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#570 — Jun22.2013 — Will a nuked Portland turn out to be payback for Nagasaki?

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Back in Aug.2012 Jeff McMahon of Forbes wrote an article about AY-102. At that time about as many people recognized the label AY-102 as would have recognized “bin Laden” on Sep10.2001. Now AY-102 is in million’s of people’s nightmares. Of all of the millions of tanks holding billions of gallons of whatever all across America, this is probably the only one with a name recognized by the general public. It is becoming the symbol for how totally screwed the Columbia River water basin is. It is becoming the symbol for how stupid Americans are, especially the smart ones like the engineers and nuclear geeks.

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#548 — Jan28.2013 — Post-elections, NYT resumes acting as Israel proxy in the effort to pull the US into a war with Iran

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Now that the Israeli and US elections are over and Obama and Bibi are once again staring at each other across the abyss of Iran, the NYT is doing what it can to give the war a nudge.  Just as they did with the Iraq fiasco, the NYT would love to gin up another US attack on a Muslim country. It is not by coincidence that NYT is owned and run by — you guessed it — Jews, who have their “homeland” in Israel.

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#541 — Jan10.2013 — David Albright: Still trying to gin up another neocon war

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  Albright’s version of a UF4 production site

For those of you who don’t know David Albright, believe me, don’t bother. He was one of the neocons who were feeding the public a bunch of rubbish in the run up to Iraq II. Later, when it became obvious to everyone the public had been lied to, Albright suddenly switched from hawk to dove, claiming Bush had been wrong to invade Iraq. Then he switched back to hawk and he began pulling the same misinformation-breeds-contempt-breeds-war stunt with Iran. Now he’s back at it, this time with Syria. This dude is every neocon’s best buddy, and although he claims not to be one himself, actions speak louder than words.

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LogoPhere’s The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Sep19.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Much more here.


1.  What is a “red line?”

What is a “red line,” anyway? A subway line to Quincy on the “T?” Is Bibi’s “red line” what we used to call a “line in the dirt?” These were never red . . . until after they were crossed.

When I was a kid, you took a stick; you scratched a line in the dirt; you said to your (smaller) enemy: “Step across that line and I’ll bloody your nose.” If your enemy was bigger than you, there were problems. If he stepped across the line, then you drew another line and said: “OK, tough guy, eh? Well, step across that line and I won’t like you anymore.”

Of course, if you were a skinny kid with glasses, like me, you could still draw lines in the dirt as long as your big brother was 210 lb and the varsity full-back. And this pretty well sums up the current situation with Israel. More precisely, Bibi, as always, would rather talk his big brother into drawing the line and he [Bibi] will just sit the whole thing out, as he’s done in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the big brother was Geo. Bush and his gaggle of neocons, it was easy for Israel to get lines drawn and Americans killed. Now – finally – the big brother has some brains and is even thinking about getting a paternity test.

Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk has a very interesting analysis of this “red line” situation. Also check the comments. These guys are non-proliferation engineers. They go through the calculations of how much stuff Iran really has available to build a nuke and how many nukes they’ll be able to build when they enrich what they have, etc. etc. It seems like most of the technical issues are resolved. The limiting factor is U-235.

Lewis concludes that Iran is already there. Based on IAEA reports, Lewis thinks Iran has 20 kg of fissile U-235 at or near bomb-grade; i.e., what they need to be in a “break-out” position. So if that is Bibi’s “red line,” too late. link to lewis.armscontrolwonk.com

On Sep13 Landler and Cooper at NYT reported on a “one hour” conversation w/ an Obama official who insists that the administration’s “red line” is constructing an actual nuke. This seems pretty consistent with what BO has been saying all along. Along this topic of a timeline for assembling a bomb, the Lewis wonks discuss what are the chances of an untested nuke actually working the first time. Answer: pretty durn high. If an actual bomb is BO’s line in the dirt, then Iran will obviously just sit on its pile of fissile stuff, and dig it deeper into the mountain while tweaking its ICBMs. I guess this would be sort of a soft deterrence position. Israel would know that an attack on Iran would be reciprocated not in seconds or minutes, but by the weekend, for sure.  link to nytimes.com

It is very difficult to envision a way out of this morass that doesn’t involve thousands of dead people, virtually none of whom will know the difference between U-235 and U2. If I was in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, I think I’d just sit tight a while longer.


