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GoY’s St. Paddy’s Day Attack on Syria and Chutzpah Diplomacy

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, Iranians by Gutter Grunt Sunday March 19, 2017 at about 5:32 pm

We are bumping up against the most critical known unknown that determines the short and long-term future of the Middle East: Will Putin go all-in to defend Syria?

Yisrael’s new F-35s — one down & one to go?

Things have been going relatively well for Bashir al-Assad since late 2015 when Vladimir Putin stepped in and flipped the bird to the Government of Yisrael (GoY) and the American neocons (collectively, “iJews“) who have been trying to bring down the Assad government with a proxy “civil war” reinforced with CIA-armed terrorist groups. But now that Assad’s grip on power is strong again and the “civil war” is winding down, the toxic iJews are reverting to the 2-step Plan B –  Step 1: chop up Syria like Daesh chops up American journalists; and Step 2: divide the pieces of the country between Shia, Sunni, and Kurds.  

GoY’s primary objective has always been to get a free-fly zone over Syrian territory so that they can get their bombers to Iran intact. GoY doesn’t care if they are flying over Sunni or Kurds, as long as they don’t have to dodge Assad’s SAMs. Unfortunately for GoY, as long as Putin stays in the area and defends Assad, GoY’s direct path to attacking Iran is cut off. 


LogoPhere’s Short Shots

Bloged in Middle East, America, Potpourri, Iranians, Arabs by Gutter Grunt Tuesday May 19, 2015 at about 11:06 am

Mug shots of Whacko, TX bikers start appearing 

What I’m lookin’ for is a motorcycle gang with the balls to pick a truthful name and
no false advertising in their colors.  Like “The Cretins.”  Maybe “MORON” on the bottom rocker. 


This Arab is freaking me out.

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the new king of Saudi Arabia
is turning out to be one scary prick.


Jon Stewart returns to his dog-sex addiction

HuffPost headline May12.15

I guess America’s favorite funny-Jew is using his final days
on the show to promote his favorite fetish.

[ read ‘em ]

#548 — Jan28.2013 — Post-elections, NYT resumes acting as Israel proxy in the effort to pull the US into a war with Iran

Bloged in Israelis, America, Iranians, Nuclear threats by Gutter Grunt Monday January 28, 2013 at about 12:16 am

Now that the Israeli and US elections are over and Obama and Bibi are once again staring at each other across the abyss of Iran, the NYT is doing what it can to give the war a nudge.  Just as they did with the Iraq fiasco, the NYT would love to gin up another US attack on a Muslim country. It is not by coincidence that NYT is owned and run by — you guessed it — Jews, who have their “homeland” in Israel.

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#544 — Jan18.2013 — Jordan Paust: Why the UN Charter allows Israel to shoot first and, basically, not worry about asking questions at all.

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, Iranians by Gutter Grunt Friday January 18, 2013 at about 7:36 pm

Dan Joyner, a professor of international law at University of Alabama School of Law runs a very interesting website called Arms Control Law. In my experience these nuclear arms control blogs tend to operate at a higher, more academic level than the standard rant-and-rave blogs like, well . . . LogoPhere. For one thing, there’s not as much cussin’ from the academic types.

Today Dan initiated a discussion about an academic piece in Jurist written by one Jordan Paust, who is a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center. Basically, Paust is arguing that under the self-defense provisions of the UN Charter, Israel is justified in preemptively attacking Iran, and that such an attack would be “self-defense.” I know exactly what you’re thinking . . . nobody but a rabid Zionist on the IDF payroll would attempt to make such an argument, but there you have it.

Below is an instant-replay of  my response, put up on Dan’s blog, amended here with relevant links.

