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President DTDuck’s dead-family policy & the family of SEAL Ryan Owen

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, America, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Monday February 6, 2017 at about 2:41 pm

Feb06| 2017


We (the editorial “we”) here at LogoPhere.com, the world’s most beloved and least known blog, have become increasingly alarmed at DTDuck’s gormless pre-presidential and presidential promotion of war crimes. And now (the editorial) we are doubly concerned that DTDuck’s proposals may lead to the targeting of the family of America’s latest futile combat fatality: SEAL William “Ryan” Owen, who was killed on January 29th near al-Bayda in Yemen. 


From the Displaced Darwinism Dept.

Thoughts on: 1) why neither the right wingnuts nor the left wingnuts can distinguish between climate and weather and 2) the Darwinian aspects of Ramadan 

NASA may not be The Weather Channel, but they still know what’s up.  Here’s the way NASA explains the difference between weather and climate:

The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere “behaves” over relatively long periods of time.

And the reason I say it is that every time there’s a hiccup in the weather somewhere on the planet and a new record is set, the climate changers or the anti-climate changers get their knickers in a twist about how the new record proves their point that the climate is changing, or not.  The idiocy here is equating weather with climate. 

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CNN, Peter Bergen & Lewis Carroll’s Bong: Dissecting Seymour Hersh’s OBL Bunker-buster

Bloged in America, World Events, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Sunday May 24, 2015 at about 11:45 pm

Part Two of Two Parts
A Cakewalk in Abbottabad

Pete Souzas photo became an instant icon once the CIA released it. It needs no introduction here. It will find its way into American history books for generations to come. We all know that Hillary Clinton had confidential documents spread out on her laptop and they had to be pixellated before Souza’s photo could be released, but does anyone know what all those white people and that black guy are staring at so intently? Could be an NBA play-off game for all we can tell.

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Brier Rabbit in Abbottabad

Bloged in America, World Events, Media Fails, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Thursday May 21, 2015 at about 12:12 am

Peter Bergen over at CNN has some problems. One is his mouth. Another is, to paraphrase Seymour Hersh, because Bergen interviewed Osama bin Laden, aka OBL, almost 20 years ago, he now exudes an attitude that he is the sole trustee of everything having to do with OBL. And the third problem is Bergen’s fatal dependence on the smoke-screen that Barrack Obama and his crowd have blown into the face of the entire world about the killing of OBL. Should that smoke-screen be lifted, the resulting truth lurking behind it could very well sink Bergen professionally, making him more of a 4th Estate pariah than even Dan Rather. The sum of these problems, IMO, amounts to some very serious questions about Peter Bergen’s and CNN’s competence and honesty in their attempts to take down Hersh.

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Jan21.2104 — How “autonomous” is RT, really?

Bloged in Middle East, World Events, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Tuesday January 21, 2014 at about 8:46 am


HuffingTon of BS Post is reporting via Reuters that another group of violent Muslim Mental Midgets, Vilayat Dagestan, has posted a video warning that they will deliver a “present” to Putin at Sochi. These 3Ms also claimed “credit,” as if credit is given for such things, for the suicide bombings in Volgograd, in which 34 people were killed. This story is news this morning on many Western MSM channels, including ABC, NBC, CBC, Australian news, etc. At least one report says the two morons in this video were the ones who carried out the Volgograd attacks, but I remember quite clearly that a woman was reported as blowing the bus, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

But the reason I’m bringing this to your attention is, well . . . there’s two reasons.

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#559 — Mar30.2013 — “This is Not Dick Cheney We’re Talking About”

Bloged in America, Afghanistan/Pakistan by Gutter Grunt Saturday March 30, 2013 at about 8:45 am

Here is the lead from Paul Street’s recent piece in ZNet:

Questioned by a handful of Senate Democrats on his secret killer drone program earlier this month, Barack Obama said “This is not Dick Cheney we’re talking about here.”

“No Mr. President,” one of those Senators should have retorted (none did), “it is not. It is worse, actually, in three ways. First, Cheney was Vice President and you, sir, are President. Second, you have gone very far beyond George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when it comes to the cowardly and indiscriminate murder of thousands of people with drones. Third, you have done this under the cloak of liberalism, progressivism, peace, and multiculturalism whereas Bush and Cheney were openly reactionary white-nationalist messianic-militarists, which made their evil easier to identify and oppose.”