2.  U.S. non-defense domestic agencies continue to arm themselves

This poor guy Alex Jones at InfoWars.com is peeing his pants just about every week anymore.  As I reported earlier Jones has been tracking some really weird purchase orders for US domestic agencies like Social Security and NOAA — they are buying ammo like it was gold at 1980 prices.  And not just target ammo — included in the billions of rounds of ammo bought this year are millions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, which is used for one thing only: to kill people.

Yesterday Jones posted the latest order information for what he says is even more ammo, although I’m not so sure about this part.  I mean, 25,000 of these rounds are blanks. Order #1. That makes for a lot of noise but not much blood.  OTOH, 176,000 rounds of this “new” order are .308 hollow-points. Order #2.   What’s .308?  Here’s Wiki:

the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge worldwide. It is also commonly used for civilian target shooting, military sniping, and police sharpshooting.

And I’m not sure this is something that has come up as suddenly as Jones seems to be hyperventilating about.  On Order #2 you can find a link to further vendor information, and on that document yet another link to a table showing where the rounds are to be sent to.  That last document is dated 2011, suggesting this is not a sudden arming of the Social Security secretaries to fight of geriatric, extremist Muslims.  But who knows what’s up.  I mean, even if these rounds are being delivered all through this year, why do these non-defense agencies need enough ammo to shoot every person in America 5 times?
The other issue I don’t see being addressed by Jones is the guns.  Ammo almost always needs a gun to get fired.  Has there not been a commensurate increase in the number of guns being shipped to US domestic agencies, or have those SS secretaries been armed all these years?

Finally, if Jones would do some homework maybe he could tell us whether the military, particularly the National Guard units, are being supplied with unusual mountains of ammo.  The ammo Jones has been reporting on is just the stuff ordered by Homeland Security.


3.  “Peace loving” Israel: Discussions of nuke-free Middle East are unthinkable as long as we are the only one with a nuke.  Shalom.

A Reuters article dated today that does not identify its authors, reports that Israel plain, flat rejects any assertions that the Middle East is more dangerous because it [Israel] has nukes.

In a nicely timed Harretz article by Amir Oren,  Israel is also reported as expressing “strong opposition” to a joint initiative between Arab countries and Obama for a meeting to get a nuke-free Middle East debate going.  Now, that’s consistency.  Here is Oren’s article, as it can be hard to open at Harretz.

Israel expressed its strong opposition on Wednesday to an Arab initiative, supported by the Obama administration, to hold a conference that would debate the possibility of a nuclear-free Middle East.

The conference would take place in Helsinki toward the end of 2012, or early in 2013. Brig.Gen. (Res.) Shaul Horev, director of the Israeli Nuclear Energy Committee, who reports directly to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately trashed the idea.

President Barack Obama had promised to promote the move at the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Horev expressed Israeli opposition at the 56th general convention of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, saying that the idea of a nuclear arms-free Middle East, which been met with reservations by Israel, was now even less possible, due to the “volatile and hostile situation” in the area.

“In order to realize this idea there is need for prior conditions and a complete reversal of the current trend in the area,” Horev said. “This is an idea born in other areas and alien to the reality and political culture of the area. Nuclear demilitarization in the Middle East, according to the Israeli position, will be possible only after the establishment of peace and trust among the states of the area, as a result of a local initiative, not of external coercion.”

Horev began his address by criticizing Iran and Syria, whom he described as the centers of negative processes in the area, due to their covert moves to obtain nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction. He added that Iran is creating a “hollow impression” that it intends to cooperate, but the international community’s moves actually have had no effect on the Iranian nuclear plan. Moreover, “Iran might be searching for an excuse to withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty,” Horev said.

According to Horev, Israel is not indifferent to Iran’s direct and vitriolic threats on its existence, and warned that the Assad regime in Syria might use chemical arms against the rebels, or transfer it to Hezbollah. Horev added that Israel supported Jordanian use of nuclear power for civilian use.