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#539 Jan01.2013 — Analyzing the balance of inter-Semetic hatred to see where the Middle East is headed in 2013

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, Iranians by Gutter Grunt Tuesday January 1, 2013 at about 3:05 pm

Juan Cole’s Shia/Sunni Map

My approach to understanding the Semetic mess called “the Middle East” is that first you’ve got to realize that all of these peoples — Arabs, Palestinians, Jews, Sunnis, Shia, Wahabis, Hasidim,  on and on –  are Semites.  And so the whole ME mess is just one big inter-Semitic dog-fight.  Semites have been killing Semites for as long as there have been Semites — all the way back to Noah, and that is not going to suddenly end in 2013.  BTW, all of these people are called “Semites” because they are descended from Noah’s son, Shem.  They should be called “Shemites,” but that sounds too much like female bed-bugs, so they dropped the “h.”

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LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Sep19.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Potpourri, Iranians, Nuclear threats by Gutter Grunt Wednesday September 19, 2012 at about 10:13 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Much more here.


1.  What is a “red line?”

What is a “red line,” anyway? A subway line to Quincy on the “T?” Is Bibi’s “red line” what we used to call a “line in the dirt?” These were never red . . . until after they were crossed.

When I was a kid, you took a stick; you scratched a line in the dirt; you said to your (smaller) enemy: “Step across that line and I’ll bloody your nose.” If your enemy was bigger than you, there were problems. If he stepped across the line, then you drew another line and said: “OK, tough guy, eh? Well, step across that line and I won’t like you anymore.”

Of course, if you were a skinny kid with glasses, like me, you could still draw lines in the dirt as long as your big brother was 210 lb and the varsity full-back. And this pretty well sums up the current situation with Israel. More precisely, Bibi, as always, would rather talk his big brother into drawing the line and he [Bibi] will just sit the whole thing out, as he’s done in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the big brother was Geo. Bush and his gaggle of neocons, it was easy for Israel to get lines drawn and Americans killed. Now – finally – the big brother has some brains and is even thinking about getting a paternity test.

Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk has a very interesting analysis of this “red line” situation. Also check the comments. These guys are non-proliferation engineers. They go through the calculations of how much stuff Iran really has available to build a nuke and how many nukes they’ll be able to build when they enrich what they have, etc. etc. It seems like most of the technical issues are resolved. The limiting factor is U-235.

Lewis concludes that Iran is already there. Based on IAEA reports, Lewis thinks Iran has 20 kg of fissile U-235 at or near bomb-grade; i.e., what they need to be in a “break-out” position. So if that is Bibi’s “red line,” too late. link to lewis.armscontrolwonk.com

On Sep13 Landler and Cooper at NYT reported on a “one hour” conversation w/ an Obama official who insists that the administration’s “red line” is constructing an actual nuke. This seems pretty consistent with what BO has been saying all along. Along this topic of a timeline for assembling a bomb, the Lewis wonks discuss what are the chances of an untested nuke actually working the first time. Answer: pretty durn high. If an actual bomb is BO’s line in the dirt, then Iran will obviously just sit on its pile of fissile stuff, and dig it deeper into the mountain while tweaking its ICBMs. I guess this would be sort of a soft deterrence position. Israel would know that an attack on Iran would be reciprocated not in seconds or minutes, but by the weekend, for sure.  link to nytimes.com

It is very difficult to envision a way out of this morass that doesn’t involve thousands of dead people, virtually none of whom will know the difference between U-235 and U2. If I was in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, I think I’d just sit tight a while longer.


2.  U.S. non-defense domestic agencies continue to arm themselves

This poor guy Alex Jones at InfoWars.com is peeing his pants just about every week anymore.  As I reported earlier Jones has been tracking some really weird purchase orders for US domestic agencies like Social Security and NOAA — they are buying ammo like it was gold at 1980 prices.  And not just target ammo — included in the billions of rounds of ammo bought this year are millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, which is used for one thing only: to kill people.

Yesterday Jones posted the latest order information for what he says is even more ammo, although I’m not so sure about this part.  I mean, 25,000 of these rounds are blanks. Order #1. That makes for a lot of noise but not much blood.  OTOH, 176,000 rounds of this “new” order are .308 hollow-points. Order #2.   What’s .308?  Here’s Wiki:

the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge worldwide. It is also commonly used for civilian target shooting, military sniping, and police sharpshooting.

