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Morons teaching your children

Bloged in Miscellaneous, America by Gutter Grunt Thursday February 19, 2015 at about 11:37 pm

There was a time when teachers, like cops, were assumed to be paragons of virtue, but that was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  Today a teacher raping her students is almost as common a news story as a cop beating and killing innocent people, or ripping off thousands of dollars from motorists through an “asset forfeiture” program.  There are excellent teachers, just like there are excellent cops, but have no doubt: some teachers and education administrators teaching your children are pedophiles and morons, as the following stories suggest:

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From the Logophere I-don’t-think-so dept. for Jan19.2015

Bloged in Miscellaneous, America by Gutter Grunt Monday January 19, 2015 at about 11:46 pm
If you want your AZ high school diploma, you gotta’ answer this:
What is the “capital” of the U.S.?

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A LogoPhere IMHO Memorandum ~ Nov09.2014

Bloged in Miscellaneous, America by Gutter Grunt Sunday November 9, 2014 at about 10:27 pm

Jon Stewart’s misplaced “white privilege” rants
and the case for pediocentric politics

Poor children as wasted national potential– Denis O’Brien

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Get Serious, by Denis O’Brien Aug24.2014

Bloged in Miscellaneous, America, Good cop/Bad cop by Gutter Grunt Sunday August 24, 2014 at about 10:48 pm

Officer Darren Wilson’s Orbital Blow-out


On Aug20.2014 an article by Louise Boyle in the Daily Mail caught my eye. In fact, many articles in the DM catch my eye, but normally it’s because they are so daftly written and incompetently edited. But Boyle’s article was the first I’d seen claiming that Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who shot Michael Brown, was “badly beaten.” At least that’s the way I read it. But, what, with this being the DM and all, there are numerous interpretations. Here’s the what Boyle wrote:

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LogoPhere’s WTF News Headlines for Aug06.2014

Bloged in Miscellaneous, Israelis, America, Media Fails by Gutter Grunt Wednesday August 6, 2014 at about 1:49 pm

Now you know why they wear burkas


DM reporter Jennifer Newton doesn’t have a clue what she is writing about

Revealed: DM editors would f*ck up a
one-car funeral

Three sources from Operation Cast Lead that tell us what GoI is, what it wants,
how it operates, and why the world despises it 

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Multi-Purpose 3-D World Wind Map

Bloged in Miscellaneous by Gutter Grunt Friday April 18, 2014 at about 9:14 am


If you have not yet connected with the 3-D world wind map app, you really have to. It is one of the most incredible free things you’ll ever get in this life, except air.

Bookmark it.

Here’s a nifty trick you can do if you’re into self-hypnosis. If you’re prone to seizures, hiccups, or bloody noses, then check with your doctor first.

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Sep27.2013 — Holy F*ck!! Pope virtually legalizes pedophilia in the Vatican

Bloged in Miscellaneous by Gutter Grunt Saturday September 28, 2013 at about 11:41 am

I’m no Richard Dawkins-type over-the-edge atheist willing to trash all religion just because I don’t see the point in it. I am not going to trash other people’s beliefs, and rituals, and mass-moronity just because I don’t care to participate. But even in my most liberal moments I have never been able to understand how hundreds of millions of Catholics can be so dim-witted as to support such a slimy institution as the Catholic Church with its slithering pedophiles. I have never been a Catholic, but a large part of my family is, and I have lived in Boston. And still I don’t get it.

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#567 — May30.2013 — None Dare Call It Murder

Bloged in Miscellaneous by Gutter Grunt Friday May 31, 2013 at about 1:56 am

Smith, Ford, and Khattak

As far as I can see, virtually everything about Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, is crazy, most of all the idiot Canadians who elected him and his brother. So just go ahead and scratch Canadians — or at least Torontonians –  off your list of the ten most rationale peoples in the world because you’d have to be a bunch of complete wackos to even consider casting a vote for these two.

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al-Hilli Murders — Post #2

Bloged in Miscellaneous, Media Fails by Gutter Grunt Thursday September 13, 2012 at about 11:54 am

Facts Table       Post #1
New facts

The following new facts have come to light since Post #1 [Please refer to Facts Table for ID # and associated links]

1.  V7, the ex-RAF pilot has been identified as  Wm. Brett Martin. [V7.1]  I think this goes a long way to eliminating the international intrigue theory that Saad was killed by Mossad or other political powers.  As an RAF pilot, Martin likely has an over-sized ego and would love to be a media pet in this story, but not even an over-sized ego would drive him to identify himself as a witness and possible future target so long as assassins are suspected.  My guess is, this means that Saad was not the main target and the motive was very personal.