Logophere’s The Daily Dish Weekend Edition for Sep15-16.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis. Must-see. Klari’s home page

1.  OK, listen up, you government attorneys . . .

. . . here’s a way to get your conviction, especially if you have a Nazi like Thomas Whelan for a judge and a Mexican alien for a defendant.  What you do is you take the defendant’s witnesses and you – da da! – deport them.  That’s right, dude and dudesses, if you really want to screw a Mexican defendant, just deport all the defendant’s witnesses so they can’t come back into the country and testify.  You can get a conviction easier than putting a wad of cash in a judge’s hand.  The San Diego US Attorney is a pro at this selective witness deportation trick ‘cause they’ve got caught at it more than once. Getting caught the second time at this game means the U.S. Court of Appeals “rebukes” you, which is the polite way of saying the court tells you you’re either a dishonest prick or brain ded.  That’s what 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kosinski told US attorneys Laura E. Duffy, Bruce R. Castetter and David T. Curnow.  They should have been locked up for obstruction of justice along with USDC Judge Whelan.  Kosinski repeatedly referred to the activities of the US attorneys in suppressing evidence such as the testimony of other witnesses as “suspicious.”  OK . . . suspicious.  To me that indicates reason for investigation, grand jury, etc.   If anybody is deported in this case, it should be Whelan and the US attorneys.  Russia sounds like where they belong.

The case is US v. Leal-Del Carmen, 9th CA, 11-50094.  As so often in Kozinski’s opinions, the meat’s in the footnotes.


2.  While we’re talking about getting screwed by attorneys, look out for your own.

When Morad Elusta sued Chicago cops for excessive force, his lawyers, David Cerda and John De Leon, wanted 40%.  Sounds like a lot to me – 33% is the standard.  Elustra went to new counsel, Zane Smith and Shelia Genson who got a $40,000 jury award, even though the city had offered to settle for $100,000.  The judge, who is, of course, to lawyers what a madam is to whores, then said Elustra owed Smith/Genson $83,000 and Cerda/DeLeon $40,000.  Lawyers get the big win, client gets roughed up by the cops and then the lawyers and then the judge.

Now . . . how is he going to appeal this thing without more lawyers screwing him??


3.  Another HuffPo hit piece on “incoherent” Clint Eastwood.  Arianna should be so coherent. . .

Remember HuffPo Luke Johnson’s hit piece on Clint Eastwood for daring to have some fun at the Republican Convention?   Well, HuffPo just can’t let the thing go.  Dumb asses that they are, they have now put up another Eastwood hit, this one by some nameless HuffPo high-school hack about Eastwood’s recent CNN interview.

Eastwood was even more brilliant in his CNN interview than he was at the convention, if that’s possible.  And the main reason it might not be possible is Nischelle Turner, the CNN bubble-head running the interview.  Not only did HuffPo not have the balls to identify its own hack, its article didn’t even identify Turner.

But Eastwood nailed it again.  Nischelle Turner – who is black – had her panties in a twist b/c Eastwood didn’t idolize Obama, who is also black.  Eastwood, who is white: we don’t have to idolize these politicians; they’re there to do a job for us.  Bingo.


4. Latest whistle-blower to keep an eye on.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been a fiasco since the day it was conceived.  It exists mainly to be sure enough nuclear energy is pushed down the throats of Americans that plutonium for bombs keeps coming.  Everyone thinks Fukishima is over, but it hasn’t even begun — just wait until the next 7.5 earthquake hits that damaged reactor #4 and the US West Coast gets splattered with cesium-137 from Blaine to San Ysidro.  Tsunami not required this time.  But you would think that the NRC would have gotten a message — apparently not.

While I usually find little to praise HuffPo’s D-level tabloid writers, this article by Tom Zeller has a lot of work in it and is well done.  The story is about an NRC engineer’s letter complaining about the way the NRC is white-washing reports of dangers lurking in America’s reactor — and particularly the Oconee triple-reactor in S. Carolina.  The idiots built a lot of these reactors at the bottom of dams and nuke safety engineer Richard Perkins is pointing out that if the dams give, the result will be a whole lot worse than Fukushima, and the odds of a dam bursting are a whole lot higher than the odds of a tsunami hitting Fukushima.  Well . . . you see where he’s going with this thing.

