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From the Displaced Darwinism Dept.

Thoughts on: 1) why neither the right wingnuts nor the left wingnuts can distinguish between climate and weather and 2) the Darwinian aspects of Ramadan 

NASA may not be The Weather Channel, but they still know what’s up.  Here’s the way NASA explains the difference between weather and climate:

The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere “behaves” over relatively long periods of time.

And the reason I say it is that every time there’s a hiccup in the weather somewhere on the planet and a new record is set, the climate changers or the anti-climate changers get their knickers in a twist about how the new record proves their point that the climate is changing, or not.  The idiocy here is equating weather with climate. 

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A LogoPhere In-Depth Report ~ Oct20.2014

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The Village Wolf-watcher:
Who Is Eric Holthaus and Why
Should Anyone Buy His Bill of Goods?

A detailed look at the tactics and ethics of a global-warming alarmist


LogoPhere’s WTF News for Sep11.2014 Special Solar Flare Edition

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NASA ain’t sayin’ yet, but I am: Holy wee-wee, what is coming at us, Ma?

Here are two Emails I sent out yesterday to my Em short-list.  Take ‘em for what they’re worth. 

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Jan12.2104 — Xeonphobia and iatrophobia both have evolutionary value

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We have just had one of the most significant biological events in history and all the US MSM can talk about is the George Washington Bridge. Makes you wonder, yet again, what idiots control the news.

It has just been revealed that on Jan03 a young woman in Alberta became the first person in N. America to die of the H5N1 virus. The Canadian press are on it a little late, but are on it. The US press are, like, hyperventilating about 2016 with their heads up Christie’s butt, which is big enough to accommodate them all.

The dead woman was on Air Canada flight 030 from Beijing to Vancouver on Dec27 when she had her first symptoms. Then she flew Vancouver to Edmonton on Air Canada flight 244. When she first checked into the hospital in Edmonton, they told her to go home because she wasn’t coughing. Let me repeat that . . .

We have doctors in Edmonton, Alberta who are so stupid that when a patient arrives with flu symptoms straight off of the plane from China where bird flu of every H and N description known is rampant, they tell her to go home, take an aspirin, and call us in the morning. The woman was dead 2 days later.

If you live in Canada, the scary thing is not that you might contract H5N1. Your chances are next to nil. The scary thing is that you will be treated by a doctor with less common sense than a Chinese chicken. Here is the story. And hereHere.

Jan08.2013 — INCOMING!!!

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Solar-freaks have been watching two sunspots rotate into an earth-facing direction for about 4 days now. One, so-called “1944,” is quite huge and complex. Just as 1944 got pointed right at the earth it peeled off what’s called a Class X1.2 flare. X is the most powerful classification, followed by M, if you can figure that out. Worse, this flare threw a coronal mass ejection right at us. A CME is basically a bunch of electrons and protons (mass) burped up with the usual photons.

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Logophere’s the Daily Dish for Friday, Sep28.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. More beautiful petri dish pieces here.


1.  NBC’s good, bad, and ugly

Here are a couple of articles that illustrate how wildly divergent the quality of work can be from one source, NBC.

First there is  Ben Popken’s Sep27.12 piece asserting that the “bacon shortage” story is a hoax.  Well, he may be right, but his economic reasoning is plain, flat nutto.  I quote one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, even for the MSM:

Let’s look at some basic economics.

First, as long as prices are allowed to rise and fall freely, there can be no shortage. Shortages only occur when the government fixes prices and consumers want more supply than exists. That results in rationing. There’s zero evidence to suggest the government would do that, or that there would be any “runs on the pork bank.”

OK, so right away we can guess that Ben Popken is a high school kid punking us all.  In his view if gasoline production gets cut 80% by a war with Iran and pump prices go to $30/gal and the likes of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have the country’s roads to themselves, that would not be a “shortage” of gas.  That would just be Adam Smith jerking around with us all — except for the very wealthy, that is.  Sure, according to Ben, “shortage” is impossible for filthy rich people because they will always be able to afford everything no matter how high prices go.  As for those not so wealthy, like the 99%, well . . . as the headless lady said, there may be a shortage of bread but there’s never a shortage of cake.  So suck on a piece of it, Ben.

By comparison, today NBC ran a beautifully written piece by Maggie Fox on a newly discovered virus called Bas-virus.  The piece was a perfect mix of necessary background and what the new discovery is all about.  And unlike phony bacon shortages, there is nothing easy about writing a piece about viruses for laymen.

