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Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Elections by Gutter Grunt Friday March 10, 2017 at about 1:02 pm

Mar10| 2017
0800 | PT

Last August I was one of the first to call out Khizr Khan for being a bullshitter.  It was right after the Democratic Convention where the mad Muslim from Maryland grabbed the national mic and exploited the death of his hero Marine son for political purposes.

Looks like the Khan bullshit is still flowing. The Harvard-trained lawyer has grabbed the national mic again and complains that the USG has prevented him from traveling to Canada to give a speech.  Bullshit says CBC, The Atlantic, WaPo, and  Dan Calabrese — and I agree.

Seems to me that if this bullshitter, Khan, would take his Harvard law degree and go back to Pakistan, both countries would be better off . 


Nancy Peolsi’s daughter, an elector for California, tries to crash the Electoral College system

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Elections by Gutter Grunt Tuesday December 13, 2016 at about 12:22 am
I didn’t even know Nancy Pelosi had a daughter.

The tree from which the apple
has fallen not far

Finally  the Daily Mail really nailed this one out of the ballpark, or something like that.  And by that mixed metaphor I mean that Francesca Chambersarticle of today’s date is superbly written and tightly proof-read. Never have I seen this quality from the Daily Mail.

Chambers rips into Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, for her vicious attempt to turn the Electoral College into some sort of super-committee for determining who should and woh shouldn’t be president. Apparently in her mind it’s like “Let’s throw 220 years of American political tradition and process down the toilet.” And while I will be the first to argue that the EC is waaay out of date and badly in need of some re-tooling, the period between a presidential election and the inauguration of the new president is not the time to be making adjustments that will undermine the election. IMO, Christine Pelosi is a traitor.


NYT’s Paul Krugman — “frazzled, sleepless, depressed” — on suicide watch after botched market-collapse prediction

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Elections by Gutter Grunt Wednesday November 16, 2016 at about 8:14 pm

Lighten up, Paul, one outa’ two ain’t that bad. 

A Mickey Mouse coin-flip:
Krugman goes one for two

A fella’ would have to be a moron not to see that Paul Krugman is one, too. In this LogoPhere Bullet List Analysis I want to ’splain why that is, relying on Krugman’s sequence of four risible post-election articles published Nov09-Nov14.


A teaching-moment for Jeffrey Toobin & David Remnick: What a “so-called” partial-birth abortion looks like

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left) by Gutter Grunt Tuesday October 25, 2016 at about 4:04 pm

Blows it

The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin gleefully picked up essentially where Anita Hill left off when it comes to bashing Clarence Thomas. Toobin’s latest gratuitous hit-piece on Thomas was short, sharp, and not unexpected.  Toobin and his editor, David Remnick, are too thick to understand that they do The New Yorker more damage than they do to Thomas with their subjective, risible bullspit.


Burning Man founder Larry Harvey finally responds to LogoPhere’s concerns

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Race by Gutter Grunt Monday September 7, 2015 at about 11:35 am

C’mon in, if ur white, the water’s fine.

Last year, with a characteristic lack of political correctness, I pointed out how incredibly white the Burning Man bash-up is, and I suggested that with a budget of tens of millions of dollars and now catering to the 1%’ers big-time, BM has begun “. . . to smell more like rich white people’s bm than the expression of personal freedom it started out as.”  Now the founder of BM, Larry Harvey, has gotten back to us on these criticisms via an interview with The Guardian.  Here’s my BLA of Harvey’s excuses and other BM BS.


From the Details, Details Dept.

Bloged in America, Wing-Nuts (Right), Wing-Nuts (Left) by Gutter Grunt Sunday June 28, 2015 at about 8:14 am

EmptyWheel is now telling us that it’s the white guys who are really America’s terrorist problem.  An excuse for the FBI’s warrantless tapping of Americans’ phones?   