Basically, if you have any brains, leave S. Carolina.  And don’t got to Louisiana, they are sinking into huge salt caverns.

The Daily Dish for Wednesday, Aug22.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Please have a look at her site. She has 365 of these things!]

1.  Israel and the IAEA Iran inspectors  

In this corner we have Israel who has been threatening Iran for about 5 years now and appears to be chomping at the bit to slug it out.  And in this corner we have Iran, who has been thumbing its nose at the Israeli threats and beefing up its missile systems and responding with very vague threats about the disaster that will result if it is attacked.  We’ve heard that line before.  Think Saddam.  Think Gadaffi.  But sooner or later the bell’s gonna’ ring and the Israel-Iran fight will be all on.  I mean, Israel is too far into this threats thing to simply say, “OK, never mind.”  And no matter what concessions Iran makes about granting access to Prachin they won’t be enough to appease Obama b/c what the west really wants is a reason to attack Iran.  So the first blow is coming sooner or later.  When and by whom are anybody’s guess.  According to the MSM idiot know-nothings it’s gonna’ be Israel throwing the first blow, and soon.   Link

But not so fast.  There have been two very interesting views expressed at the Arms Control Wonk recently.  Here is a link to Dr. Jeffrey Lewis’ post Ayatolloah’s Pregnant Pause , which links to Lewis’ Foreign Policy article of the same name. Both pieces are worthwhile, but particularly the FP piece.  Lewis tries to separate hype from fact with respect to the US’s intelligence on Iran, particularly the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which has become something of a legend in and of itself.  Lewis seems to conclude that the recent Israeli hype that the US has new evidence of an Iranian nuke is probably bs, and that the conclusions of the 2007 NIE that Iran does not have the capability to build or deploy a nuke probably still hold up.

The second helpful article at Arms Control Wonk is Mark Hibbs’  Aug20 piece.  Although Hibbs’ bio is not provided on the website, he obviously has experience with the IAEA inspection procedures and protocols, and he raises a very interesting point: The IAEA has inspectors in Iran 24/7/365.  If Israel lets fly with a preemptive attack, as they have been warning they will do soon, what moral or legal obligations do they have to give the IAEA enough of a warning so that it can get its people out of harm’s way?  Even if those inspectors are not hit by Israel’s attack, they would be very unlikely to ever get out of the country while the ensuing war was on and would likely end up hostages, if not worse.

But does Israel care?  Those IAEA inspectors are not Israelis.  Israel is not part of the NPT and is not a member of IAEA.  And once 50 IAEA inspectors suddenly pack up and leave, Ahmadinejad is going to know the attack is on.  Is Israel going to alert the Iranians that the jets are on the way in order to save a few UN people?

If history is any judge, the IAEA people are likely toast.  Most of the people who participate on the Arms Control Wonk site are high-powered and very knowledgeable.  One of the commentors,  Robert Kelley, was an IAEA inspector in Iraq in 1993 when Clinton threw a cruise missile at Baghdad.  No warning was provided to IAEA.  Kelley woke up to the sound of the cruise missiles blowing up near by.  At least he woke up; many civilians who were killed never did.

I keep wondering why Iran stays in the NPT and why it doesn’t just bail out and tell the IAEA to go to hell.  Maybe Hibbs has the answer.  Maybe Iran is counting on the IAEA workers to be the canary in the mine.

2.  Feds stockpiling hollow-points

If you need another reason to lay awake at night, here it is.  On Aug15 Paul Joseph Watson alerted us to a very scary fact: the Social Security System is stockpiling deadly ammo.  So is National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  In March Homeland Security bought 450 million rounds.  These are not target bullets.  These are hollow point rounds that are meant for one thing and one thing only: to kill humans.  The Geneva Convention does not even allow hollow point rounds to be used in combat. This is quite alarming if the story is true.  Well, the feds have pretty well admitted it.