Of 366 U.S. drone attacks that have killed 3,581 people in Pakistan since 2002, 316 have been launched by the Obama administration. Less than 2 percent of those killed have been high-profile Taliban militants, the avowed targets. Many of those blasted out of earthly existence by America’s airborne remote-control killing machines have been innocent bystanders, including women and children.

It’s a worthwhile piece, give it a read. Street is hyping a series of anti-drone demonstrations scheduled for April, and well that he should. As Street implies, Obama with his fleet of 7500 drones has become a scarier war-monger than Cheney. If Obama is what it means to have a black president, let’s hope he’s the last.

Here is a link to Know Drones, which is a major anti-drone website.  And here is their FAQ page.

“Sam Bacile:” Never heard of him? Apparently, nobody has. Until today.

Bloged in Israelis, America, Media Fails, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Israeli Firsters, Arabs by Gutter Grunt Wednesday September 12, 2012 at about 2:49 pm

According to today’s MSM reports this “Sam Bacile” is a dumb-ass Israeli-firster American Jew who wrote, directed, and produced Innocence of Muslims, the movie that depicts Muhammad as a bungling pervert.  The MSM keep referring to him as “filmmaker” but do not list any other “films” made by this jack-ass.  If producing a piece of dung like IOM gets you credited with being a “filmmaker” then any fool with a cell phone qualifies, and Lord knows there are plenty of those.

There are two main MSM articles on this.  Matt Bradley and Dion Nissenbaum have a WSJ article, updated Sep12.   There is also an AP article, which has borrowed heavily from the WSJ article and adds little.  Both articles refer to a phone interview with this “Sam Bacile,” one conversation from his home and the other while “in hiding” but both conversations apparently identical.  You never know what’s going on with reporters, who they’re stealing from, or even who they’re talking to.

However, this much is clear: no reporters have gone to any trouble to try and identify this “Sam Bacile.”  If he is a wealthy land developer in Southern California, he shouldn’t be hard to find.  The closest I could come in the Orange County land records is “Moises Baciles” who has been involved in a lot of transactions but sounds Mexican to me.  Moises, if this is you we’re talking about, do yourself a favor and get out of town.

The so-called “movie traliers” for IOM are still up on YT but I refuse to link to them because the movie is so disgusting, and I ain’t easy to disgust.  The “actors” are slimy, base, revolting amateurs, and the director is a deaf and blind pig’s ass . . . but now we are back to “Bacile.”  According to WSJ, the movie cost $5 millions to make and was funded by a consortium of 100 Jews.  My guess is that your chances would be better than even of finding the likes of Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz, and Michael Oren on that list.  I doubt if there is a proper listing for “Israel,” regardless of how much it invested.

The other players in this tragedy are the Quran-burning idiot Terry Jones, a bona fide filmmaker named Steven Klein, and a nasty Coptic prick called Morris Sadek – these people are all involved in producing the film and/or promoting it.  Jones and Sadek are well-known Islamophobic hate-mongers.  Steven Klein may be the same slut-pimping Steven Klein who does the Madonna and GaGa shoots and vids.  I’m not sure it’s the same guy, but a Muslim-baiting piece like Innocence of Muslims is certainly something we might expect from a filth-meister.  OTOH the poor quality of IOM suggests someone other than Madonna’s Steven Klein, who is a brilliant technician.  It will be interesting to sort this out.

The tragedy here is that violent, hateful, ass-holes like Sadek, “Bacile,” Klein, and Jones can so easily trigger events that get a good and valuable person like Ambassador Christopher Stevens killed half a world away.  By all accounts I have read, Stevens was the ultimate diplomat, fluent in Arabic and French, a devoted representative of America, and an asset to the State Dept. that can never be replaced.  Somewhere, somehow “Bacile,” Klein, Sadek, Jones, all of the 65 actors in IOM, and the 100 donors ought to be put on trial for Stevens’ death.  Preferably in Libya.  This film is the answer to the question: “If you invest $5M to inflame Muslims all over the world, how much hatred and violence can you produce?”  The death of Christopher Stevens and the other embassy workers in Libya is the answer.  Now the question becomes: Who gets held responsible?

