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LogoPhere’s Short Shots for Jan09.2015

Bloged in Israelis, Palestinians, America, Good cop/Bad cop, Europe, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Monday January 12, 2015 at about 7:39 pm


The French really know how to throw a rally when there’s a terrorist attack


CNN edits out Abbas.  France tries to edit out Netanyahu

FOX’s blathering, Islamophobic idiots Jeanine Pirro
Stephen Emerson score a huge faux-pas

New video: Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland pig

who shot 12 yo Tamir Rice, also assaulted his sister

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A LogoPhere IMHO Memorandum ~ Nov18.2014

Bloged in Europe by Gutter Grunt Tuesday November 18, 2014 at about 1:26 am

The Duke Photo:

A closer look at the MH-17 satellite images debacle

Another damn reason not to trust Russians . . . or Americans

– Denis O’Brien

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Jan11.2014 — MP: Yugoslavia Invasion of UK Likely

Bloged in Wing-Nuts (Right), Europe by Gutter Grunt Saturday January 11, 2014 at about 5:48 pm

Brain transplant badly needed by this right wing-nut Conservative UK MP, Nadine Dorries. According to The Independent, while ginning up fears of EU immigrants invading Britain, she claimed on live TV that:

“There has been no tidal wave but there might be tomorrow, there might be next year - we don’t know – and that is the problem.  We could have a tidal wave from Yugoslavia.”

Ha, ha, ha . . . joke’s on her.  Yugoslavia isn’t even a member of the European Union. Dumb blonde . . .

Mad Nad claims she is entitled to the mistake because she worked in Yugoslavia, but her Wiki page doesn’t mention it.  It says Zambia, so she probably got that wrong. too.

She was sacked by the Conservative Party for being on one of those survival reality shows.  I guess sacking her for having a marshmallow brain would have been too obvious.

Dec04.2013 — How reading this post can get you 10 years in a UK prison.

Bloged in Good cop/Bad cop, Europe by Gutter Grunt Wednesday December 4, 2013 at about 3:23 pm


When Jean Charles de Menezes had his brains blown out at the Stockwell tube station by London cops in 2005 because he was mistaken as a terrorist target, it was Cressida Dick calling the shots, if you’ll forgive my choice of metaphor. The cops were operating under their shoot-to-kill policy known as Operation Kratos, which continues to this day, if not in name. Kratos is not an “operation” at all.  It is a police policy that authorizes cops to fire head shots without any warning when the target is suspected by some idiot police commander like Dick of being a suicide bomber. If they screw it up, like Dick did with de Menezes, well . . . tough.

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#554 — Mar25.2013 — Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde: Channeling Herbert Hoover in the 21st Century

Bloged in Europe by Gutter Grunt Tuesday March 26, 2013 at about 8:24 am


Imagine putting your life savings in a bank to keep it safe and then having the likes of Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde decide you will give up 30% of it to save the banks. This would be an unconstitutional taking under the 5th Amendment of U.S. Constitution, but it appears to be OK in the European Union, which Merkel currently controls.  If you live in a European Union country, it could happen to you, just as it is now happening to the people of Cyprus.

Any person with money in any EU bank who doesn’t make a run for their own money after seeing what powers Merkel and Lagarde have is a fool.  Merkel, Lagarde, the EU, and the IMF are forming the perfect storm that will be a disaster for the entire world economy.

How smart are the people calling these shots? Well, probably a lot dumber than Herbert Hoover and the other idiots calling the shots that brought down the world economy in the 1930’s, and today’s idiots are working in an infinitely more complex universe than Hoover was.

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#553 — Mar24.2013 — Daily Mail continues jerking the public around with the Chevaline Massacre story.

Bloged in Europe by Gutter Grunt Tuesday March 26, 2013 at about 8:20 am

In an article dated today and not attributed to any reporter, the DM now tells us that the cops have “arrested” a “suspect” in the Chevaline Massacre story.  But, as always, you have to read the DM closely because it is generally 80% crap and 20% helpful.  In this particular article it’s 95%/5% crap to helpful ratio.

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The Daily Dish for Monday, Jun18.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Good cop/Bad cop, Europe, Israeli Firsters, Race by Gutter Grunt Monday June 18, 2012 at about 11:23 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [The forms of colors are infinite — all within the most beautiful and simple form of all: the circle.  See her site.]