2.  Martin found the car revved up and the wheels still spinning. [CST-2]

3.  The version of him finding Zainab is slightly contradictory.  At one point he says she stumbled out into the road.  That she appeared to be “larking-about.”  Yet he also says he found her badly injured, lying in front of the car.  [CST-3]

4.  Peter Allen [DM#8] seems to be the first to have reported on Iqbal’s mentally ill brother, Haydar Thaher [al-Saffer?], but the Telegraph [T#2] has been doing the leg-work on this angle.  It has found that Haydar Thaher, 46, is a schizo who has been busted numerous times for violent and threatening behavior, including threatening, beating his parents.  The mother, Shuaila, was one of the victims of this crime.  Thaher was living with the mother in Stockholm and has not been seen by neighbors for a month.  This is huge. [P13]

Traffic on the road

I feel it is a waste of time at this point to be chasing facts and speculations that will be resolved when the cops complete their interviews with the 7 yo girl.  Why she was out of the car when the car doors were locked.  Why the car reversed into the lay-by.  How many killers there were.  All of these are not facts requiring deduction or speculation — they will be a matter of direct witness testimony.

But one set of circumstances cannot be resolved by the girl or girls: the number and types of vehicles ascending and descending the road and in what order.  This is going to require some dissection.

What we know:

1.  The al-Hilli’s BMW went up the hill and did not come down.

2.  Mollier went up the hill on bike either after the BMW or was passed by the BMW.  He also did not come down.

3.  Martin, on bike, was passed at some point by Mollier, on bike, but not by the BMW.  Martin went up the hill, saw the carnage, helped Zainab, and came down at least partially before, perhaps going back. Martin saw green 4×4 and motorcycle speeding towards the scene. [CST-2].  Presumably, this means the 4×4 and motorcycle also passed Martin and went up the hill after the BMW, but the reporters don’t make this clear.

4.   Witness P7, the 41 yo hiker, and two female friends went up the road in a car behind Martin, Mollier, the 4×4, the motorcycle, and the BMW.  P7 was intercepted by Martin who was coming back down to call the cops.  P7 then “ran” up to the scene, looked around and went back down, possibly following Martin back up the hill. [CST-3]  Apparently the females did not go on up.  All 4 of them — P7, 2 females, Martin — then went to the cop station, but, apparently, not together.

It is not at all clear what was going on here and the reporters are just hacking this to pieces, particularly Peter Allen writing for the Evening Standard and Daily Mail.  Why did P7 not continue to drive to the top?  If there are killers running loose over the mountain, why do you want to be running around on foot?  Did the women stay in the car while P7 and Martin went back to the scene?  If Martin was at the scene with P7, why did P7 claim he thought Zainab was dead when Martin put the girl in the recovery position?

5.  No one reports the 4×4 or motorcycle coming back down the hill.

6.  The builder, Fillion-Robin, whom I label “P8″ in the table, simply cannot be believed.  He says he saw the BMW go up the hill an hour before the victims were found and he saw no other cars all afternoon. This is total bullshit.  It contradicts the known fact that the P7 group went up the hill in a car after the BMW, and it contradicts Martin’s testimony that the 4×4 and motorcycle went up the hill.  Later P8 changed his testimony and said he did, after all, see the 4×4 and motorcycle go up the hill, but they preceded the BMW, which is not possible, given Martin’s testimony b/c then the BMW would have also had to pass Martin on his ride up the hill, but Martin has not said that.  The only conclusion we can come to regarding the builder, P8, is that he is a liar or pathologically confused.

The ammo

The information to date is that a single gun, a Czech made 7.62mm Skorpion, was the weapon that killed all of the victims.  [CST-3]  According to Wikipedia,  in this bullet size the Skorpion has the option of a 20 round magazine or a 10 round magazine.

The cops seem pretty sure that 25 rounds were fired, but that is only b/c they can only find 25 shells.  Any shells lying in the brush could easily have been missed.

Mollier was hit 5 times, Saad 5, each of the women twice, Zainab once — total of 15 hits out of 25 rounds fired.  That means 8 rounds were fired without hitting any people.  At the close range it is pretty hard to miss targets like that, particularly ones strapped into a car with seat belts only 2 feet away.

In order to fire 25 shots he used either 2x 20-round magazines or 3x 10-round magazines, in either case he had to change magazines and — presuming the magazines were full going up the hill and he emptied them — he fired off a more rounds that the cops found shells, maybe a lot more.

Spinning wheels

This is the most bizarre fact of all.  Martin says the engine was revved up, the wheels were “spinning,” and he could smell burnt rubber.  As noted in Post #1, the position of the car, neatly backed into the lay-by is weird and very important.  Saad obviously still had his foot on the accelerator when he was killed, and the car was still in reverse b/c the wheels couldn’t be still spinning in forward without the car moving forward out of the lay-by onto the road and beyond to the creek.  Almost certainly, this was an automatic transmission, or else the engine would have stalled.  But one would think that even an automatic backed up against an embankment would have stalled.  The car had at least one flat tire on the rear.  [See DM#1 for best shots of the car.]

I believe this tells us how very soon after Saad was shot that Martin came upon the scene.  If the killer immediately left the scene on the motorcycle or in the 4×4, why didn’t Martin hear those vehicles?  If the killer was lurking in the bushes while Martin and P7 investigated, why didn’t he come back out and finish off Zainab once they left to get the cops?

Under the theory that this was an international hit on Saad b/c he had defense weapons information, etc., one would have to conclude that the reason Zainab wasn’t shot to death was that the killer ran out of ammo.  But in that situation he would have killed her by hand to eliminate witness testimony.  For the reasons stated in Post #1, that theory is not reasonable.