I am normally pretty freaky about First Amendment free speech, particularly in religious contexts.  I think there is huge latitude to take on sages like Muhammad, Moses, Jesus, and Charlie Brown.  But not all speech is protected free speech.  This movie is certainly not speech that is protected as free speech b/c it was produced with the intention of causing physical harm, probably death.  Speech that presents a clear and present danger is never protected.  And like the famous yelling of “fire” in a move theater when there is no fire, the purpose of this movie was to get someone hurt.  The hate-monger filmmaker Steve Klein behind IOM is quoted by the Guardian as saying: “We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen.”  (However, seeing lawsuits and criminal prosecutions on the horizon, he has backed this statement up 180 degrees.)

“Bacile,” too,  is providing the lawyers lots of fodder for trial by running his mouth.  He has called Islam “a cancer.”  He has described the film as “political” and as a way to fight Muslims.  Yeah, he wants the fight.  The movie got traction by being promoted by the Christian, fundamentalist, feces-for-brains, Mulsim-hater, Terry Jones.  Jones screened the trailer for his followers yesterday [Sep11.12], a day he calls “International Judge Mohammad Day.”  So OK, dudes . . . looks like the fight’s on.  I just hope it plays out in a federal court room.

But getting back to the lead question: what do we know about this cretin, “Bacile,” and his supporters? Not that much.  Yet.  Finding a photo of him has been impossible, so far.  As of the moment 95% of what’s on the web is peats and repeats of the AP/WSJ article.  We are told that “Bacile” (reported as aged 52, 54, or 56 — pick one) is one of those land developers who have made themselves filthy rich by destroying Southern California. But I can’t confirm that.  His name should be all over the California land records. It’s not.  Seems to me the AP and WSJ writers have some explaining to do.  For instance, who contacted whom?  How did they confirm who the person on the other end of the line was?  This looks like a Dan “The Dupe” Rather story to me.

“Bacile” could be fictional for all we know.  John Hudson at the Atlantic Wire has raised this point.  He quotes uber-Jews/neocons/Israel-firsters Jeffrey Goldberg and John Podhoretz saying they never heard of the guy.  Podhoretz tweets that the name don’t sound Jewish to him.  And have a look at Sarah Posner’s piece.  She, too, wonders whether there is stink here, although she seems to be pointing toward the Copts and evangelical Christians as the perps.

To me, it is beginning to look to me like another Israeli false-flag operation, timed to cause as much damage as possible to Obama right before the election.  That the demonstrations in Cairo and Libya were timed for 9/11 is very, very suspicious b/c there is no other day on the calender that Americans’ Islamophobia is pulled so taut.  This whole IOM thing came out in July, why do the riots happen now?

My monkey is riding the guess that “Sam Bacile” is an agent and front for Israel to produce this deadly anti-Islam movie, and that Mossad, or Kidon, or some other Israeli agents-provcateur have drummed these riots up.  It sort of brings to mind the Coen brothers.  Do you remember in the Big Lewbowski how they got away with a line calling Arabs “camel fuckers”?  The Coen brothers just came back from Israel where they collected a $1M “prize,” probably for that line.   Can you imagine what would happen if any line in any movie that screened anywhere in this universe referred to Jews as “camel fuckers?”  But you know, many Jewish movie producers/directors have a way with dialog and many Jews have a biased sense of shock at cultural defamation.  Which brings us to Uncle Abe.

One angle that has yet to be raised is where was Uncle Abe Foxman, the great defender against the defamation of religious causes, in this whole IOM mess?  If this film had been Innocence of Jews, you know damn well that Foxman would have stormed the (Jewish controlled) MSM and the (Jewish controlled) halls of Congress and the (not so Jewish controlled) White House and demanded the blood of the producer, actors, and donors.  And fair enough.  But if Foxman has any sense of morals and is anything other than a media clown pushing a strict Israel firster faux outrage, he should have used his impressive powers to condemn this attack on Islam with equal vigor when it came out in July.  I guess when it is his own people producing terrible, hateful, anti-Semitic trash like this film, he just sits there with his head up his fat ass, hoping the film will inflame Muslims into violence and Israel will reap some benefit from it.