On Aug21 Anthony Martin  observed that the fed’s reason for buying all this ammo is a lot more disturbing than it is reassuring.  The feds say all these agencies are getting hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets “to train security agents.” What bullshit.  First of all, one doesn’t train with hollow point rounds.  That is just insanity.  There is no point in using a round that costs 10x what the normal target round costs and that can blow a brick to smithereens just to hit a paper target.

Second is the sheer volume of rounds.  In all, since March this year more than 1.5 billion rounds have been ordered for these domestic agencies.  That is “billion” as in 1000 times a million.  That’s 20x more rounds than the entire US military used per year during the height of the Iraq War.  With that number of “training rounds” you can shoot 171,000 rounds per hour every hour of every day for a year, not counting time for changing the clips or cooling the barrels.  That’s almost 3000 rounds per minute.  By comparison an M16 will fire at a sustained rate of 15 rounds per minute.  So the US has bought enough deadly hollow point ammo for almost 200 Social Security security guards to fire at paper targets constantly for a solid year — day and night, non-stop, no lunch breaks, no dinner breaks, no time off to watch the Super Bowl.

But the more chilling comparison is provided by Maj Gen Jerry Curry who was interviewed by Martin.  Curry says the US agencies have ordered enough deadly hollow point rounds to put 5 of them into every man, woman, and child in the country.

Does this have anything to do with the way Texas nothing-between-the-ears judge Tom Head is advocating for civil war if Obama is re-elected?  Or, perhaps it’s a run up to the global Armageddon that a lot of people think is just around the corner, particularly if Israel ignites a nuclear war. Also of note, and perhaps relevant, is the fact that Israel is building bomb shelters like there is no tomorrow.  So maybe the world really is just finally coming unhinged . . . Mayans or whatever.

3.  More HuffPo sexism

Let me end on a lighter note.  I hate to keep ragging on HuffPo, but they leave me little alternative.  It’s a moral duty of LogoPhere to call out this stuff in the blogosphere.  If you watch closely enough you can see what a pack of sexist, pedophile, loose sex-mongers they are over at HuffPo.  OK, OK, they’re left wing-nuts so you expect a lot of immorality, but you also expect a proper amount of political correctness, too.  Nope, that’s just for the other guy.  Here is an example.  Note that it’s the “anchorMAN” and the “weatherGIRL.”  Wonder what the girl thinks about that insult. . .

The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Aug14.2012

Petri dish art by Klari Reis

1.     City of brotherly love Nutter mayor slapped down by federal court.

When Democratic Philadelphia’s mayor, Michael Nutter, outlawed feeding more than three homeless people at a time, it, understandably, upset a lot of people. Nutter was, after all, treating homeless people like they were bears in Yellowstone, or annoying squirrels or pigeons in the city’s parks. So Nutter and Philadelphia got sued, and no one with a brain will be surprised that the city lost the fight against a preliminary injunction that will allow the poor to be fed until the suit is completed. Anyone with a brain will be surprised, however, to hear that Nutter is appealing the preliminary injunction to the federal circuit court. How many of these people could Philadelphia treat and feed with the money that will be going into the lawyers’ pockets? Thousands.

2.     Israel Supreme Court flips off the Hague Convention and shields kiddie kidnappers.

Israel has ignored many UN resolutions over the last 60 years and has refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty; consequently, Israel is considered by many, including many Americans, to be a rogue state. Now more evidence supporting this view: refusal to abide by the Hague Convention on Child Abduction. This is a treaty, signed by Israel, that requires a state to which a child has been abducted to return the child to its home state.  Most of these cases come up when one parent steals the children and runs off to another country to avoid court orders. The problem is that Israel considers itself to be the “homeland” of all Jews. So, for instance, when a Jewish abducts her child and takes the child to Israel, Israel thumbs its nose at the Child Abduction Treaty and at the US court’s orders. At least that’s what the Israel Supreme Court has done in the Ben-Haim case.  Oshrat Ben-Haim, who abducted her child to Israel, has been indicted in NJ on 2 counts of contempt of court and 6 counts of, essentially, kidnapping and the Israeli court says “screw you, the kid is a Jew.”  The case is important to every Jewish parent in the US b/c if Israel lets parents abduct children to Israel with immunity from prosecution, then every Jew mother and father in the US is a potential victim of having their child stolen by the other parent.