And I’m not sure this is something that has come up as suddenly as Jones seems to be hyperventilating about.  On Order #2 you can find a link to further vendor information, and on that document yet another link to a table showing where the rounds are to be sent to.  That last document is dated 2011, suggesting this is not a sudden arming of the Social Security secretaries to fight of geriatric, extremist Muslims.  But who knows what’s up.  I mean, even if these rounds are being delivered all through this year, why do these non-defense agencies need enough ammo to shoot every person in America 5 times?
The other issue I don’t see being addressed by Jones is the guns.  Ammo almost always needs a gun to get fired.  Has there not been a commensurate increase in the number of guns being shipped to US domestic agencies, or have those SS secretaries been armed all these years?

Finally, if Jones would do some homework maybe he could tell us whether the military, particularly the National Guard units, are being supplied with unusual mountains of ammo.  The ammo Jones has been reporting on is just the stuff ordered by Homeland Security.


3.  “Peace loving” Israel: Discussions of nuke-free Middle East are unthinkable as long as we are the only one with a nuke.  Shalom.

A Reuters article dated today that does not identify its authors, reports that Israel plain, flat rejects any assertions that the Middle East is more dangerous because it [Israel] has nukes.

In a nicely timed Harretz article by Amir Oren,  Israel is also reported as expressing “strong opposition” to a joint initiative between Arab countries and Obama for a meeting to get a nuke-free Middle East debate going.  Now, that’s consistency.  Here is Oren’s article, as it can be hard to open at Harretz.

Israel expressed its strong opposition on Wednesday to an Arab initiative, supported by the Obama administration, to hold a conference that would debate the possibility of a nuclear-free Middle East.

The conference would take place in Helsinki toward the end of 2012, or early in 2013. Brig.Gen. (Res.) Shaul Horev, director of the Israeli Nuclear Energy Committee, who reports directly to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately trashed the idea.

President Barack Obama had promised to promote the move at the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Horev expressed Israeli opposition at the 56th general convention of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, saying that the idea of a nuclear arms-free Middle East, which been met with reservations by Israel, was now even less possible, due to the “volatile and hostile situation” in the area.

“In order to realize this idea there is need for prior conditions and a complete reversal of the current trend in the area,” Horev said. “This is an idea born in other areas and alien to the reality and political culture of the area. Nuclear demilitarization in the Middle East, according to the Israeli position, will be possible only after the establishment of peace and trust among the states of the area, as a result of a local initiative, not of external coercion.”

Horev began his address by criticizing Iran and Syria, whom he described as the centers of negative processes in the area, due to their covert moves to obtain nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction. He added that Iran is creating a “hollow impression” that it intends to cooperate, but the international community’s moves actually have had no effect on the Iranian nuclear plan. Moreover, “Iran might be searching for an excuse to withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty,” Horev said.

According to Horev, Israel is not indifferent to Iran’s direct and vitriolic threats on its existence, and warned that the Assad regime in Syria might use chemical arms against the rebels, or transfer it to Hezbollah. Horev added that Israel supported Jordanian use of nuclear power for civilian use.

The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Sep11.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Potpourri, Iranians, Israeli Firsters, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Tuesday September 11, 2012 at about 4:37 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis.

Whew!  Thought for a minute Klari took down her daily dishes page.  Everything’s coolHer home page is still active, too.

1.  Another reason to avoid Asshole Airlines (AA)

As a highly relevant follow-up to last week’s post about AA bumping a family with a Down’s Syndrome child out of first class, I now have a story out of Texas about how in April this year AA sued ex-employee and whistle-blower Gailen David b/c David kept releasing information on his blog about the way AA screws its passengers.  At issue here is AA’s practice of bumping first class passengers to make way for AA executives, board members and their families who hold “A-passes,” which can be used to bump revenue-generating first class passengers.  In one post, according to AA’s suit, David advised people that a board member, Judith Rodin, uses AA as her “private airline that won’t fly until she’s ready. . . The flight left over an hour late, causing scores of passengers to miss their connections to Europe.”

