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Posts for March 2017

0930 PST

Congress: the Chosen Ones  of the "Chosen Ones"  

The Yisrael-monkeys' annual genuflection  gets under way in Washington

To me AIPAC is one of the most fascinating and terrifying organizations in the world. It is the culmination of the iJews' effort to take over America’s democracy, which effort began back in 1916 when Yisrael existed only on paper.  As carefully explained by Alison Weir, the Zionists began infiltrating American politics and culture in their successful bid to convince Wilson to enter WWI in exchange for Lord Balfour getting the British government to back Yisrael. The iJews quickly learned where the Achilles' heel of the American political system is: politicians' greed. 

Historically Ashkenazi Jews have understood better than anyone how to service their own greed by manipulating others' -- at both the individual and institutional level -- and that has made all the difference. The monkey won't dance unless you feed him, and AIPAC is all about getting their monkeys to dance, which is what they're doing right now at the AIPAC "policy conference" in Washington.  According to AIPAC, thirty-two Congresspeople will be speaking at the convention, including Mike Pence, Ben Cardin, Bob Corker, Ted Deutch, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Tim Kaine, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Robt. Menendez, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan.   More than 66% of Congress will be attending the AIPAC conference to kiss GoY's ass, which is precisely why the organization is so terrifying to any America-first American: these politicians are the chosen ones of the "Chosen Ones," these are America's "leaders" dancing for shekels.





Mar24| 2017

Good Stuff to Read
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March 2017, Part A


Evan Osnos, David Remnick, Joshua Yaffa
Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War

Philip Giraldi
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Iona Craig
Death in Al Ghayil

Glenn Greenwald
Rand Paul Is Right: NSA Routinely Monitors Americans’ Communications Without Warrants

Philip Giraldi
What is the CIA hack all about?

Jack Ravenwood
Trump, JFK, and the Deep State




Yisrael's new F-35s -- one down & one to go?


1500 PST

GoY's St. Paddy's Day Attack on Syria  and Chutzpah Diplomacy  

We are bumping up against the most critical known unknown that determines the short and long-term future of the Middle East: Will Putin go all-in to defend Syria?


Things have been going relatively well for Bashir al-Assad since late 2015 when Vladimir Putin stepped in and flipped the bird to the Government of Yisrael (GoY) and the American neocons (collectively, "iJews") who have been trying to bring down the Assad government with a proxy "civil war" reinforced with CIA-armed terrorist groups. But now that Assad's grip on power is strong again and the "civil war" is winding down, the toxic iJews are reverting to the 2-step Plan B --  Step 1: chop up Syria like Daesh chops up American journalists; and Step 2: divide the pieces of the country between Shia, Sunni, and Kurds.  

GoY's primary objective has always been to get a free-fly zone over Syrian territory so that they can get their bombers to Iran intact. GoY doesn't care if they are flying over Sunni or Kurds, as long as they don't have to dodge Assad's SAMs. Unfortunately for GoY, as long as Putin stays in the area and defends Assad, GoY's direct path to attacking Iran is cut off.  




0830 PST

A Proposition  

What would we do with America's war criminals 
if they were to be tried and convicted?


An overwhelming mountain of evidence supports the case for hanging Iraq War II mass murderers Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice, Feith, Wolfowitz et al. for the destruction of Iraq and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, which continues to this day. 




Mar04| 2017

Good Stuff to Read
The LogoPhere Reading Room

Round-up of long-reads worth  the effort from February 2017



David Rose   

Alison Weir

Philip Ewing


Glenn Greenwald


March 2017 Marginal Tweets to Myself

Mar04| 2017

1200 | PT
For 70 years Jews have been destroying and confiscating historic Islamic cemeteries in Palestine, but the Jew-controlled MSM ignores it. Jews have built buildings, restrooms, and parking lot on Muslim and Christian graves in the Mamilla Cemetery. MSM remains silent. But when Jewish headstones are knocked over in Philadelphia and St. Louis this week, the MSM goes apoplectic. Until the ADL says publicly that it is "horrified" at the Jews' destruction of  Palestinians and their cemeteries, why should any fair person really care about Jewish headstones?


Mar06| 2017

0830 | PT
In the lead-up to Easter, News-Jew Jeff Zucker's CNN is on a roll bashing non-Jewish religions. Today's headlines: "Scholars argue if Jesus existed" ~ "What we know about the trial of Jesus" ~ "Why I'm haunted by my religion's dark side." Man, if there's any religion with a dark side, it's Judaism. Here's an example of a headline Zucker missed: "How many baby boys in Bethlehem did the Jew King Herod murder?" 


Mar09| 2017

0930 | PT
Ryan Owens, America's latest dead SEAL hero, and his "highly successful" raid on a dirt-poor Yemeni village -- yeah, about that. . . The Intercept.


Mar10| 2017

Nominee for the Pulitzer headline of the year award: Lawyer's pants catch fire during arson trial. 


Mar10| 2017

0800 | PT
Last August I was one of the first to call out Khizr Khan for being a bullshitter.  It was right after the Democratic Convention where the mad Muslim from Maryland grabbed the national mic and exploited the death of his hero Marine son for political purposes. 

Looks like the Khan bullshit is still flowing. The Harvard-trained lawyer has grabbed the national mic again and complains that the USG has prevented him from traveling to Canada to give a speech.  Bullshit says CBC, The Atlantic, WaPo, and  Dan Calabrese -- and I agree.

Seems to me that if this bullshitter, Khan, would take his Harvard law degree and go back to Pakistan, both countries would be better off . 