3. Is Fukushima heating up again?

Prior to the 3/11 EQ and tsunami that plastered Japan, the area underwent a period of fairly high-frequency, moderate EQ’s.  In the last few days there has been a double-whammy killer EQ in Iran, and today a huge 7.7 Richter off the coast of Russia, just north of Japan.  According to the very helpful Nicholls Japan EQ map, the frequency of moderate EQ’s around Japan is also picking up.  The problem is that Reactor #4 at Daiichi is not stable; it is listing to one side.  Some experts have predicted that if it goes over the release of radioactivity from the stored fuel rods will threaten the entire human species, and certainly all the human species on the west coast of North America.


4.  Chris Hedges let’s it rip.  Tattoo this article on your forehead.

Writer Chris Hedges is one of the brave plaintiffs suing Obama and Congress for passing a law that can be used to take any American off the sidewalk and put him/her into permanent administrative detention, the same way the Israelis do the Palestinians.  In an article published yesterday he let’s it rip — pretty well saying what needs to be said.  Here is his summary of the presidential election :

They each [Obama and Romney] intend to let Wall Street loot the U.S. Treasury with impunity. Neither will lift a finger to help the long-term unemployed and underemployed, those losing their homes to foreclosures or bank repossessions, those filing for bankruptcy because of medical bills or college students burdened by crippling debt. Listen to the anguished cries of partisans on either side of the election divide and you would think this was a battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. You would think voting in the rigged political theater of the corporate state actually makes a difference. The charade of junk politics is there not to offer a choice but to divert the crowd while our corporate masters move relentlessly forward, unimpeded by either party, to turn all dissent into a crime.

The Daily Dish for Tuesday, Jul31.2012

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Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Now, this one almost looks like a culture on blood agar. She has 365 of these tiny works of art at her site!]

Mr. Masao Yoshida has not had a good year.  Mr. Yoshida, a nuclear engineer, was the general manager of the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi plant when the earthquake and tsunami hit on Mar11.2011.  He was in the thick of it and later said that on more than one occasion he thought he was going to die.  Then in November 2011 he suddenly stepped down as manager when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  Now he is in serious condition with yet another malady: brain hemorrhage.  Is this guy just really unlucky or is there a connection here?  Well, cerebral bleeding is known to occur after radiotherapy of cancers of the head and neck.  The radiation can cause blood vessels to die.  So coincidence may not be the most reasonable explanation for Mr. Yoshida’s problems.

Boomerang in the making. While the Democratic foaming at the mouth about Romney not releasing tax returns looks good in July, by November the tactic will circle back and blow up in their faces.  Why?  B/c we have a US pimp-president who ran on a platform of transparency and ending egregious secrecy practices of the past administration, and yet that same pimp-president resolutely refuses to give Congress any information about his own secret program to kill US citizens without any trial or charges.  Remember all of the secret Yoo memos and other memos scurrying around in the Bush White House like cockroaches looking for a place to hide?  Well, not a freaking thing has changed.  As some ACLU lapels have said, there is a basic lack of due process in an institutionalized system for executing US citizens when those citizens are not even told what behavior will get them killed. So, which is worse, keeping secrets about your taxes or keeping secrets about your hit list, your license to kill, and why you choose to murder whom you choose to murder?

Olympia Food Coop ruling on sanctions.  For those of you following the Israeli disaster in Olympia, WA where a gaggle of Israel-funded Zionists got their asses kicked by Washington’s anti-SLAPP suit, here is a transcript of Judge McPhee’s decision to grant $160,000 fine against the Zionists.  Previous posts on this case are here, and here, and here.

Special Report: Fukishima Daiich update — Jul04.2012

Bloged in Nuclear threats by Gutter Grunt Wednesday July 4, 2012 at about 10:52 pm

Even though there are at least two web cams constantly trained on Fukishima Daiichi reactors 24/7 it is amazingly difficult to see or get news about what’ going on. But some of what you can see is pretty weird.