David settled the suit by agreeing to stop blowing his whistle, to the relief of Judith Rodin and her disgusting ilk, no doubt.  Rodin, BTW, was the highest-paid university president in the country when she led U.Penn.  She is also on the boards of Citigroup and Comcast.  Just the sort of person we want running the country’s universities.

2.  Speaking of things being blown, Obama (finally) blows off Bibi
OK, this sounds like a joke, and probably should be, but isn’t.  According to AP, Bibi Netanyahu is blowing through the roof b/c Obama refuses to set the limits with Iran.  Bibi demands that the US set the so-called “red-line” beyond which if Iran goes the US will guarantee at attack.  IOW, Israel is demanding to call the shots on how the US handles other countries in the world.  Nothing new there.   But note: this is not a disagreement about where the line should be, it’s about the US not making a public statement of where it sees the line to be.  Israel wants a red-line commitment.

So . . . where does Israel see the line???  Bibi refuses to say.  [The link may get though.  Sometimes you’ll get a pay-wall.  It’s a Jewish website.] That’s right, Bibi the bull is demanding Obama set lines in order to protect Israel, but Bibi the pig refuses to do the same.  I love Bradley Burston’s lead-off line in the above link:

If deadlines are in order, Netanyahu might consider his upcoming U.S. visit as an opportune moment to shut down entirely the verbal centrifuges he has set spinning in attacks on the president.

But hold on . . . the verbal centrifuges will keep spinning b/c there is going to be no meeting with Obama this month.  Finally, Obama has had his fill of Bibi thinking and acting like he [Bibi] is the leader of the free world and the part of it called USA.  Is it any surprise that Obama now refuses to even sit down with Bibi?  Bibi is a piggish, stupid, liar (Obama’s word), and likely the worst single example of what Judaism has to offer the world.  Why shouldn’t Obama blow him off?

In the mean time, Obama is listening to his country.  According to a poll just released by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs [whoever that is], 70% of Americans oppose an attack on Iran by the US [70%!!!], 51% oppose the UN attacking, and 59% oppose the US getting involved in an Israeli attack.  Actual report here.
Yeah, Bibi, the window is closing.  The window being the number of Americans you can sucker into another war for Israel.  Hopefully, you’re on your own.  Finally.

Logophere’s Daily Dish, Weekend Edition for Sep009-10.2012

Bloged in Israelis, America, Good cop/Bad cop, Potpourri, Iranians, Israeli Firsters, Courts by Gutter Grunt Saturday September 8, 2012 at about 7:55 pm

For all of you fans of Klari Reis’ petri dish art, her daily dishes are no longer available for presenting here. (I am re-cycling previous images.) Her home page is still active.

1.  You want more idiot judges?  We’ll give you more idiot judges.

First there’s Robt. Clive Jones, USDC judge for Nevada, who just got slammed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for screwing with the system.  Nevada is the only state in the Union with enough sense and gumption to include a “none of the above” option in presidential elections so the people can tell the government what everyone in the country is thinking: presidential candidates are dog poop and presidential elections are the orifice dog poop comes out of.  But the Republicans tried to deny Nevadians that option on the ballots.  Jones, a Bush Republican, ruled for the RNC and then tried every trick in the book to block the appeal until after the elections.  The 9th Circuit tore him to pieces.  Someone ought to drag this dishonest nincompoop off the bench.

Then there’s the queen slime-ball of judges, Jacqueline Hatch of Arizona’s Coconino County.  An Arizona pervert and creep-cop named Robb Gary Evans was found guilty by a jury of felony sexual abuse when he went up to a stranger in a bar, rammed his hand up her dress, and fingered her.  Any non-cop would have done a year for this offense, but Hatch gave the cop a suspended sentence and he does not even have to register as the pervert he is.  But that’s not the disgusting part.  In sentencing – or non-sentencing – ex-trooper Evans, Hatch turned on the victim and told her that if she hadn’t been in the bar she wouldn’t have been attacked.  The problem with the system is that judges are virtually immune from prosecution or blow-back for such shocking behavior on the bench, and we’re talking Arizona here, so the behavior is likely to be as shocking as Florida, or maybe even Texas.  Hatch was appointed by Brewer, arguably the sickest governor in the county.  Here is Hatch’s public apology for slutting-out the victim.  There is no apology for letting the cop off.  If she is really this stupid that she couldn’t foresee the impact of what she was saying, what is needed is not an apology but a resignation.  Go here to help her along – 13,000 have already signed on.