Jim White at EmptyWheel seems to me to be a few bulbs short of a complete 4-pak, like a lot of liberals these days, including Barack Obama.  In White’s case that is really ironic because EW  is normally written by voracious blogger Marcie Wheeler, who comes across as very sharp.  But Wheeler is on vacation and so the EW second stringers have taken the opportunity to dim the lights at EW considerably, so to speak.  

[ continue ]

From the Displaced Darwinism Dept.

Thoughts on: 1) why neither the right wingnuts nor the left wingnuts can distinguish between climate and weather and 2) the Darwinian aspects of Ramadan 

NASA may not be The Weather Channel, but they still know what’s up.  Here’s the way NASA explains the difference between weather and climate:

The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere “behaves” over relatively long periods of time.

And the reason I say it is that every time there’s a hiccup in the weather somewhere on the planet and a new record is set, the climate changers or the anti-climate changers get their knickers in a twist about how the new record proves their point that the climate is changing, or not.  The idiocy here is equating weather with climate. 

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Sep02.2013 — Alex Steitz-Wald’s insipidly stupid Salon article on Ron Paul: A Gutter Grunt Bullet Briefing

Bloged in Middle East, America, Wing-Nuts (Right), Wing-Nuts (Left), Bullet Briefing by Gutter Grunt Monday September 2, 2013 at about 6:27 pm

●    Steitz-Wald’s Aug30 article “Ron Paul: Syria is a ‘false flag’”
○    Cannot be read w/ FoxFire on Salon, as it goes white.  Have to convert w/ Readability

●    Seitz-Wald summarizes Ron Paul FOX interview w/ Neil Cavuto, saying the CW attack was a false flag and Assad is not “an idiot.”
○    Seitz-Wald, OTOH obviously is an idiot.
○    Seitz-Wald: Cavuto was “incredulous.”
-    What a lie.  There is no indication whatsoever of Cavuto being incredulous.

●    Steitz-Wald:  Paul would perhaps change his mind if he saw the US assessment “data.”
○    Air-head – there were no data, there were only “what we assess” statements w/ no data or sources backing them up.

●    Steitz-Wald: Paul “could be right.”
○    Steiz-Wald links to “Paul’s old buddy” the far-far-right-wing-nut Alex Jones, who also blames the insurgents for the CW attack

●    Steitz-Wald bizarre FWIW opinion: Paul using term “false flag” wrong.
○    Steitz-Wald:  “False flags,” in the standard conspiracist’s lexicon, usually refer to acts of violence perpetrated by the The Powers That Be that get blamed on some other group for the purpose of ginning up support to crack down on said group.  Or just to create a general sense of the panic that the government and the Powers That Be can exploit. [sic - note non-sentence, total lack of grammar skills.]
○    Steitz-Wald: In the Syria case, what Paul is describing is more a typical psyops job.
-    Steitz-Wald, incredibly, then links to Alex Jones website again as the authority on what a psyops job is.

●    What Paul is talking about is precisely referred to as “false flag”
○    Apparently Steitz-Wald doesn’t see a CW attack killing hundreds as “an act of violence.”

●    Either Steitz-Wald is a total ignoranus or a very clever dude finding a way to air a right-wing-nut POV on left-wing-nut Salon.  In either case, the story here is not Paul and what he said, but Steitz-Wald and his IQ and competence, vel non.

The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Aug22.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Good cop/Bad cop, Wing-Nuts (Left), Media Fails, Potpourri, Iranians, Nuclear threats, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Thursday August 23, 2012 at about 12:28 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Please have a look at her site. She has 365 of these things!]