Fukishima cameras.

The TEPCO webcam is right on the site and it gives the most reliable and clearest view.  It goes down infrequently, so when it does, it’s time for your ears to prick up and time to start surfing for info.  The problem with the TEPCO cam is you can only really see Reactors #1 & #2.  If Reactor #4 lights up, you’ll likely see that happen, but you can’t see what TEPCO is doing around Reactor #4.

The second webcam is the TBS webcam.   This one is trained on the Reactor #4 end of the complex, but the camera is quite a distance away and up on some mountain, so it is socked in most of the time, and even on clear days, heat waves distort the image badly.  The best part of the TBS cam is that someone has a YouTube site where they put up a camera checker to archive the footage constantly.  The vids are sped up to give you an hour in 3 minutes.  The best part is you can use your mouse to speed through the tapes even faster. This is brilliant and whoever has put this up deserves a round of applause.  As long as the clouds are not obscuring the reactors, everything that happens can be seen.  This is where it starts getting weird.

Fukishima Reactor #4 demolition?

Don’t think so.  On Jun28.2012 BeePeeOil posted this vid from the TBS camera.  They claim it is showing the demolition of Reactor #4.  Well, it’s the demolition of SOMETHING, but it can’t be the reactor.  There is no date on this vid, so I can’t confirm when it was made.  Might have been years ago. That reactor building is all that is holding up the spent fuel pool and they can’t even start emptying the spent fuel rods until 2013, so they would hardly be tearing down the reactor.  I have not seen any commentary on what is going on here but it is surprisingly major work not to have the Fukishima blogs lighting up.  But speak of lighting up. . .

Troubling vid of Reactor #4

There is this troubling vid from the TBS camera checker, dated Jun29.2012 at about 6:30 pm, presumably Tokyo time. It’s a typical low-quality vid from the TBS cam, but at 1:49 you can barely discern the beginning of what grows into two large glowing balls at the bottom of the center crane.  They get bigger and brighter.  Eventually, you can see a plume of smoke, and then at 2:40 there is a definite explosion.  Someone on a Fukishima talk thread pointed this vid out, but that is the only mention I have seen of this event.  It looks major.   Note that the time of this vid was just about the time the cooling system on the Reactor #4 SFP went out last weekend.

Second troubling vid at Reactor #4

BeePeeOil caught this huge flare up in the vicinity of Reactor #4 seen on the TEPCO camera on Jul02.  By taking the date and time from the upper edge of the TEPCO vid, you can find the vid of the the same time on the TBS camera checker.  The clouds are too thick to see the burning ball, but you can definitely see the explosion at 1:12.  About 6 hours later, at 1am on Jul03, the clouds have lifted enough that you can see the area from the TBS camera. There doesn’t appear to be any damage, although its hard to say what’s passing cloud and what’s smoke.  At the end of this vid is about a clear a night shot you’ll see from the TBS camera.

The problem is this: by now we all know the Japanese gov’t and TEPCO are a pack of liars.  They have been, and still are, withholding a lot of information.  When they don’t address anomalies like these, or the public’s concerns, then you have to ask why they are holding back.  There is a reason.  This stuff is happening; no one is talking about it.


The Swiss are worried, too.

There is a Swiss industrial think-tank called Holophi.  They put out a report on Fukishima #4 SFP in April, but it is just gaining traction.  They go into a number of possible scenarios and the global consequences.  The point is clear: international agencies had better stop screwing around with this thing and get in there and help the Japanese get control of this mess before the next big quake takes us all into never-never land — meaning it’ll never be the same if those SFP’s go.

Daily Dish weekend edition for Jun23-24.2012

Petri dish art by Klari Reis [Klari’s daily petri dishes are the best part of the Daily Dish blog.  See her site for more.]