Let me finish this harangue with this comment to the woman who was the victim of this cop and then the judge: If you were my daughter, I would be so proud of you for standing up to these cretins, I would have tears streaming down my face.  Bless you, and those with your courage.


2.  Is this game-on for the attack on Iran or a choreographed spoof?

For reasons that escape me entirely the American MSM is passing on the major international dust-up in Canada.  On Friday the Canadian embassy staff in Tehran quietly “left town,” closing the Canadian embassy behind them.   The Hockey Pucks have given the Iranians 5 days to close down their Canadian offices and get out, stranding dozens of Iranians in Canada who are waiting for visa renewals.  Is this a signal that Israel is loading the F-16’s?

The wisdom of these things – if there is such a thing as “wisdom” when it comes to unprovoked war – is that sneak attacks must be carried out during a dark-sky night.  When Israel made its last unprovoked, illegal, bomb attack against a sovereign state, it was the Sep06.2007 attack on Syria’s al-Kibar reactor.  That was on a crescent moon, justs 4 days prior to the new moon.  The unprovoked, illegal, bomb attack on a sovereign state before that was the Jun07.1981 attack on Saddam’s Osirak reactor, just outside of Baghdad.  That, too, was on a crescent moon, just 5 days after the new moon.

Of course local weather conditions and other factors play a part in making these decisions, but it only makes sense to avoid a full moon when attacking your neighbor, whether you’re stealing their tomatoes or bombing their reactors.  The next new moon is Sep16.2012,  a week from tomorrow.  Iranians beware the Ides of September, give or take a few days.

Why would the Hockey Pucks fleeing their Iranian embassy forsooth trouble?    Normally, nobody cares where the Pucks have embassies; they are as irrelevant in the world as the Kiwis.  But they might be the canary in the cave as far as the embassy in Tehran goes.Stephen Harper has his head stuck so far up Bibi’s bottom, surely Israel would not let the Pucks get trapped in Iran, which is exactly what would happen if Bibi didn’t give them time to get out before attacking Iran.  If other western embassies and the IAEA start to flee, too, it’s game on for sure.  If Israel gets a bunch of innocent Iranians killed, nobody would care under the “collateral damage principle” initiated by Rumsfeld.  But if their insanity gets white western diplomats killed, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.  Then Israel would face a greater wrath from the EU and US than from the Iranians.  As I’ve noted before, Bibi has a very tight rope to walk here.   By tipping off the “good guys” so they can get out of harm’s way, Bibi announces to the Iranians the goods are going to be delivered soon.

Alternatively, Canada closing it’s embassy could be a choreographed spoof to try and make the Iranians think the TNT is on its way so Ahmadinejad will throw a preemptive first punch, which is really, really, really what the Israelis and Obama want to happen.  If the other embassies and the IAEA don’t follow the Pucks out the door in the next few days, this is a spoof.

LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Sep04.2012

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, Palestinians, Potpourri, Iranians, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Tuesday September 4, 2012 at about 12:37 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis, one of a kind.

1.  Obama using bunker busters to control the Iran attack timeline?

With American aircraft carriers filling up the Persian Gulf like Winnebagos filling a WalMart parking lot [See item #2 ], the Israelis are all over the place on whether they are going to attack Iran before November. Last week JAC chief Martin Dempsey pushed back big time in Israel’s public program to draw the US into a war with Iran. Now we have the Israeli press hyperventilating that Obama has sent word to Iran that the US will not be a part of the Israeli attack.  Right.  That story has been denied by Obama.  Either Obama wants to delay this show-down until after the elections, or he wants to look like he was trying to prevent it altogether so that if it happens prior to the election the US can jump in while saying it did everything it could to avert it.