Hang on, did I just call this film Innocence of Muslims anti-Semitic?  Of course I did.  The Arabs are Semites.  Muhammad was a Semite.  When you look at it, most of the violence in the world arises from Semites hating, fighting, and killing other Semites.  It never ends.  Probably never will.  Semites have been killing each other for thousands of years and now their internecine squabbling is a threat to the entire world.

Daily Dish for Monday, Jul30.2012

Bloged in America, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Monday July 30, 2012 at about 12:37 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis.  Check it out!

Executing US generals?  Lt. Gen Wm Caldwell — call him “Bill,” Obama does — was one of those media-darling generals that stick their noses up politicians rear ends and that politicians reciprocate in kind. Caldwell now runs the US Army North Command in Afghanistan.  Caldwell it turns out may be less than a darling and more of a ghoul.   In 2010 he was in charge of Dawood Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan where, according to one US Army officer testifying before Congress last week, there were open vats of blood draining out of patients’ wounds, feces on the floor, and patients starving.  When medical officers demanded an investigation, Caldwell cut them off and threatened them, according to their testimony.  Probably because Caldwell was dealing with medical officers, his cover-up leaked like a sieve. When the WSJ broke the story last September, they referred to it as “deadly neglect.”  Now BuzzFeed has followed up in one article and published horrible, gruesome photos of conditions in Dawood in another article. “Deadly neglect” hardly does the situation justice.  Whoever is responsible, whether “Bill” or any other general, ought to face a court martial and, if found guilty of this neglect, a firing squad.

Happy 10th anniversary, Omar.  Omar Khadr, who was 15 when he was captured by US forces in Afghanistan a decade ago, is still in Gitmo.  When he was captured, the kid, who is a Canadian citizen, was in Afghanistan, having been taken there by his father, defending it against invading US soldiers.  As Khadr’s defense attorney pointed out, he was a target of the US attack, but the US claims he had no right to defend himself or fight back.  The US says that in the war on terror the rules of war don’t apply.  Only the US ad hoc rules apply.  Of course, the problem is that having been detained for so many years, interrogated, tortured, abused — if he is ever set free, Khadr is a danger to the US.  I would be.  Although the military tribunal sentenced him to 8 years in return for his guilty plea, this kid will likely never walk free.

Loser Olympics?  Here is a pic from a story in the Israeli rag Haaretz about a “nice Jewish girl” from Massachusetts in the Olympics.  Notice anything about the crowd?  Yeah, all soldiers.

Here is a story from the UK Guardian about what a bust the Olympics is b/c they can’t even fill seats without bringing in the troopers.  You’d think they’d at least have the brains to put these guys in civilian clothes to disguise the fact that London 2012 is turning out to be a bust.

Daily Dish for Tuesday, May01.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Wing-Nuts (Left), Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri, Race by Gutter Grunt Tuesday May 1, 2012 at about 7:03 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Was this kid Jewish?  Patricia Mulholland, a 7th grade teacher in S. Carolina, has been busted for assaulting a 12-year old boy who was sharpening his pencil.  “Come here, Jew!” she hollered before dragging him under a table.  She says it was a history lesson on what the Nazis did and what the Jewish holocaust was all about.  If the boy was not Jewish and the story is true, Mulholland needs to be fired and do a 30-day stretch for assault and negligent stupidity.  If the boy is Jewish, the penalty should be enhanced as a hate crime and she ought to sit in the cooler for a year.  When Abe Foxman, who poops his pants every time anyone other than a Jew uses the words “Nazi” or “holocaust”, sees this he will be on it like misery on a bad wind.  The Israeli press is already popping veins.

Richard Silverstein appears to support honor killings by Muslims and Hindus.  If you’ve never heard of Silverstein, you won’t know what an intemperate nematode he can be — mercurial, sometimes insightful, never humorous, often bilious.  He regularly threatens commentators that don’t toe his line.  But one of the commentators whose comments reflected a hatred of honor killings bit back when Silverstein characterized those comments as “stupid” and “racist.”  Racist for detesting honor killings?  Silverstein is the only white dude I know of or have ever heard of that criticizes people for expressing disdain of honor killings.  I suspect the world is full of Muslim and Hindu dudes that think like Richard.

