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The Apr04|17 incident at Khan Sheikhoun, Syria. A series of inquiries.

Bloged in Middle East, America, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Thursday April 13, 2017 at about 7:06 pm

Apr13| 2017

KS Post #3:
LogoPhere’s Top Ten Ways to Tell When You’re Being Spoofed by False-Flag Sarin Attacks  

Now that things have started to calm down a bit after Donald T. Dildo  dropped a load of Tomahawks on Syria last week, a lot of us can resume pushing back against the the insufferable idiots and anti-Assad liars in government, MSM, and cyberspace who are trying to pin yet another false-flag “sarin attack” on Assad in order to justify taking him out. Following my insistence that there was no “sarin attack” at Khan Sheikhoun a lot of people are asking: “How do you know it wasn’t sarin?”


Congress: the Chosen Ones of the “Chosen Ones”

Bloged in America, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Sunday March 26, 2017 at about 12:11 pm

0930 PST

The Yisrael-monkeys’ annual genuflection
gets under way in Washington

To me AIPAC is one of the most fascinating and terrifying organizations in the world. It is the culmination of the iJews’ effort to take over America’s democracy, which effort began back in 1916 when Yisrael existed only on paper.  As carefully explained by Alison Weir, the Zionists began infiltrating American politics and culture in their successful bid to convince Wilson to enter WWI in exchange for Lord Balfour getting the British government to back Yisrael. The iJews quickly learned where the Achilles’ heel of the American political system is: politicians’ greed. 

Historically Ashkenazi Jews have understood better than anyone how to service their own greed by manipulating others’ — at both the individual and institutional level — and that has made all the difference. The monkey won’t dance unless you feed him, and AIPAC is all about getting their monkeys to dance, which is what they’re doing right now at the AIPAC “policy conference” in Washington.  According to AIPAC, thirty-two Congresspeople will be speaking at the convention, including Mike Pence, Ben Cardin, Bob Corker, Ted Deutch, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Tim Kaine, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Robt. Menendez, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan.   More than 66% of Congress will be attending the AIPAC conference to kiss GoY’s ass, which is precisely why the organization is so terrifying to any America-first American: these politicians are the chosen ones of the “Chosen Ones,” these are America’s “leaders” dancing for shekels.


Marginal Tweets to Myself (MTM)

Bloged in Israelis, Palestinians, America, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Saturday March 4, 2017 at about 6:20 pm

Mar04| 2017
1200 | PT

For 70 years Jews have been destroying and confiscating historic Islamic cemeteries in Palestine, but the Jew-controlled MSM ignores it. Jews have built buildings, restrooms, and parking lot on Muslim and Christian graves in the Mamilla Cemetery. MSM remains silent. But when Jewish headstones are knocked over in Philadelphia and St. Louis this week, the MSM goes apoplectic. Until the ADL says publicly that it is “horrified” at the Jews’ destruction of  Palestinians and their cemeteries, why should any fair person really care about Jewish headstones?


Marginal Tweets to Myself (MTM)

Bloged in America, Israeli Firsters, Elections by Gutter Grunt Tuesday February 28, 2017 at about 5:31 pm

Feb27| 2017
0830 | PT

The DNC’s Jewish Problem: iJews & zionists; eg. Saban, Dershowitz, ADL, Rosen, AJC, Schultz. They took down Bernie. They took down EllisonVox ~ Intercept The Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working/middle class. Wealthy zionists own it. The middle class stiff can suck off. So it goes, Kurt.


Marginal Tweets to Myself (MTM)

Bloged in America, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Friday February 24, 2017 at about 12:45 pm

Feb24| 2017
0930 | PT

This is an example of why so much of the world despises Israel: IDF fuck-wad Elor Azaria gets 18 months for executing a Palestinian who was unconscious and lying on the ground; Palestinian kids get 3 years for throwing rocks at cars. And Israel-first US politicians promote Israel as “a democracy.”  Sick.