1.  Israel and the IAEA Iran inspectors  

In this corner we have Israel who has been threatening Iran for about 5 years now and appears to be chomping at the bit to slug it out.  And in this corner we have Iran, who has been thumbing its nose at the Israeli threats and beefing up its missile systems and responding with very vague threats about the disaster that will result if it is attacked.  We’ve heard that line before.  Think Saddam.  Think Gadaffi.  But sooner or later the bell’s gonna’ ring and the Israel-Iran fight will be all on.  I mean, Israel is too far into this threats thing to simply say, “OK, never mind.”  And no matter what concessions Iran makes about granting access to Prachin they won’t be enough to appease Obama b/c what the west really wants is a reason to attack Iran.  So the first blow is coming sooner or later.  When and by whom are anybody’s guess.  According to the MSM idiot know-nothings it’s gonna’ be Israel throwing the first blow, and soon.   Link

But not so fast.  There have been two very interesting views expressed at the Arms Control Wonk recently.  Here is a link to Dr. Jeffrey Lewis’ post Ayatolloah’s Pregnant Pause , which links to Lewis’ Foreign Policy article of the same name. Both pieces are worthwhile, but particularly the FP piece.  Lewis tries to separate hype from fact with respect to the US’s intelligence on Iran, particularly the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which has become something of a legend in and of itself.  Lewis seems to conclude that the recent Israeli hype that the US has new evidence of an Iranian nuke is probably bs, and that the conclusions of the 2007 NIE that Iran does not have the capability to build or deploy a nuke probably still hold up.

The second helpful article at Arms Control Wonk is Mark Hibbs’  Aug20 piece.  Although Hibbs’ bio is not provided on the website, he obviously has experience with the IAEA inspection procedures and protocols, and he raises a very interesting point: The IAEA has inspectors in Iran 24/7/365.  If Israel lets fly with a preemptive attack, as they have been warning they will do soon, what moral or legal obligations do they have to give the IAEA enough of a warning so that it can get its people out of harm’s way?  Even if those inspectors are not hit by Israel’s attack, they would be very unlikely to ever get out of the country while the ensuing war was on and would likely end up hostages, if not worse.

But does Israel care?  Those IAEA inspectors are not Israelis.  Israel is not part of the NPT and is not a member of IAEA.  And once 50 IAEA inspectors suddenly pack up and leave, Ahmadinejad is going to know the attack is on.  Is Israel going to alert the Iranians that the jets are on the way in order to save a few UN people?

If history is any judge, the IAEA people are likely toast.  Most of the people who participate on the Arms Control Wonk site are high-powered and very knowledgeable.  One of the commentors,  Robert Kelley, was an IAEA inspector in Iraq in 1993 when Clinton threw a cruise missile at Baghdad.  No warning was provided to IAEA.  Kelley woke up to the sound of the cruise missiles blowing up near by.  At least he woke up; many civilians who were killed never did.

I keep wondering why Iran stays in the NPT and why it doesn’t just bail out and tell the IAEA to go to hell.  Maybe Hibbs has the answer.  Maybe Iran is counting on the IAEA workers to be the canary in the mine.

2.  Feds stockpiling hollow-points

If you need another reason to lay awake at night, here it is.  On Aug15 Paul Joseph Watson alerted us to a very scary fact: the Social Security System is stockpiling deadly ammo.  So is National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  In March Homeland Security bought 450 million rounds.  These are not target bullets.  These are hollow point rounds that are meant for one thing and one thing only: to kill humans.  The Geneva Convention does not even allow hollow point rounds to be used in combat. This is quite alarming if the story is true.  Well, the feds have pretty well admitted it.

On Aug21 Anthony Martin  observed that the fed’s reason for buying all this ammo is a lot more disturbing than it is reassuring.  The feds say all these agencies are getting hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets “to train security agents.” What bullshit.  First of all, one doesn’t train with hollow point rounds.  That is just insanity.  There is no point in using a round that costs 10x what the normal target round costs and that can blow a brick to smithereens just to hit a paper target.

Second is the sheer volume of rounds.  In all, since March this year more than 1.5 billion rounds have been ordered for these domestic agencies.  That is “billion” as in 1000 times a million.  That’s 20x more rounds than the entire US military used per year during the height of the Iraq War.  With that number of “training rounds” you can shoot 171,000 rounds per hour every hour of every day for a year, not counting time for changing the clips or cooling the barrels.  That’s almost 3000 rounds per minute.  By comparison an M16 will fire at a sustained rate of 15 rounds per minute.  So the US has bought enough deadly hollow point ammo for almost 200 Social Security security guards to fire at paper targets constantly for a solid year — day and night, non-stop, no lunch breaks, no dinner breaks, no time off to watch the Super Bowl.