US recruiting program for Islamist terrorists.   As Obama pays a surprise visit today to Afghanistan, 2 months after US Army SSgt Bobby Bales blew away 9 children in a murderous rampage, we now learn that recent US drone attacks on a girls’ school in Pakistan took out 4 young girls.  I don’t think, even with all of their imagination, all of the Madison Ave. firms combined could script a more effective program for recruiting young men into the ranks of American-hating terrorists groups.  If American continues this drone-war against Afghanistan and Pakistani children, I am going to end up hating it, too.  Indiscriminate killing is what America seems to do best.  If you are an American, and you are proud of that, you are as sick as kiddie-killer Bobby Bales.

Daily Israeli apartheid beatings  Here is the moment a brave, young Palestinian woman jumped up on an Israeli “skunk-truck” and was set upon by a pack of IDF soldiers.  And here is an excellent account of what a peace protest in the West Bank looks like.  Imagine having cops spray you with sewage or beat your door down for no other reason than they want to use your roof to fire at demonstrators.

Daily Dish for Thursday, Apr26.2012

Bloged in Wing-Nuts (Right), Good cop/Bad cop, Afghanistan/Pakistan, Potpourri by Gutter Grunt Thursday April 26, 2012 at about 10:55 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Another Bush-style patriot/coward, Ted Nugent shit his pants — apparently, to avoid draft.   Now we have a very disturbing report that Ted Nugent, who will surely be dead or in jail this time next year, actually carried shit around in his pants for days to avoid the draft.  That Nugent is a certified idiot goes without saying, but this report is disturbing because if Nugent really pulled this stunt and if he actually bragged about it to a reporter, he is sick enough to hurt someone.  Let’s just hope that his self-predicted death or incarceration, and hopefully both, comes without harm to anyone else.  This patriotic coward is in good company.  Recent excellent reporting by Joe Hagan backs up the now cold story of Bush’s desertion from the National Guard.  As an ex-Marine recon radio-humper with a Purple Heart, I’d just like to offer my warmest appreciation to all of these right wing-nut “great American patriots” who otherwise go by the name “coward:” Bush, Nugent, Hannity, Limbaugh,  O’Reilly, . . .

Latest addition the club of people who will die praying this is no Hell  Jose Rodriguez is the CIA operative who destroyed the CIA’s cache of waterboarding films just when things were heating up for the idea of punishing torturers. If America has a master-torturer, it’s this dick.  Now Jose has published the first Obama attack book of the 2012 campaign, which I won’t name b/c you don’t want to buy it anyway.  He is going after Obama because the CIA is no longer allowed to gouge-eyeballs and rip out fingernails of suspects.  Karl Rove is somewhere behind this book.  Guaranteed.

The nut-case story hiding within the pedophile story  A US guy named Sick Shawn Sullivan, 42, is in the UK fighting extradition to the Minnesota. He has been on the run for 17 years after being charged with kiddie-rape.  While in Ireland — note his name — we was convicted of sexually assaulting two 12 year old girls.  But the real story is the British woman, Susan Smith, 34, who married this kiddie-fondler AFTER he was arrested on the sex assault charges in Ireland.  Susan Smith is an official in the UK Ministry of Justice, and sounds to me like one sick kitten.  Sick Shawn is fighting extradition on the grounds he could be locked up for life in Minnesota.  Indeed.

Lest we forget America’s slime-ball kiddie-killer Bobby Bales  Here is some excellent reporting from Ralph Lopez on the obvious on-going cover-up of the Army massacre of 16 civilians at Panjwai, Afghanistan.  Lopez mentions but does not link to the video by Australian reporter Yalda Hakim, who escaped Afghanistan as a child and went back to do this report.  Clearly one of the most courageous reporters, and without a doubt the most beautiful, in the world.  Here’s her page.   As far as the assertion in Lopez’s piece by some Army dick that no Americans were on guard duty the night Bales and his buddies left the camp, I’ve done enough time in combat zones to find that assertion to be absolutely laughable.  Either the Army dick making that claim is a fricking liar, or this was a platoon of complete morons.  Take your pick.  Leave a comment saying which.

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