Once there was the idea bouncing around that Israel had to strike Iran before US left Iraq b/c Israel would need the Iraqi airspace to get to Iran.  Don’t know what happened to that idea.  Who controls Iraq’s airspace now?  Another thought is that Obama is controlling the timing of the attack by delaying delivery of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) — aka GBU-57A/B that Obama promised Bibi back in 2009. There is virtually no point in attacking Iran if you can’t get to their buried vaults of uranium and enrichment gear, and Obama holds the key to those vaults in the MOP, which can penetrate 200 feet of earth before exploding.

Boeing delivered the first MOP to the USAF in Nov.2011. The thing is so huge it can only be dropped from B-52’s or B-2’s, neither of which Israel has.  So unless Israel is willing to go after Iran with its pea-shooters and wait for the 10,000 missile reprisal, it has no options but to wait on Obama.  Then again, if Obama gets re-elected, he is beyond the control of Israel and AIPAC and all that Jewish money that determines who rules America.  So, then he may see himself as being beyond Bibi’s bullshit.  How’s that for alliteration?

The colors on this brand new GBU-57 are not coincidental, believe me.


2.  Heads up on solar storm.

You might want to keep an eye on NOAA or Solar Ham for the next couple of days.  One solar burst just blew by us this morning; another is due Wednesday.

3.  Latest additions to the Logophere Israeli Acts of Apartheid page


The Daily Dish Weekend Edition for Sep01-02.2012

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, America, World Events, Potpourri, Iranians, Israeli Firsters, Courts by Gutter Grunt Sunday September 2, 2012 at about 3:20 pm

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Some are subtle, some are bold.  Every single one I’ve seen is absolutely beautiful.  See her site.]

1. Federal Judge rules all men are foreseeable pedophiles

In a court opinion that could not have been written by a female judge without an outcry of gender discrimination, a male judge has gone absolutely bonkers.  CourthouseNews useful summary   

In a complex analysis of the legal definition of “negligence” Xavier Rodriquez, judge for the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Texas has ruled that it is foreseeable when hiring males as summer camp counselors that they will sexually abuse children. Rodriquez’s logic is absolutely appalling.  He starts with a Texas case in which the Boy Scouts hired a male they knew to be a pedophile and they got sued because a) they knew he was a pedophile and b) the child abuse was foreseeable.  From that case Rodriquez generalizes to his conclusion that pedophilia is “certainly” foreseeable in hiring all males.

“Sexual assault on a child is certainly a foreseeable consequence of employing adult males as camp counselors” — Judge Xavier Rodriquez’s Order .

You are asking yourself what I am asking myself: where do these wacko federal judges come from?  Rodriquez was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court by — you guessed it — Rick Perry.  But he had to face an election in 2002 to get a second term.  He was such a disaster on the bench that in spite of having the advantage of being an incumbent (which, I guess, like president, is a disadvantage if you are a screw-up), and in spite of out-spending his opponent $558,000 to $9,500, he lost.

That was probably the best day of his life b/c that loss meant that his other buddy — you guessed it — Geo. W. Bush would appoint him to the federal bench, from which there is virtually no way one can be removed no matter how much of a screw-up one is.


2.  Gutter Grunt’s Iran war predictions: conspicuously poor, getting worse 

OK, OK, I admit my success rate at predicting when Israel will throw a punch at Iran has been abysmal.  In January I guessed an attack was imminent.  Obama had just parked 3 aircraft carriers within striking distance of Tehran, ordered 15,000 troops to Kuwait, and had cancelled a training mission, Austere Challenge, with Israel in which thousands of US troops would have been stationed in Israel indefinitely.  But things cooled down.  Two carriers left the area and Austere Challenge was re-scheduled to October.

Now Time tells us that Obama and Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey have re-thought Austere Challenge yet again.  They have reduced the number of American boots and belly-buttons going to Israel by 2/3 and has seriously cut back on the numbers of missiles involved.  Sometimes I’m not so sure about Obama, but Dempsey is one smart dude.  No way he is going to let Netanyahu drag the US into another war that is not in the US’s best interests.  The Israelis, who see the writing on the wall, are livid.  They say the modification of Austere Challenge is a signal that the US doesn’t trust Israel.  And so I ask you to think about his for a moment:  Why on earth would any country not trust Israel?