Amnesty International’s Saydnaya Military Prison Allegations: More Bogeyman Prevarication and Casus Belli Propaganda

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, America, Media Fails, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Saturday February 18, 2017 at about 12:53 pm

 A 22-page analysis of Amnesty International’s allegations that Bashar al-Assad hung 13,000 political prisoners

The Martyrs Cemetery, Najha, Syria
Military cemetery or mass grave for
enemies of the state?

AI provides what it characterizes as satellite photographic evidence of mass graves where AI alleges bodies from the SMP hangings were buried. In fact these “mass graves” are nothing more sinister than two tiny community grave yards and a formal military cemetery with a majestic memorial, all of which have been established since at least December 2003, according to Google Earth historical images. On close examination of the “mass graves” satellite photos there is not a single shred of evidence from which one could conclude that they are mass graves or in any way associated with SMP, any hangings, any torture, or any crimes whatsoever.


UNSC Resolution 2334: A teaching moment for GoY? Probably not, but certainly a teaching moment about GoY

Bloged in Israelis, Palestinians, America, Israeli Firsters by Gutter Grunt Monday December 26, 2016 at about 12:22 pm

This sort of thing really brings out Congressional Yisrael-Firsters and

The Dec23|2016 near-unanimous vote of 14-0 in the UN Security Council to pass Resolution 2334 was one of dozens of UNSC resolutions passed over the last 50 years castigating the Government of Yisrael (GoY); and so, the abstention by the USG is not “unpresidented” (to borrow a cretinous term from the next US president, who is, not by coincidence, a LogoPhere-certified cretin). Unfortunately, it is hard to resist the conclusion that this resolution, like the rest, will have no real effect in eliminating the apartheid outrage that is destroying Palestine, and it will just be another number on the long list of ineffective UN resolutions condemning GoY. But then again, considering how Bibi Netanyahu has gone into orbit, perhaps this resolution will, if nothing else, become a teaching moment for the world about who and what GoY really is.


Anti-antisemitism, thought-control bill moves through Congress like poop through the proverbial goose.

Bloged in Israelis, America, Israeli Firsters, Government screw-ups by Gutter Grunt Tuesday December 6, 2016 at about 11:31 am

Eight years of legislative constipation suddenly ends
when it comes to Congress’ preferred constituency 

Apparently American Jews, although they comprise only about 2% of the American population, send so many shekels to Congress that when a bill benefiting them comes up, Congress drops everything else to pass the bill immediately. And the reason I say it is that I am stunned at how after eight years of Congressional do-nothing grid-lock, the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act was introduced into the Senate last Thursday, Dec01, and passed the very same day. Unanimously, without amendment.


The DNC’s take-down of Bernie: Noxious iJews controlling the American political dialogue

Bloged in America, Israeli Firsters, Elections by Gutter Grunt Saturday October 29, 2016 at about 8:02 pm

Eretz Yisrael

We have long known how Hilton and Debbie Schultz, a toxic iJew if ever there was one, conspired to hijack the DNC apparatus and bank accounts and use them against Bernie Sanders. For instance, it was the DNC that tried to tar Bernie in the Southern states as a Jew who is not Jewish enough. Today’s Wikileak dump of John Posesta’s Emails reveals other nasty iJews who helped sink Sander’s campaign. Here is a BLA of this prickly subject; it’s derived from Wikileaks info summarized by RT


Short-Shots and Follow-ups

Bloged in Middle East, Israelis, America, Potpourri, Israeli Firsters, Elections by Gutter Grunt Monday July 25, 2016 at about 5:33 pm
A few quick news-stories, observations, and
follow-ups to keep us focused.
  • – Toxic Zionist Jew Debbie Schultz finally takes one for the DNC, becomes the least missed woman in the entire country since Joan Rivers.

  • – Hillary’s spin-meisters divert attention from her and Schultz’s disgusting tactics by re-warming the old Russian boogey-man canard.

  • – Why is Trump “so sad” that Ailes got the sack? I can think of 3 reasons.

  • – It’s the 10th anniversary of GoY’s bloody massacre of 1300 Lebanese and 4 UN observers, let’s focus on the UN guys, one of them was white. Did anyone notice how much this looked like the USS Liberty murders? 

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