HuffPo continues its tradition of idiot what-if “news” stories.  When it comes to the Supreme Court, HuffPo’s tradition is to run endless “what if” stories in front of important decisions.  For months they have been running “what if” stories about the disaster that will befall the country if the Supreme Court decides Obama’s health care bill is not constitutional.  Here is Jeffrey Young’s what-if.  These things are not news; they are opinionated diatribes posing as news written by people no more qualified to comment than Butt-head. Young has a BA in English, which qualifies him for . . . got me.  I’d like to see a story on what if the HuffPo just shuts up until the Supreme Court rules.

Japan’s nuclear bomb.  By way of contrast to the typical HuffPo garbage, there is Joseph Trento writing at the DC Bureau.  Here is an amazing, enlightening, and frightening piece on the history of Japan’s bomb during WWII and the history of US post-war bureaucrats providing Japan with enough plutonium and technology to build thousands of nukes. There have been lots of reports that some of that Pu was stored at Fukishima and has now spread around the world. Pu is the deadliest man-made substance.  Once it is absorbed, there is virtually no way to get it out of the body b/c it becomes locked onto proteins. Breathing in one thousandth of a millionth of a gram can be fatal. As Trento reports, beginning with Reagan, the US has transferred thousands of tons of Pu to Japan.  Trento’s story makes the point that the real evil people in a government are often not the front-page politicians.  They are often the military ghouls or the unseen, unheard-of bureaucrats, like Reagan’s nuke czar Richard Kennedy.  Evil people other evil people called “patriots.”

The US EPA is destroying America.  Speaking of evil bureaucrats, the EPA is full of them.  If you know the story about how John Walker and Alan Rubin of the EPA tried to destroy the career of David Lewis b/c Lewis blew the whistle on Walker and Rubin’s program to spread toxic sewage on America’s farmland, you’ll know what “evil” means.  Now there is an excellent in-depth Pro Publica article by Abrahm Lustgarten on how the EPA is totally screwing up again by failing to regulate 380,000 injection wells where radioactivity, sewage, toxins . . .  name it . . . are injected into the earth — like, where most of the drinking water is.  And while you’re trying to name things, see if you can name the state with the biggest problems and the worst offenders.  Yep, you got it: Texas.

Canadian Jews stealing Palestinian land  In 1967 Israel drove Palestinians off of their land all over Palestine.  Three of the stolen villages –  Imwas, Yalu and Beit Nuba — were in Palestinian territory NW of Jerusalem.  The stolen land was then essentially “purchased” by Canadian Jews through tax-exempt donations made to the Jewish National Fund. The JNF was set up in 1901 as a part of Theodore Herzel’s program to send European Jews into Palestine where they would purchase land and start a Jewish nation.  But stealing the land turned out to be more cost effective so the JNF quickly became a major player in stealing Palestinian lands.  First the Israeli army goes in and confiscates the lands and drives out the Palestinians and then the JNF, using largely foreign Jewish money, buys the confiscated land.  Today the JNF controls 13% of all Israeli land for the exclusive benefit of Jews. The Canadian Jews’ contributions led to the villages of Imwas, Yalu, and Beit Nuba being razed and the lands turned into what is today called “Canada Park,” which should be an insult to all Canadians.  But there is never an insult to politicians were shekels are involved.  Today, Jun24, Canadian Minister of Immigration and israeli-firster Jason Kenney is being “honored” with the JNF’s diversity award.  That an apartheid Israeli organization like JNF, which excludes Arabs from the very lands that were stolen from them by the JNF, presents a “diversity” award to anybody is an irony to end all ironies.  That a Canadian governmental official would accept such an award is another disgusting example of how politicians all over the world suck-up for shekels.

Why you should add the Daily Mail to your favorites list.  Speaking of brain dead American msm, do you ever read the UK’s Daily Mail Online?  I link to its articles regarding events in the US often for the simple reason that over and over again the Daily Mail has the full story when the other US msm either still have their heads up their butts or shy away from identifying culpable idiots.  For example, today MSNBC reported a story out of Utah where an idiot juvenile court judge, Scott Johansen, ordered a mother to cut off the hair of her 13 year-old daughter in court in order to get a sentence-reduction.  The MSNBC story was embarrassing compared to the DM story, which had a full explanation of the facts and provided photos of the daughter’s hair, the mother, and, most importantly, the idiot judge:

  Utah Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen

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