But with Thaher now in the picture, that international intrigue theory is moved down another notch yet.  Let’s guess that Thaher is schizo and was carrying out his previous threats to kill his mother,  his role as the girl’s uncle may have overcome his rage or whatever else was driving him to kill the adults. The fact that the girl is alive turns suspicions more to Thaher and a mental illness driven family killing.

Alternatively, casting the speculation net wide and wildly, Mollier may have been the target of a girlfriend’s jealous husband, of his wife’s jealous boyfriend, of his own jealous boyfriend, or any number of sordid possibilities.  This is France, after all.

Daily Dish weekend edition for Jun23-24.2012

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Klari’s daily petri dishes are the best part of the Daily Dish blog.  See her site for more.]

HuffPo continues its tradition of idiot what-if “news” stories.  When it comes to the Supreme Court, HuffPo’s tradition is to run endless “what if” stories in front of important decisions.  For months they have been running “what if” stories about the disaster that will befall the country if the Supreme Court decides Obama’s health care bill is not constitutional.  Here is Jeffrey Young’s what-if.  These things are not news; they are opinionated diatribes posing as news written by people no more qualified to comment than Butt-head. Young has a BA in English, which qualifies him for . . . got me.  I’d like to see a story on what if the HuffPo just shuts up until the Supreme Court rules.

Japan’s nuclear bomb.  By way of contrast to the typical HuffPo garbage, there is Joseph Trento writing at the DC Bureau.  Here is an amazing, enlightening, and frightening piece on the history of Japan’s bomb during WWII and the history of US post-war bureaucrats providing Japan with enough plutonium and technology to build thousands of nukes. There have been lots of reports that some of that Pu was stored at Fukishima and has now spread around the world. Pu is the deadliest man-made substance.  Once it is absorbed, there is virtually no way to get it out of the body b/c it becomes locked onto proteins. Breathing in one thousandth of a millionth of a gram can be fatal. As Trento reports, beginning with Reagan, the US has transferred thousands of tons of Pu to Japan.  Trento’s story makes the point that the real evil people in a government are often not the front-page politicians.  They are often the military ghouls or the unseen, unheard-of bureaucrats, like Reagan’s nuke czar Richard Kennedy.  Evil people other evil people called “patriots.”

The US EPA is destroying America.  Speaking of evil bureaucrats, the EPA is full of them.  If you know the story about how John Walker and Alan Rubin of the EPA tried to destroy the career of David Lewis b/c Lewis blew the whistle on Walker and Rubin’s program to spread toxic sewage on America’s farmland, you’ll know what “evil” means.  Now there is an excellent in-depth Pro Publica article by Abrahm Lustgarten on how the EPA is totally screwing up again by failing to regulate 380,000 injection wells where radioactivity, sewage, toxins . . .  name it . . . are injected into the earth — like, where most of the drinking water is.  And while you’re trying to name things, see if you can name the state with the biggest problems and the worst offenders.  Yep, you got it: Texas.

Canadian Jews stealing Palestinian land  In 1967 Israel drove Palestinians off of their land all over Palestine.  Three of the stolen villages –  Imwas, Yalu and Beit Nuba — were in Palestinian territory NW of Jerusalem.  The stolen land was then essentially “purchased” by Canadian Jews through tax-exempt donations made to the Jewish National Fund. The JNF was set up in 1901 as a part of Theodore Herzel’s program to send European Jews into Palestine where they would purchase land and start a Jewish nation.  But stealing the land turned out to be more cost effective so the JNF quickly became a major player in stealing Palestinian lands.  First the Israeli army goes in and confiscates the lands and drives out the Palestinians and then the JNF, using largely foreign Jewish money, buys the confiscated land.  Today the JNF controls 13% of all Israeli land for the exclusive benefit of Jews. The Canadian Jews’ contributions led to the villages of Imwas, Yalu, and Beit Nuba being razed and the lands turned into what is today called “Canada Park,” which should be an insult to all Canadians.  But there is never an insult to politicians were shekels are involved.  Today, Jun24, Canadian Minister of Immigration and israeli-firster Jason Kenney is being “honored” with the JNF’s diversity award.  That an apartheid Israeli organization like JNF, which excludes Arabs from the very lands that were stolen from them by the JNF, presents a “diversity” award to anybody is an irony to end all ironies.  That a Canadian governmental official would accept such an award is another disgusting example of how politicians all over the world suck-up for shekels.

Why you should add the Daily Mail to your favorites list.  Speaking of brain dead American msm, do you ever read the UK’s Daily Mail Online?  I link to its articles regarding events in the US often for the simple reason that over and over again the Daily Mail has the full story when the other US msm either still have their heads up their butts or shy away from identifying culpable idiots.  For example, today MSNBC reported a story out of Utah where an idiot juvenile court judge, Scott Johansen, ordered a mother to cut off the hair of her 13 year-old daughter in court in order to get a sentence-reduction.  The MSNBC story was embarrassing compared to the DM story, which had a full explanation of the facts and provided photos of the daughter’s hair, the mother, and, most importantly, the idiot judge:

  Utah Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen

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