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The Daily Dish for Thursday, Apr19.2012

Bloged in Israelis, Palestinians, Environment -- Humans Screwing Nature, Potpourri, Asia by Gutter Grunt Thursday April 19, 2012 at about 11:33 am

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

Some great news for the Palestinians from the USSCt  When Congress passed the Torture Victim Prevention Act of 1991, it turns out they were only kidding.   The Act allows US citizens tortured in other countries to sue their torturers in US federal courts, but only individual torturers, not groups like the Palestinian Authority who kidnapped, tortured, and killed Azzam Rahim in 1995.  That’s the way the USSCt unanimously interpreted the law in a decision handed down yesterday.  In other words the law was another total waste of tax payers’ money.  How many people getting tortured are able to check the driver’s license or name tag of the guy holding the electric cords to their genitals?  And they ask us why we are ashamed of Congress . . .

Why Iran needs to hook up with India  No, not just crude oil contracts.  Yesterday India launched its Angi-V ICBM, which is easily capable of hitting Tel Aviv.  What the Middle East needs most is a way to destroy Israel’s 400 nuke warheads.  Short of that, it needs deterrence to keep the lid on Israel.  IOW, Iran needs India or Pakistan covering their back.  We note, as China did, that although the US went ballistic over NoRoK’s failed missile launch, it said not a word about India’s.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Gulf Coast!  You’re dying.  Tomorrow marks 2 years since Deepwater Horizon blew, killing 11 people and precipitating one of, if not the, worst environmental disaster ever.  And it’s just beginning. The litigation is likely to go on for 20 years, and we are just now beginning to understand the scope of the biological damage, which is far from over.  Al Jazeera takes a look at the human toll, and here is a convenient inventory of indicia that this biological disaster is just warming up.
The Jews’ exclusive right to mention Hitler, Nazi, or holocaust.  Back in October I blew off about the way the uber-Zionist group Anti-Defamation League attacked  Susan Sarandon because she had the gall to mention the Jewish holocaust without actually being a Jew.  It is clear that some of these Jews think that only Jews have a right to refer to Hitler, Nazis, or the Jewish holocaust.  Comes now yet another example.  The ADL has attacked a Catholic bishop for comparing Obama’s health insurance rules to Stalin and Hitler’s anti-Catholic programs.  True to form, the ADL jumped in to criticize the bishop because he mentioned Hitler without first consulting and getting permission from ADL.  The other thing that yanks my muzzle is the term “The Holocaust,” as if there has only been one, thereby implicitly diminishing the worth of the millions of lives killed in Armenia, Cambodia, Uganda, . . .  What is “special” about the Jewish holocaust is the unending PR that followed it as set forth in Norman Finklestein’s “The Holocaust Industry.”

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