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Three scenarios/outcomes for Hillary Clinton and her federal prosecution, vel non

Bloged in America, Elections by Gutter Grunt Wednesday February 10, 2016 at about 5:48 pm

As  a man much smarter than myself once said: 50% of politics is about payback. There is a deep current of payback running through the population, and the Clintons will reap what they’ve sown. I think wanting to dock their clock once and for all is more of a factor for most women than any feminist/gender bias.


If Victoria Sharp is lying, she needs to stop.

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Right) by Gutter Grunt Thursday February 4, 2016 at about 12:39 am

Right  off the bat I want to make it clear that in this post I am not going to get into my whole Christian, Ten Commandments, Thou Shall Not Lie, anti-righteous right-wing pricks thing.  I’m not even going to mention, for instance, that Victoria Sharp is advertised as an 18-yo “Christian singer” or that she was singing Christian hymns with the Malheur dildos shortly before Robt. LaVoy Finicum was gunned down by the FBI on Jan26|2016.  I mean, if these armed Christian Tea Party “patriots” have figured out a way to lie and be Christians at the same time, like a lot of priests and bishops we’ve all read about, then, who am I — as a non-Christian, non-Muslim, non-Jew, non-armed-to-the-teeth Tea Party patriot,  Big Lebowsky-style do-you-have-any-khalua pacifist — to be casting the first, proverbial stone?  All I’m saying is that if Victoria Sharp is lying, she needs to stop.  Oh, sorry — already said that in the headline.


A close-up timeline of the Robt. LaVoy Finicum ambush

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Right), Good cop/Bad cop, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Tuesday February 2, 2016 at about 6:51 pm

On  Jan26|2016 the FBI and Oregon State Troopers ambushed a white pick-up truck carrying the wacko leaders of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom who invaded the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan02|2016.  A fat, left-handed cop in dark uniform short sleeves stole up behind Robt. LaVoy Finicum and shot him dead. Finicum, according to the FBI, was armed with a 9mm pistol, and it looks like he was reaching for it. Finicum had said previously that, in effect, he would never be taken alive. He wasn’t. 


Deconstructing Obama’s false Syrian sarin syllogism ~ Part 3 of 3 — Premise I and the Sarin Myth

Bloged in Middle East, America, World Events by Gutter Grunt Wednesday January 27, 2016 at about 11:12 pm

Frontispiece of Murder in the SunMorgue 

In attacking Obama’s Premise I in this Part 3, I hope to convince you that Premise II and my analysis of it are largely irrelevant because not only were there no sarin-missiles, there was no sarin, at least in the quantities required to kill the hundreds of people many of us have seen in the Ghouta videos.  All of that “Assad’s sarin” yabber we’ve been hearing for 2+ years is a myth, which means that Obama and Kerry’s accusations that Assad “gassed his own people” in Ghouta on Aug21|2013 are total bullspit. Total.  However guilty he may be of other atrocities, Assad is innocent of the charges that he attacked Ghouta with sarin missiles.  The perps were actually the wahhabi terrorists . 


Deconstructing Obama’s false Syrian sarin syllogism Part 2 of 3 — “Assad’s sarin-rockets” hoax

Bloged in Middle East, America, World Events by Gutter Grunt Friday January 15, 2016 at about 1:31 am

I find it really curious and very unfortunate that the UN/OPCW people had absolutely no sense of smell at all.  Not a shred of skepticism. Common sense would tell one that any wahhabi twerp with a beard, a shovel, and a compass could have dug a hole in the ground, stuck a spent 330mm rocket in it, and tipped the rocket in the right direction so it looked like it came from the SAA. How could these UN/OPCW people be so credulous as to agree to partake in an investigation in which the terrorists were in charge of where the investigators went and what they saw, which was, of course, a 330mm rocket stuck in the ground pointing toward Assad’s army.


Deconstructing Obama’s false Syrian sarin syllogism: Part 1 of 3 — Sourcing the sarin

Bloged in Middle East, America, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Sunday January 3, 2016 at about 1:08 pm

Sarin (methylphosphonofluroidate) 

Goodon Ray McGovern and his small army of retired intelligence colleagues who self-apply the name Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). Two years down the road, these tenacious and smart people refuse to let go of an incredibly important war crime: the highly videoed and publicized Ghouta (al-Ghutah) Massacre that killed hundreds of people in a number of communities near Damascus on Aug21|2013. It was the massacre seen ’round the world almost in real-time as the terrorists uploaded videos to YouTube showing hundreds of dead and (presumably) dying Syrian kids, women, and men.  And the videos all screamed the same meme: The people had been gassed with the organophosphate neurotoxin sarin that had been fired into Ghouta by Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

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Sorting out Sy Hersh’s gumbo of anonymous sources

Bloged in America, Media Fails by Gutter Grunt Wednesday December 23, 2015 at about 1:39 am

Sy Hersh knows how to write award winning exposés, no question there.  But I find his reliance on spook-sources really over the top.  

Part of the problem in just following what Hersh is trying to say is that none of his anonymous sources have names, which is what makes them so durn’d anonymous.  And not havin’ names, it is just really hard to follow who says what.  Of course, one could argue that with them all being anonymous, it really doesn’t make any difference who says what because you can’t verify anything anybody says anyway.  This is not scholarship, IOW.  It is somewhere in the grey zone between journalism and comic book fiction.  I mean, IMO, any writing that can’t be completely verified must be presumed to be fiction. 


Why today’s UNSC resolution is not the turning-point for Syria

Bloged in Middle East, America by Gutter Grunt Friday December 18, 2015 at about 10:46 pm
A LogoPhere History-In-The-Making News Alert

Today the UN Security Council unanimously agreed on Resolution 2254(2105) that should put everyone in Syria ( except Da’esh and the other salafist terrorists) on a path to peace by: 1) ending the internecine Syrian violence and 2) stitching Syria back together politically, including a process that allows the Syrians to determine for themselves who will lead their country.  This is an ambitious initiative and if it works, the Syrian civil war will come to an end and the days of Da’esh in Syria will be numbered. UN Resolution 2254(2015) can be found here.  It’s short.


Short-Shots and Follow-ups

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, Media Fails, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Tuesday December 15, 2015 at about 12:38 am

  • Rami Abdulrahman, aka Curve Ball II, and The Independent’s BS Machine

  • The BBC actually sets some limits on GoY propaganda

  • The 5-yo Ahmed torched by psychopath iJews “still not doing well.”


A Few Short-Shots

Bloged in Middle East, America, Good cop/Bad cop, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Friday December 11, 2015 at about 11:38 pm

A few quick news-stories and observations made over the last week or so. 


  • Putin’s mesmerizing messing with USG answered with . . . PR
  • “HuffPo: You’re 24/7 source for amateur news reporting.” ™

  • Here come Loretta!  You Chi-cops better get straight.

  • Andy Campbell of HuffPo got this right . . . mostly.

  • Kern County, CA cops suck like no other cops in the country,
    quantitatively and qualitatively speaking.

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