What the new discovery is all about, by the way, is a potentially nasty, nasty viral critter that killed a couple of kids in the Congo in 2009.  A very large group of researchers isolated the virus and sequenced its DNA using a new technique called “deep sequencing.”  What they found was something no one had seen before.  I hope no one sees it again.  It is related to rabies virus but it produces symptoms and death as if it were Ebola.  The original paper is here. The scary part is that it looks like this Bas-virus was passed from one of the dying kids to a nurse.  The nurse survived, but a deadly virus capable of human-to-human transmission is probably what is going to wipe out the human species, if the Zionists don’t do it first with their nukes.

Just by coincidence the Guardian today published an excerpt from David Quammen’s new book on the viral threat.  In that excerpt Quammen quotes virologists as saying how devastating a rabies virus would be if it could be transmitted like the flu.  The Bas-virus may be that virus, heaven forfend.

I am not a great fan of Quammen and the Guardian excerpt hasn’t changed that.  Quammen seems to just take what’s already been written by scientists or other writers more qualified than he is and re-work it.  My guess, from reading the excerpt is that this book is not going to have anything in it that Laurie Garrett didn’t say in her 1994 masterpiece “The Coming Plague.”  But it would not be fair of me to judge Quammen’s entire book just on one excerpt.  Someone who has read Garrett please buy Quammen’s new book, read it, and let me know if it was a waste of money.


2.  The WaPo doing a dirty on us?
The folks over at Mondoweiss are really getting annoyed with the Washington Post’s pro-Israel bs.  The latest beef is that WaPo published an opinion piece by Jeffery H. Smith and John B. Bellinger III setting forth the legal argument for bombing Iran.  The problem is that these two suits work for the law firm Arnold & Porter, which has taken millions of Israel’s shekels to do their legal work in the US.  This obvious conflict was ignored by the WaPo.  PeeeUuu.

Here’s what one regular Mondoweiss contributor, yours truly, had to say:

Can’t imagine this piece appeared as a result of editorial incompetence or ignorance. WaPo is absolutely complicit in not revealing this conflict of interest, which borders on fraud.

Folks here should durn well let the WaPo ombudsman know what they think of this.
202.334.7582 or ombudsman@washpost.com

Having said that, the opinion piece itself didn’t strike me as particularly lop-sided toward Israel. Smith/Bellinger do push the point that ‘Bama would do well to get Congress to sign off on any attack before he pulls the trigger. That may satisfy US law but it would not mean a thing as far as international law.

If you recall Phil’s Sep26 post regarding the Joint Senate Resolution — I believe 41 was the number. While that resolution explicitly states that it is not a declaration of war, and while it does not do much more than “strongly” support US policy toward Iran, it leaves little doubt that if ‘Bama asked Congress to sign off on an attack on Iran, the Senate, at least, would be all too willing to go in with both feet and flags flying — i.e. here we go again. More Americans dying for Israel.

One point S/B fail to address is the goose/gander problem. If, as they argue, it would be legal under international law for Israel or US to throw a preemptive punch at Iran on the grounds of “self-defense,” then a preemptive attack by Iran against Israel/US on the same grounds would be equally legitimate. In fact, it is Israel and the US who have made all the specific threats here, Israel going so far as to “leak” a whole attack scenario. So Iran has an a priori argument of self-defense based on years and years of threats — an argument that is much weaker for Israel/US. This is sort of like the water-boarding issue. Once someone like Bush or ‘Bama determines that water-boarding is legal (in an attempt to protect the US creeps using it), then water-boarding immediately becomes legal when it is used by al-Qaeda against captured US troops.

Another short-coming of this opinion piece is that while S/B discuss international legalities w/ respect to the UN Charter, there is nary a mention of the Geneva Convention. Surely these two well known, well placed experts, one of whom was general counsel for CIA, could not be collectively brain-ded to the point they unintentionally neglected the impact of the Geneva Convention in determining whether a preemptive attack would be “legal.” But hold on . . . could be that they are that brain-ded.

Here’s a quote from their opinion. See if you can believe that an ex-general counsel to the CIA would say this in public:

“A military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities . . .would surely be regarded by Iran as an act of war.”