Well. . .what’s the answer?  In Dec. 2008 Israel Defense Forces carried out 22 days of murder against the people of Gaza, ultimately killing 1400, including 300 children according to Amnesty Intl.  Operation Cast Lead.  Last week a medical professor at Paris’ Diderot University included a question on an exam as to whether Cast Lead can be classified as genocide.  Professor Christophe Oberlin asked the students of his humane medicine course the question, using the example of the deaths of 22 members of the same family during Cast Lead: “To what extent does it constitute a perpetual crime (war crime, crime against humanity, genocide crime)?” The local French Jews, and now Israeli Jews (and soon the US Israel-firster Jews) went ballistic.  OK, that’s entirely expected . . . but what’s the answer to the question?  I’d have to say that Cast Lead broke just about every law against crimes against humanity on the books and that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is very definitely genocide.  Wonder if I would have passed the exam.

Kabbalah/Israel-apartheid filth-peddler Madonna’s MDNA tour.  On Jun01.2012 super-slut Madonna kicked off her latest tour in Tel Aviv with as much controversy as would be expected for an “entertainer” who has to scratch the bottom of the gutter to find a substitute for talent.  She started the tour by super-imposing a swastika over the picture of a French member of parliament.  The controversy was not the showing of the swastika in Israel, but not superimposing it over Netanyahu’s picture where it belongs.  Then it was on to Istanbul where the aging slut pranced around in her underwear some more and popped out her tit either as an insult to her Muslim audience or b/c she thinks she is still a porn star and somebody would get excited.  Ho hum.  Then it was on to Rome where, still prancing around in her bra, she dropped trou to show the audience her ass.  All of which begs the question: Why was it Whitney Houston who had to end up in the bathtub?  Does the Israeli mafia control these things?  They certainly took out Tupac according to FBI files available here.  So, does Madonna play Israel so they won’t take her out, too?

London pig goes on trial for manslaughter.  During the 2009 riots at the G-20 conference in London, a newspaper vendor, Ian Tomlinson, was the target of an unprovoked attack by London cop Simon Harwood, photo below.  The video shows that at the time he was attacked by Harwood, Tomlinson was walking home with his hands in his pockets.  Harwood sneaks up behind Tomlinson and brutally hits him with a baton and pushes him to the ground.  Tomlinson got up with help from a protestor and then collapsed.  The London pigs then prevented a medical student from helping Tomlinson and he died of internal bleeding and blunt force injury while the cops stood around with their collective thumb up their collective ass.  Today, 3 years later, Harwood goes on trial for manslaughter.  This was an attack clearly intended to cause grievous bodily harm carried out by a rouge cop with a history of multiple disciplinary problems. If their roles had been reversed, Tomlinson would have been sent to prison within months of the attack and would sit there for the rest of his life.  In the absence of video evidence, these dumb-ass, vicious pigs have de facto immunity, and, as usual, the cops and coroner did their best to cover up this crime.  The Wiki article is brutal.  But cops need to be punished for their crimes just like anyone else, especially when the evidence is as clear as this.

  Simon Harwood

The strange case of the Wikileaks slam hound and his sluts: one lawyer’s view

Bloged in Europe by Gutter Grunt Sunday December 12, 2010 at about 5:32 pm

For an American lawyer, the Swedes’ case against Julian Assange is weird, indeed.

As a point of departure, it is worth noting that by “strange case” I do not mean a case for criminal conviction, which is what Americans normally mean by “case.”  Assange has not been charged with any crime at all.  At the moment, all the Swedes have articulated is a “case” for extraditing him for questioning, which is entirely different from locking him up to stand trial.  In Sweden, apparently, they lock people up so they can chat with them — in Assange’s case, about a busted condom.

The Swedes have put into effect an Interpol international arrest warrant based on nothing more than their desire to ask Assange some questions.  They are busting the guy without any indictment or charges being laid, merely because some feminist prosecutor, Marianne Ny, wants him to answer some questions about the busted condom.  From an American perspective, that’s weird — not the condom breaking, that happens all the time (I am told).  What’s weird is an international arrest warrant to talk to someone about how, when, and if they use condoms.


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