Mar12| 2017

Best online sentence of the month (so far) is by Politico's Jim Higdon, writing about the huge pot-party in Nevada:

"So the thousands of weed devotees who rode the free shuttle from the Las Vegas Strip to the reservation had good reason to be paranoid about the possibility they would be met with drug-sniffing DEA hounds when the bus doors wheezed open."

Best use of the word "ecdysis" by anyone, anywhere is by A Closer Look on Syria:

"The US declares the latest ecdysis of Al Qaeda in Syria, Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham, a terrorist organization."


Mar15| 2017

It's a good day to celebrate a couple of American heroes.

First, there's this great story about how a pissed off college sophomore from Texas, Greg Watson, shamed a bunch of states into ratifying a 1789 amendment (now the 27th) to the US Constitution that prevents each session of Congress from giving itself pay-raises.

 Next up is a far sadder story about a young American hero, Rachel Corrie, from Olympia, WA who gave her life protesting against the Government of Yisrael's (GoY) apartheid policies and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. 

Corrie was crushed by a Caterpillar bulldozer driven by a GoY soldier on Mar16|2003 while protesting the destruction of Palestinian homes. One notes with suspicion that Google has all but completely scrubbed her from its search results.

America needs to follow Corrie's example, jettison all of its GoY baggage and start pushing back against GoY apartheid. And Google needs to get its shit together before the world turns on it with a fury.

Rachel Corrie
Apr10|1979 - Mar16|2003


Mar17| 2017

One hundred years ago this week a women’s march in Petrograd Russia set off a chain of violence that would lead to the abdication of Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II and, about a year later, the execution of him and his entire family. 

And the reason I bring it to your attention two months after the Women’s March on Washington is to help us all remember how powerful women’s movements against incorrigible governments can be. 

DTDuck has a damn-the-torpedoes way of governing that some find laudable, but then so did Nicholas. There are limits to how much bull-spit a population (and those members of a population who actually run a government) will abide.


Mar18| 2017

Rouge state of Yisrael attacks Syria again. This is the excuse Netanyahu uses: “That’s how we’ve acted and how we will continue to act…and everyone needs to take this into account. Everyone.” 

Someday Yisrael is gonna' get it's ass kicked and whoever does it can say "That's how we act, too." 


Mar18| 2017

Vacationing in opulence on Richard Branson's private island and then on Marlon Brando's. Cutting $60M book deal.  We now see what Obama's presidency was all about from the very start: personal wealth, like Clinton's.  

And like Clinton, it will take Obama years to call in all the IOUs he collected for services rendered while he was in the WH. He will be well taken care of for a long time. IOW, black politicians are just as disgusting as the white ones.


Mar20| 2017

Last July I pointed out that FOX's Andrew Naploitano is as big a liar as both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Today Adm. Mike Rogers, NSA chief, backed me up. 

On Mar16|17 Naploitano wrote that Obama would not have needed a warrant to "authorize surveillance on Trump."  Well, duh . . . of course he wouldn't need a warrant to authorize surveillance, he could "authorize" anything he wanted to authorize, but a warrant would nevertheless have been required to carry out the surveillance irrespective of who ordered it. 

IOW Obama could not have authorized an extrajudicial tap of Trump, or of any American person, even though Obama could -- and did -- order and authorize the extrajudicial murders of American citizens. Ironic, ain't it?

In today's House Intel Committee hearing Rogers made a liar out of Napolitano by clearly stating that nobody, including the President, can obtain extrajudicial  surveillance of an American person. 

I am beginning to get suspicious that Napolitano  throws out these shocking, unsubstantiated, false, and politically-charged assertions because he is a CNN plant trying to bring down FOX from the inside.

Either that or he's just a plain ole' attention-seeking fuck-wit and bullshitter. Looks like he has disappeared, for now.


Mar23| 2017

Those threats to synagogues and Jewish centers we're always hearing about. . . yeah, well the chances are reasonable they're made by Jews. 

However, when the Jewish perps are finally ID'd and busted, the MSM then calls them "hoax threats" and the cops treat them as misdemeanors. But if the perp turns out to be a Muslim, the threats are treated as "terrorism" and a big-time prison sentence is coming.

So it goes, Kurt.


Mar24| 2017

When Russia/Syria were taking down Daesh in Aleppo, CNN and the motley of mendacious MSM were complaining daily about loss of civilian lives. Now that USG/Iraq are bombing the shit out of Mosul and killing civilians by the dozens the MSM stays mum. 

Discriminatory silence is a way of lying, too.


Mar29| 2017

Among the brain-ded idiots who are "educating" the country's kids are those who run the Hoke County Schools in Raeford, NC. Last Friday they suspended 5-yo kindergartner Caitlin Miller for playing with a stick-gun. Not a gun made from sticks, but a stick that looked to Caitlin like a gun when she found it on the playground. Story

I swear, the nincompoops running the educational system today are so stupid they couldn't tell a wet tea-bag from a fresh turkey-turd. Speaking of which, the principal at Catilin's school, J.W. McLauchlin Elementary, is Laurie Ashley. Stand up and take a bow, Laurie.


Mar29| 2017

On Jan19 I noted what cowards the Israeli Defense Forces are as indicated by a vid of them all peeing their panties and running like scared bunnies from an alleged attack in Jerusalem. 

There's another YT now circulating that displays the institutional IDF cowardice: 15 or so of them terrorize an 8 yo boy in Hebron until a bunch of old women storm in and rescue the kid.  

The vid, which was produced by B'Tselem, is up on IAK, and they give a narrative of what happens. Also, there are several copies on YT. 

Notice particularly the iJew soldier with his helmet cover all askew -- he is the real trouble-maker here. But he will probably be awarded an Israeli medal of valor for terrorizing the Palestinian boy.

Disgusting iJews . . .it never ends.




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