“[W]ould surely” ??? WTF? Wait until Jon Stewart gets a hold of this!! Who are these guys talking down to, third graders? This sounds to me like something that would be said by either Sarah Palin, George Bush, or Ronald Reagan or by a government hack who is used to having to employ ridiculous understatement to explain simple concepts to brain-ded politicians like Sarah Palin, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan .


3.  Trigger-happy cop stories are almost as endless as the Israel apartheid stories

Meet Scottsdale, AZ cop James Peters.  According to Terry Greene Sterling’s The Daily Beast article, Peters had already racked up 6 fatal shootings while on duty before shooting an unarmed grandfather in the head while he was holding his grandchild.  What did the Scottsdale chief do?  Retired the trigger happy prick before disciplinary proceedings could get going.

But not so fast.  The ACLU has filed suit against Peters and the chief and the city.  As one criminologist said, Peter’s large number of shooting is “completely atypical.”  Atypical that is except for that group of bottom-feeding, fuck-wit cops who think they are Dirty Harry.  I would just love to know how many innocent people have died with a cop-bullet in them because of those moronic, vengence-not-justice Eastwood movies.

James Peters, Scottsdale’s own Harry Callahan.

The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Aug14.2012

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

1.     City of brotherly love Nutter mayor slapped down by federal court.

When Democratic Philadelphia’s mayor, Michael Nutter, outlawed feeding more than three homeless people at a time, it, understandably, upset a lot of people. Nutter was, after all, treating homeless people like they were bears in Yellowstone, or annoying squirrels or pigeons in the city’s parks. So Nutter and Philadelphia got sued, and no one with a brain will be surprised that the city lost the fight against a preliminary injunction that will allow the poor to be fed until the suit is completed. Anyone with a brain will be surprised, however, to hear that Nutter is appealing the preliminary injunction to the federal circuit court. How many of these people could Philadelphia treat and feed with the money that will be going into the lawyers’ pockets? Thousands.

2.     Israel Supreme Court flips off the Hague Convention and shields kiddie kidnappers.

Israel has ignored many UN resolutions over the last 60 years and has refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty; consequently, Israel is considered by many, including many Americans, to be a rogue state. Now more evidence supporting this view: refusal to abide by the Hague Convention on Child Abduction. This is a treaty, signed by Israel, that requires a state to which a child has been abducted to return the child to its home state.  Most of these cases come up when one parent steals the children and runs off to another country to avoid court orders. The problem is that Israel considers itself to be the “homeland” of all Jews. So, for instance, when a Jewish abducts her child and takes the child to Israel, Israel thumbs its nose at the Child Abduction Treaty and at the US court’s orders. At least that’s what the Israel Supreme Court has done in the Ben-Haim case.  Oshrat Ben-Haim, who abducted her child to Israel, has been indicted in NJ on 2 counts of contempt of court and 6 counts of, essentially, kidnapping and the Israeli court says “screw you, the kid is a Jew.”  The case is important to every Jewish parent in the US b/c if Israel lets parents abduct children to Israel with immunity from prosecution, then every Jew mother and father in the US is a potential victim of having their child stolen by the other parent.

3. Is Fukushima heating up again?

Prior to the 3/11 EQ and tsunami that plastered Japan, the area underwent a period of fairly high-frequency, moderate EQ’s.  In the last few days there has been a double-whammy killer EQ in Iran, and today a huge 7.7 Richter off the coast of Russia, just north of Japan.  According to the very helpful Nicholls Japan EQ map, the frequency of moderate EQ’s around Japan is also picking up.  The problem is that Reactor #4 at Daiichi is not stable; it is listing to one side.  Some experts have predicted that if it goes over the release of radioactivity from the stored fuel rods will threaten the entire human species, and certainly all the human species on the west coast of North America.


4.  Chris Hedges let’s it rip.  Tattoo this article on your forehead.

Writer Chris Hedges is one of the brave plaintiffs suing Obama and Congress for passing a law that can be used to take any American off the sidewalk and put him/her into permanent administrative detention, the same way the Israelis do the Palestinians.  In an article published yesterday he let’s it rip — pretty well saying what needs to be said.  Here is his summary of the presidential election :

They each [Obama and Romney] intend to let Wall Street loot the U.S. Treasury with impunity. Neither will lift a finger to help the long-term unemployed and underemployed, those losing their homes to foreclosures or bank repossessions, those filing for bankruptcy because of medical bills or college students burdened by crippling debt. Listen to the anguished cries of partisans on either side of the election divide and you would think this was a battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. You would think voting in the rigged political theater of the corporate state actually makes a difference. The charade of junk politics is there not to offer a choice but to divert the crowd while our corporate masters move relentlessly forward, unimpeded by either party, to turn all dissent into a crime.