But the more chilling comparison is provided by Maj Gen Jerry Curry who was interviewed by Martin.  Curry says the US agencies have ordered enough deadly hollow point rounds to put 5 of them into every man, woman, and child in the country.

Does this have anything to do with the way Texas nothing-between-the-ears judge Tom Head is advocating for civil war if Obama is re-elected?  Or, perhaps it’s a run up to the global Armageddon that a lot of people think is just around the corner, particularly if Israel ignites a nuclear war. Also of note, and perhaps relevant, is the fact that Israel is building bomb shelters like there is no tomorrow.  So maybe the world really is just finally coming unhinged . . . Mayans or whatever.

3.  More HuffPo sexism

Let me end on a lighter note.  I hate to keep ragging on HuffPo, but they leave me little alternative.  It’s a moral duty of LogoPhere to call out this stuff in the blogosphere.  If you watch closely enough you can see what a pack of sexist, pedophile, loose sex-mongers they are over at HuffPo.  OK, OK, they’re left wing-nuts so you expect a lot of immorality, but you also expect a proper amount of political correctness, too.  Nope, that’s just for the other guy.  Here is an example.  Note that it’s the “anchorMAN” and the “weatherGIRL.”  Wonder what the girl thinks about that insult. . .

Daily Dish for Tuesday, May01.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri, Race by Gutter Grunt Tuesday May 1, 2012 at about 7:03 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Was this kid Jewish?  Patricia Mulholland, a 7th grade teacher in S. Carolina, has been busted for assaulting a 12-year old boy who was sharpening his pencil.  “Come here, Jew!” she hollered before dragging him under a table.  She says it was a history lesson on what the Nazis did and what the Jewish holocaust was all about.  If the boy was not Jewish and the story is true, Mulholland needs to be fired and do a 30-day stretch for assault and negligent stupidity.  If the boy is Jewish, the penalty should be enhanced as a hate crime and she ought to sit in the cooler for a year.  When Abe Foxman, who poops his pants every time anyone other than a Jew uses the words “Nazi” or “holocaust”, sees this he will be on it like misery on a bad wind.  The Israeli press is already popping veins.

Richard Silverstein appears to support honor killings by Muslims and Hindus.  If you’ve never heard of Silverstein, you won’t know what an intemperate nematode he can be — mercurial, sometimes insightful, never humorous, often bilious.  He regularly threatens commentators that don’t toe his line.  But one of the commentators whose comments reflected a hatred of honor killings bit back when Silverstein characterized those comments as “stupid” and “racist.”  Racist for detesting honor killings?  Silverstein is the only white dude I know of or have ever heard of that criticizes people for expressing disdain of honor killings.  I suspect the world is full of Muslim and Hindu dudes that think like Richard.

US recruiting program for Islamist terrorists.   As Obama pays a surprise visit today to Afghanistan, 2 months after US Army SSgt Bobby Bales blew away 9 children in a murderous rampage, we now learn that recent US drone attacks on a girls’ school in Pakistan took out 4 young girls.  I don’t think, even with all of their imagination, all of the Madison Ave. firms combined could script a more effective program for recruiting young men into the ranks of American-hating terrorists groups.  If American continues this drone-war against Afghanistan and Pakistani children, I am going to end up hating it, too.  Indiscriminate killing is what America seems to do best.  If you are an American, and you are proud of that, you are as sick as kiddie-killer Bobby Bales.

Daily Israeli apartheid beatings  Here is the moment a brave, young Palestinian woman jumped up on an Israeli “skunk-truck” and was set upon by a pack of IDF soldiers.  And here is an excellent account of what a peace protest in the West Bank looks like.  Imagine having cops spray you with sewage or beat your door down for no other reason than they want to use your roof to fire at demonstrators.

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