There is a fascinating piece of old information in the Time article.  The US has an X-band radar station that, according to some US military guy, can track a softball in the air thousands of miles away.  Sounds like an exaggeration to me, and not all that useful. I mean, how many people in Iran play softball?  But the most fascinating part is that the US does not let Israelis see what’s on the radar screen.  This radar system was set up in Israel when Turkey and Jordan turned down the US’s terms of use, as reported by Time in 2008

As far as my predictions go, here’s my latest: I don’t have a clue.  Austere Challenge has been trimmed but Obama has two carriers [Lincoln and Enterprise] in the Persian Gulf within striking distance of Tehran, a third [Stennis] on the way, and a fourth [Eisenhower] in the Med, off of Syria’s shore.  Four carrier groups in the area is highly suggestive of problems looming.  The Stennis was not supposed to be back at sea for 3-5 years as it was in its home port for re-fitting.  It is now somewhere in the Pacific headed to the Persian Gulf.   The Middle East is definitely warming up.

Here’s the weirdest prediction you will ever hear.  There will be no Israeli attack because with all that firepower in the ME, Obama is actually protecting Iran from an Israeli sucker-punch.  Putin and Obama have agreed that Putin will withdraw support of Iran and Syria, and Obama will put the brakes on Israel.  Just guessin’.


3.  Look out bus, here comes Israel

As a follow up to Item #2, I direct your attention to this article in today’s [Sep02.12] Foreign Policy Journal by Franklin Lamb.  Lamb says the governmental consortium of 16 intelligence agencies called the Intelligence Community is about to release an 82-page analysis/report recommending that the US cut Israel loose.  This is more than a “game-changer.”  This is absolute dynamite.  And about 40 years over due.

The signals to Israel are increasing in frequency and severity: the game is over.  You can no longer get away with anything you want, and quit whining like a little girl.


4.  South Africa wins the world’s disgust again, this time it’s the ANC

I have not seen any US headlines on this, but I did hear a CBC interview of a SA journalist on the topic last night and the European press is covering it. If you have any sense of justice, you won’t believe this but after the police gunned down 34 striking miners, Nigel Carpenter, the state prosecutor in Ga-Rankuaw ( 25°35′24.38″ S 28°00′22.67″ E) has charged 270 of the striking miners with murder in the deaths. They have been arrested, denied bail, and will not appear in court until October.

The judges of SA have decreed — aka “common law” — that anyone connected to a crime can be charged with that crime. So if you are at one end of a mile long political parade and some violent cop at the other end kills one or more of the protesters, you can be charged with murder. If you are a part of a labor strike and the police open fire on you and kill your fellow strikers, you can be charged with murder, even, as in this case, most of the miners were shot in the back and no police have been charged.

This massive, mass murder charge is surely a tactic to extort the remaining strikers to go back to work to avoid being charged with the murders, too. At the bail hearing the magistrate would not allow all 270 to appear, much less each man to appear individually to argue his own individual case for bail. The magistrate only allowed 25 defendants in the courtroom to “represent” all 270 men seeking bail. The mind boggles. Never mind the judges, it boggles most of all at a prosecutor, Nigel Carpenter, who could be so corrupt or so ignorant of the concept of due process. Boggles.

Update. Today’s headlines [Sep02.12], even in the US, are all over this now that the federal prosecutor in SA has withdrawn the charges, at least until they can be fully investigated. Funny, I cannot find a single word about Nigel Carpenter in any of these late reports — not even with the help of Google. If SA was serious about doing justice in this case, they would stake that ANC clown down on a termite’s nest in the hot sun and pour honey on his crotch. Here’s a relevant quote from the Guardian:

The ANC, whose members were gunned down by police at protest rallies and targeted with draconian laws before Nelson Mandela’s election as the country’s first black president, has been criticised for using similar tactics now that it is in power.

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