Daily Dish for Friday, Jul06.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Hot!!!  Perfect piece for a notice on solar flares.]

X1.1 flare lights up the sun.  Class X is as big as they get.  This one popped off at about 7 pm EDT today.  Solar Ham is reporting a minor magnetic storm is now picking up.  No coronal mass ejection seen yet and the flare is not pointed directly at Earth, but you might want to keep in touch with NASA or Solar Ham over the next couple of days.

Will Katie Holmes take down creepy Scientology?  The creepiest religious group in the world just got a most unlikely legal enemy.  No, not Eric Holder and the Justice Dept., he’s actually joining Scientology hoping they can get the Republicans off his ass.  I’m talkin’ Katie Holmes.  After seeing what Tom Cruise did with Nicole Kidman’s kids, there is no way Holmes is going to let that lunatic, couch-bouncing, creep suck their 6 year-old daughter, Suri, into the Scientology brain-washing machine.  Holmes has filed for total custody of Suri.  A fight for total custody in this case — as any case — will be huge, which means there will be very, very serious discovery by Holme’s lawyers of Cruise and Scientology.  There would almost have to be allegations of child abuse.  The discovery process alone has the potential of busting Scientology wide open.  My guess is that Cruise will punt this one and not put up a fight.  Scientology being back in the headlines is surely raising the daily hit total on Marty Rathburn’s blog.  He is another Scientology creep — really creepy.  He used to run the “Special Operations” section at Scientology — the dirty tricks department.  Now he has “reformed” and is a crusader against Scientology.  He has already released what he purports to be an Email from a Scientology honcho instructing people how to shut down adverse comments on the Web.    In my opinion, they’re basically a bunch of sickos, all of them, past, present, and future.  Good to see Katie and Suri getting the hell out of there.

Maternal blood gives up fetal DNA for sequencing and gender determination.  Knowing next to nothing about maternal-fetal interactions since my last one was almost 64 years ago, it was a surprise to me last month to read that fetal cells can be isolated from maternal lungs in lab mice.  The significance of this finding to understanding immunological interactions between mother and fetus is enormous, including possible clues as to preeclampsia.  In January of this year S.Korea workers found that fetal DNA in maternal blood can be used to determine fetal gender.  [The entire paper is not available and the summary linked to appears to be bungled.  It says the enzymes were being measured, but it looks like they were actually looking at the genes for the enzymes.]  Now there is a report from Stanford of doing a complete fetal genome sequence from DNA obtained from the mother.  Since amniocentesis can’t be done in the 1st trimester and carries a moderate risk to mother and fetus, this is a huge step forward to screening 1st trimester fetuses for birth defects.  Prediction: in the life-time of today’s 30 year-olds, complete genome sequencing of 1st term fetuses will be common place world-wide, and mandatory in some countries.  Also: within this window we will see the eradication of the first human genetic birth defect or inborn error of metabolism.

Daily Dish for Tuesday, Jul03.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [This one smiles!  See her site. She has 365 of these things!]

Your cat and suicide.  A group of shrinks have just released a long term study showing a relationship between suicide and infection with a nasty microbe called T.gondii.  T. gondii is an obligate parasite of cats, that is, it only reproduces in cats.  But it lives in virtually any mammal, including humans, where it forms cysts in liver, muscle, and brain tissue.  The primary way it gets into humans is from cats secreting microscopic T. gondii eggs with their feces, suggesting a causal effect between cat litter and human suicide.  The T. gondii story is getting big, and scary.  Depending on the country, up to 60% of people are infected.  But with respect to people who are involved in car accidents, the infection rate is waaay higher.  T. gondii makes lab mice do absolutely weird, suicidal things, like attack cats and become attracted to cat urine.  This makes sense, because the T. gondii benefits from cats eating the infected mice — the T. gondii have to get back into cats to reproduce.  Whatever mechanism is causing the mice to act weird, is likely making people act weird, too.  Cats don’t eat people, but T. gondii don’t know that.  If you were to ask me, I’d look around at all the weirdness in this world and conclude that something must be infecting a whole bunch of humans and changing their behavior.  How would we know.  I mean if a huge enough portion of the population is infected with a mind-warping microbe, the weird behavior would just look normal on a statistical basis.


