microphone to pontificate on how the 9th Circuit would rescind the TRO if it knew what the law demands. You got it: this wet-behind the ears bimbo thinks she knows more than the seasoned US appeals court judges. Obviously McEnany was hideously, laughably wrong. Full LogoPhere analysis of this idiot CNN article is in the works, if I can stop laughing long enuf to write it.

Feb13| 2017

1000 | PT
Oroville Dam, just the latest in a long tradition of idiot dam projects in America.  When Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky fails, Nashville will be submerged. The dam has been under almost constant "repair" since it was built in 1951. 

Feb15| 2017

1030 | PT
RawStory reports that an intel cretin named John Schindler tweets the IC is now at war with Trump and Trump "will die in prison." If the report is true, then it is tantamount to America's Stasi threatening every American. 

Feb16| 2017

1200 | PT
With 600 pilot whales beached on Farewell Spit in New Zealand, it should be a durn good test of the wacko theory that mass whale beachings predict huge seismic events. Counting down: 10 . . . 9 . . . 8 ..

Feb19| 2017

0930 | PT
Bonus points, baby! Ryan Luckenbaugh, the pig convicted of kicking handcuffed man in the face, actually looks like a pig. Double bonus points: And he's white! Oink. 


Feb24| 2017

0930 | PT
This is an example of why so much of the world despises Israel: IDF fuck-wad Elor Azaria gets 18 months for executing a Palestinian who was unconscious and lying on the ground; Palestinian kids get 3 years for throwing rocks at cars. And Israel-first US politicians promote Israel as "a democracy."  Sick.

Feb25| 2017

1600 | PT
DTDuck the bullshitter crows that he cut national debt by $12Bn in his first month while it increased  by $200Bn in Obama's first month. Neglects to mention DTDuck inherited an economy in good condition while Obama inherited a massive recession and tanking tax revenues. Details, Details.

Feb26| 2017

1200 | PT
Lest we forget why so much of the civilized world despises iJews and the IDF. . . Further to my MTM of Feb24, here is the vid of IDF turd Elor Azaria murdering wounded and disabled Palestinian Abdel Fattah al-Sharif.  The head-shot is at 2:58, you'll need headphones because it's easier to hear than to see. Azaria sentence to 18 months. Sick iJews. 



Feb27| 2017

0830 | PT
The DNC's Jewish Problem: iJews & zionists; eg. Saban, Dershowitz, ADL, Rosen, AJC, Schultz. They took down Bernie. They took down EllisonVox ~ Intercept The Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working/middle class. Wealthy zionists own it. The middle class stiff can suck off. So it goes, Kurt. 






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