Graves to piss on.  Like most of Israel’s prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir was a small-minded, ugly, brutish terrorist.  His was the face of violent Zionism — and still is.  His death last week was unfortunate only because it didn’t happen 70 years ago while he was a member of the Jewish terrorist groups Irgun and Lehi.  I once had a friend who served in the British Army in the occupation of Palestine after WWII.  He told horror stories of the atrocities committed by Jews like Shamir, killing British soldiers and Arabs indiscriminately with bombs, and knives, and bullets.  I often thought: Now, there’s a guy with a valid reason to hate Jews.  And he did, too.  If someone had done to Shamir in 1945 what the US did to bin Laden in 2011, perhaps there wouldn’t have been a bin Laden or a Taliban or Israeli apartheid in 2011.  The world would be better off; Americans would be better off;  Palestine and Palestinians would certainly be better off. News of Shamir’s death has brought out more detail about how nasty this bastard was.  I did not know, for instance, that he was responsible for the 1948 murder of the UN mediator of the Israel/Palestine war, Folke Bernadotte.  Count Bernadotte had made the fatal mistake of offering a solution to the conflict that was not acceptable to Shamir and his band of butchering Jews.  Bernadotte would not be the only peace-loving person murdered by the Zionists for offering a solution to the conflict.  So it’s not surprising that, judging from the post over at Mondoweiss, the obits for Shimon from around the world are hardly complimentary.  This is a case of “We have come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him and piss on his grave.”

Daily Dish

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Go to her site. Enjoy. ]

Explosion at Jap nuke site ignored by US msm.  Meanwhile . . . 600 miles from Fukushima, just south of Hiroshima, yet another nuke threat to the US is playing out at Otake.  34°12′15.99″ N 132°14′33.87″ E This one has been completely ignored by msm.  Over the weekend multiple explosions and fire-balls occurred at a chemical site with 3500 containers of radioactive waste.  Radioactivity in the area has increased to 50 microSeiverts/hr.  This is enough to provide a year’s recommended dosage in about 20 days.  The Jap government says that it’s under control, there is no increase in radioactivity, and the problem was caused by a lightning strike — does God hate the Japanese, or are they just incompetent liars?  The soccer ball from Fukushima that made it to Alaska this weekend is an omen for the radioactivity that will arrive if the Japs don’t get their nuke problems under control.  If a radioactive cloud that originates in Japan wipes out hundreds of thousands or millions on the US west coast, the irony will not be imaginary.  It’s just too bad Truman won’t be among the victims.

US taxpayer pays Israelis to build their own defense weaponry   In March Israel launched an F-16 attack on Gaza in order to precipitate a missile attack so Israel could test-drive its vaunted Iron Dome defense system.  Now we know what was going on. The Israeli lobbyists and Republicans are turning up the heat to get the US taxpayer to send $680 million MORE to Israel so they can enhance Iron Dome.  This is not US technology they are buying, this is your money going into the pockets of Israeli contractors.

Here’s the latest update on IDF scum-ball Eisner.  Looks like from the latest videos released that this Israeli Cossack attacked at least 5 peace activists with his US-made M-16, bought and paid for by US taxpayers.  There is one duplicitious Jew in this mix, Lee Kaplin, who claims that one of the peace protesters busted up by Eisner had a knife.  Total bullshit photo-shopping, like the IDF did in the Mavi Marmara incident.

Cancer as a venereal disease  About 40 years ago know mega-million perverts Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt won the 1st Amendment fight for free speech and thereby got the porn industry a huge leg-up.  As a direct consequence hard-core porn is now viewed by 50% of kids by the age of 10.  Well done, guys.  Of course, we are also coming to realize that cancer is a venereal disease.  Put 2 and 2 together and ask yourself: As HPV cancers increase in young people, what does America owe these two perverts?

DIY extraction of DNA  I’ve extracted tons of DNA in the lab, but never really thought about doing it in the kitchen.  Here’s how, just in case you ever need to.

Blown away: wind turbine that produces water   Once again, the simplest ideas are the most powerful.  A wind turbine that produces electricity and also extracts water from the air could be an enormous game-changer — from the West Bank to San Bernadino.

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